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Would also be in for a suede chukka
Do they have better selection in store than online?   To begin with I'm looking for a white and a blue OCBD, but blue seems to be hard to find online in my size.
Sadly I won't be able to try them on. I'll just have to go from measurements.   I currently only have Uniqlo shirts and they are a decent fit in L Slim, sleeves a bit short.
I need some new OCBD's that I can wear tucked. Looking at Kamakura, but I have never tried them before.
I can't open the Secret Santa form. Says I need a permission.
Wanted to order a stark from Les Rayon Frais but Paypal decided to make trouble and I missed the sale by a few minutes. Sent them an e-mail like 5 minutes after the code stopped working, but they haven't responded yet.
The tote is nice, but more feminine, better for women than men. A mans tote should be smaller.    Anyway it would be a great gift to a significant other. :)
Epaulet has good Made in US belts for less than $100.      I really want to see a Linjer duffle/travel bag in the near future.
When the secret launch ends the prices will go up to $449 for the briefcase?   Olaf
Thanks for the update, Mike. Will they be restocked this season?
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