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 I was mesmermized.  Bigly
 "Pardon me" was a good one
It would be a more accurate scenario if the 4 are illegals and they are doing bulk of the farming, fishing, foraging and homesteading yet have no say in how the resources are divided
Opinions on the Triumph Bonneville Bobber?      
 Thanks for the info.  I contacted Magee and they had no record of it because it dated back to 1977, long before they had computer records.  39 years and never worn out in the real world?  WTF?  I'm going to find a tailor to take the body in so it will be little more fitted.  I only paid 20 bucks for it so I really can't lose 
    Bought it, went home and took another look another look. I believe it may have been tried on and knocked about from store to store but I believe it has never been worn out into the elements. The liner has no snags anywhere, the buttons are are devoid of the obligatory nicks and scratches, the thread for the buttons show no fraying whatsoever and the buttonholes are virginal tight.  Even the material on the inner pocket is prisine.  Can't read what is written under name...
Lil boxy in the body but I'm not in the greatest shape so it fits ok. I was wondering if anyone knew the brand
Is this overcoat worth keeping for myself? Looks well constructed and from the condition of the liner it was almost never worn. Its heavy as fawk. A little odd that it only has a single inner pocket tho. Cloth by Crombie for Magee and the second tag says Kingstons of Tipperary
New Yorkers do that as well.  Not so much.  I was at my g/f xmas party last year and was introduced to a fellow New Yorker.  When she heard I was from Queens she was suddenly  dismissive (she was from UES).  Then she asked where I went to high school and when I said "Bxxxx Sxxxxxx" she suddenly changed her tune and sheepishly admitted that she wasn't smart enough to get in there.  
New Posts  All Forums: