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I'm tempted but I'm just not sure with my wide feet.
There will be denim shirts with a Somelo-like fit? That is, a bit dressier than the EPLA shirts?
Any plan on stocking other items at Epaulet Europe? Hint: Somelo.
How do these fit? Do you have other size comparisons with other brands/lasts?
What happened to Epaulet denim. Especially the Rudy fit on denim?
Mike. Could you post the sizing tables for the Mulberry Leather jacket and the Eisenhower jackets? Olaf
I'm looking for an EP leather jacket. If anyone has one of the Eisenhowers, preferably snuff suede or the green, or another variation in L or XL I'm very interested.
 If you bundle stuff together, then maybe yeah, but shipping and VAT of 25%, duties at 10% and then administration fees of $30...
I seriously want to get some of the Union Jersey stuff, but as always a deal isn't such a good deal when adding the costs of international shipping and duties.
What is your size in other sneaker brands?
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