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I have a Ph.D. in English but don't effect any particular look.  My shirts are colorful solids. I have collected about 60 good ties. I started with Ralph Lauren Purple Label, moved on to Hermes, then to lots of Ki ton, Brioni (and other Italian brands), some floral Duchamp and Leonard of Paris.  Duchamp can go overboard and Leonard of Paris become effeminate or too staged. At their best though the colors and designs--especial pure floral--can be quite vibrant.  
I tried Syd Jerome and they don't seem to be selling Leonard Paris anymore. Am I mistaken? There was more than 1 store.   Bob
Hi,   My name is Bob. I am a teacher of AP and IB English. I also have taught in college and even was sent by the US to England as a teacher and representative of the US. I used to collect medieval paintings--now I have (too) many ties.   I am curious about Leonard Paris ties. I own one and love fine ties. I haven't the money to buy them retail however.  On the internet when one looks for Leonard Paris ties a series of images appear, The first and most beautiful,...
I really like the two ties pictured. They are the nicest Lenard Paris ties I've ever seen. Do you know anywhere where I can find either of the two? They are stunning and vibrant.   Sincerely,   Bob
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