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Oh wow. The EPLA Speckled chambray is all sold out, in every size? Do you expect to get a restock of this? Bad move to sleep on that one it seems.
 Very nice! Can you post more photos of the Coffee twill? Looks like a color I need...
Mike, the Innsbruck Indys you just got are the ones from the pre-order earlier this summer or last year?
Very excited for Garand too, hopping it will work.
 Frans Boone is Dutch, and I think he is only using UPS and FedEx.
Will there be a white EPLA OCBD?
Does Luxire have a heavy pant fabric that would match this shade from Left Field?  
Stoked about L/S henley. Now just make the loopwheeled tee in drab olive green, maroon and heather grey and I'll be happy. ;)
Mike, Any chance there will be MTO Duck canvas? It's just awesome for Casual pants. Would like to get Olive and French Blue in Rudy's.
New Posts  All Forums: