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There's a difference between flattering slimness and unflattering slimness - the former is not for everyone, unfortunately, as it requires the owner's body to be nicely slim as well. You'll want to get a tailor to let the waist and lower chest (around the bottom half of the lapel) out a little or lose a few kilos, since people will see the suit pulling unattractively at the seams. The sleeve width is fine. Make sure to get the sleeve length right.
I'd like to know where this incredible shoe store is.
I've been keeping an eye on the online outlet for about two weeks, and they get added sporadically. I've seen one or two things added one every few days, at about the same rate items disappear. I think you'll have to wait until the FW collection launches to get this year's stuff discounted. They generally launch their collections later than would be expected.
I bought four more shirts recently and the fabric has been noticeably scratchier. A drop in quality?   I don't know where to put this, but I have asked about Tyrwhitt's suits and have received some additional measurements. Hope they'll be of use to somebody.   Black Label suit jacket (discontinued): Size: 40; 42 Shoulders: ???; 48.7 cm Chest: 54 cm; 56.5 cm Waist: 49.5 cm; 52 cm Trousers thigh (-2.5 cm from crouch): 35.2 cm (x2 for circumference) Classic Fit suit...
 My half-lined Washington grey herringbone sportcoat, after about a year to year-and-a-half of use has had a busted lining near the left sleeve at the seam, and a busted bottom pocket where the pocket opened up into what was likely the fabric. I also only just noticed that the left sleeve is an entire centimetre longer than the right. All this damage was primarily due to shoddy sewing of seams. While I'm not entirely satisfied with Suitsupply's quality, I've found myself...
If I'm not mistaken, that's Bonobo's recently-launched Girlfriend Jeans.   The name is apt.
  Can't see the back, and the collar gap on the sides in the first pic worry me. Make sure there's no collar gap at the back.   This looks nice except for the rather prominent >o< at the top button. The chest is also bowing a bit, but I'm getting the feeling that it's a common problem. May I ask what your true chest measurement is?   I think you'd be pulling this off already if it weren't for the poor choice of collar. Any decently large spread, I think, would suffice. If...
  The jacket looks to be too small in general for you. I doubt this is a problem you'll solve by choosing another fit. The sleeves are also too long, though that's a problem more easily rectified.   Try taking the next size up, and try the short size while you're at it if you aren't doing so already (or pick the normal if this is the long).
  They're fairly high on my shirts - high enough that I struggle to put my fingers in to straighten a t-shirt in my shirt-sleeve if I choose to wear one underneath. I have no trouble doing simple movements and hand waves at that armhole height and tucking. It's just that when I bend down, everything goes to hell - my trousers seem to catch on my thighs, too, as well as my shirt back flying out.
How do you guys manage to tie your shoelaces without having your neatly-tucked shirt get all pulled out of shape in the back?   I do the military tuck with my shirts and always wear a belt, but whenever I bend down, I can feel my shirttails rising from beneath my trousers, eager to escape. When I get up, the shirt back has usually ballooned significantly.
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