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Long-time lurker...need a programming check... Goals: intermediate-to-advanced strength and 10-12% bf Stats Body Comp: 5'10" ~26% bf (based on cheap electric scale) at 194lbs Lifts: Squat 265x5, DL 315x5, Bench 210x5 and O/H Press 130x5 Current Routine (RPT format): Monday -- squat, rdl, weighted chins, cable pull throughs. 15 minutes of LISS. Squat recently stalled at 270 which is at all time pr. Tuesday -- 45 minutes of LISS Wednesday -- flat bench, decline bench,...
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Anyone have experience with the D3 S8?
Wanted: Used highway cruiser with lots of thrust, hand of god brakes, quiet cabin, smooth shifting auto and above average handling dynamics. Preferably hit badly by depreciation. Sub $45k budget. Go. Thanks.
Just got a quote that worked out to ~$0.80/sqft for Kentucky Bluegrass (installed).
God I love Costco. I think my receipt from last last week's visit included 4lbs of prime beef, 3 bottles of brunello, a 55" Plasma TV and diapers.On topic, can anyone recommend a good source for indoor topiaries?
Just wrapping up work on a new build. I'm loving the newness of everything after tinkering with an antique for the last 8 years.
Apparently this was referenced at the end of the credits. http://www.whatis101112.com/
Thos. Moser, Hickory Chair, Henredon, Baker, Karges, Harden, Stickley and Hancock & Moore.
Terribly disappointed. Bordering on the incoherance last seen in John from Cincinnati. When does GoT start?
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