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 Very nice! Can you post more photos of the Coffee twill? Looks like a color I need...
Mike, the Innsbruck Indys you just got are the ones from the pre-order earlier this summer or last year?
Very excited for Garand too, hopping it will work.
 Frans Boone is Dutch, and I think he is only using UPS and FedEx.
Will there be a white EPLA OCBD?
Does Luxire have a heavy pant fabric that would match this shade from Left Field?  
Stoked about L/S henley. Now just make the loopwheeled tee in drab olive green, maroon and heather grey and I'll be happy. ;)
Mike, Any chance there will be MTO Duck canvas? It's just awesome for Casual pants. Would like to get Olive and French Blue in Rudy's.
They have Rudys in the LES store that you can try on. :)
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