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Beautiful shoes. I'm kind of a sucker for spectator shoes. As to myself, i possess a pair of dark red and coffee brown ones.
Hi folks, speaking from Portugal, here. Well, about the pleats, i must admit that some fisiques may not be favoured by pleated trousers, which i personally prefer over non-pleated ones. But on the matter of trousers width "down under", it seems modern stylists are trying to transform modern (i.e. younger) men into giant grasshoppers, with those narrow and, in some cases, realy skinny suit trousers they design nowadays. Grotesque!...  What do you say?
hi, all  :o)  from Portugal, here. several questions arrise regarding the wearing of the eldredge knot: first of all, why do people on this matters always bash others just because not agreeing with them? if someone likes it, wears it. if doesn't, doesn't wear it. so simple... that aside, i like the knot. u know waht it reminds me of? please forgive me, but it really reminds me of a protruding clit, specially when worn on a dark pink or red tie... lol it's true, it...
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