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Sansa and Theon have spent the majority of their lives in Winterfell. I would hope they know which wall is safe to jump over when it's been snowing for days. Iirc, Theon was expert at getting out of the castle to visit brothels.
Long-time lurker...need a programming check... Goals: intermediate-to-advanced strength and 10-12% bf Stats Body Comp: 5'10" ~26% bf (based on cheap electric scale) at 194lbs Lifts: Squat 265x5, DL 315x5, Bench 210x5 and O/H Press 130x5 Current Routine (RPT format): Monday -- squat, rdl, weighted chins, cable pull throughs. 15 minutes of LISS. Squat recently stalled at 270 which is at all time pr. Tuesday -- 45 minutes of LISS Wednesday -- flat bench, decline bench,...
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Anyone have experience with the D3 S8?
Wanted: Used highway cruiser with lots of thrust, hand of god brakes, quiet cabin, smooth shifting auto and above average handling dynamics. Preferably hit badly by depreciation. Sub $45k budget. Go. Thanks.
Just got a quote that worked out to ~$0.80/sqft for Kentucky Bluegrass (installed).
God I love Costco. I think my receipt from last last week's visit included 4lbs of prime beef, 3 bottles of brunello, a 55" Plasma TV and diapers.On topic, can anyone recommend a good source for indoor topiaries?
Just wrapping up work on a new build. I'm loving the newness of everything after tinkering with an antique for the last 8 years.
Apparently this was referenced at the end of the credits. http://www.whatis101112.com/
Thos. Moser, Hickory Chair, Henredon, Baker, Karges, Harden, Stickley and Hancock & Moore.
Terribly disappointed. Bordering on the incoherance last seen in John from Cincinnati. When does GoT start?
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