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Will there be a restock on Benjamin suits in a navy color for 38S soon?  I'm in the market for a navy suit and have enjoyed my charcoal Benjamin.
To those of you that have applied Obenauf's LP to your boots, will the darkened leather lighten back up again over time?  I think I may have over-applied the stuff and now my boots don't show the rich brown color anymore. The benefit is I can slosh through rain and snow no problem.
I just picked up a Weekender in Seattle Fit in small and figured you guys might be interested in a fit picture.  For your reference, i'm 5'9 and 155 pounds.     Overall, the fit is pretty spot on.  The shoulders are the right width and there's enough room to layer throughout the body.  The arm holes are a little big/low, but I suppose that's to allow for layering.  Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer them.   However, the chest area...
Thanks for the suggestions.  Do you think the integrity of the leather is at risk of tearing at all?
If it were restitched at some point, would a cobbler be able to follow the same puncture holes or would another set have to be made?
  Thanks for the suggestion.  Here's what I'm talking about.    
Thanks for your response.  I should have clarified that the cobbler altered the uppers, not the sole.
Hi all,   I recently took a pair of my shoes to the cobbler to have a small repair on the uppers; however, to my dismay, he fixed it by creating additional stitching (e.g. puncturing new holes and stitching through those holes) without asking me. These are my first pair of nice shoes (~$300), so I'm a bit overprotective. To make matters worse, he did a pretty poor job--the stitching is somewhat loose and may come undone.   In the case that the new stitching comes...
How are you guys pulling these off in the spring?  My impression that work boots look out of place with lighter fabrics, especially shirts.
Thanks for the reply.  What kind of shirt would you match it with?  I'm under the impression that lighter weight fabrics would look slightly off with the boot.
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