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The tote is nice, but more feminine, better for women than men. A mans tote should be smaller.    Anyway it would be a great gift to a significant other. :)
Epaulet has good Made in US belts for less than $100.      I really want to see a Linjer duffle/travel bag in the near future.
When the secret launch ends the prices will go up to $449 for the briefcase?   Olaf
Thanks for the update, Mike. Will they be restocked this season?
I want that bag!
Wow. I want the Dark Dark Glacier in XL, but I can't afford it right now? Will it be restocked? All other sizes has sold out the last few days.
Slow on the trigger as usual. Any plan to restock the White loopwheeled in L?
I'd go with G&L. Duck canvas is nice, but quite casual and they will fade quickly if being machine washed. 
Oh wow. The EPLA Speckled chambray is all sold out, in every size? Do you expect to get a restock of this? Bad move to sleep on that one it seems.
 Very nice! Can you post more photos of the Coffee twill? Looks like a color I need...
New Posts  All Forums: