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Mike, Any chance there will be MTO Duck canvas? It's just awesome for Casual pants. Would like to get Olive and French Blue in Rudy's.
They have Rudys in the LES store that you can try on. :)
Was there ever a mention of the henleys being released in L/S as well?
I was dissapointed by the size range on the new tees, but I'm going to have to give the Large a shot and see how it fits.
I'm just waiting for the tees and henleys to drop.
I hope you will release the tees in the undyed/natural color too. Looks great.
Yup. I could proxy, but I can't refund the taxes, that's only when the store makes an international sale. :)
Yeah, the thing is that Alden has instructed him not to ship them abroad. Very strange. I tried 12E and they didn't fit, but there were some more sizes in stock. I think it was 6 pairs in total. Priced at $1100 due to local taxes and duties, but they could be refunded when exported, but again, Alden is strict.
Stumbled a cross a store who had a few pairs of a Ravello shell Captoe boot on Plaza(I think) today. Too bad they didn't fit me.
Is the "English Sanded Canvas 1724 Butterscotch" sort of like a British Khaki color? I want a pair of khaki pants that are a bit darker than the Regimental twills I bought last year.
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