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Meister calling someone else a troll is pure comedic gold
    I sure hope that rnoldh doesn't talk like that in the real world.  Then again a small part of me hopes that he does
 If a person resigned his/her seat in order to run for higher office and subsequently loses, there is absolutely no one that would expect another challenger to "give her seat back".  That is not how elections (or people) work.  But let's not believe me, let's do what you suggested and check Wikipedia      Palmer endorsed Obama but once she lost the race for the Senate tried a last minute run get her old job back.  Nothing about Obama "giving her seat back" since at that...
 Do you sit at home and just make shit up?
 I thought that car was hot back in the late 90s and it certainly wasn't cheap.  They actually went up in value once Acura discontinued it. 230 horsies was a lot back then   
    Buying a 911 as a daily driver while going through a divorce with a 2 month old baby = rash³
 Oh it fit.  I tested it out.  lol.  In the course of about 3 months I went from wanting a 911, a 88 M6 and a 6 speed Acura Legend Coupe.  My head was all over the place in those days.  Family gossip about an early mid-life crisis and hearing whispers of "Rumples has lost his  mind" stopped me from doing anything too rash
 I almost got rid of  2 year old sensible family sedan for an 89  911 when my marriage went kaput. I figured a baby seat could fit in those lil back seat.  I ended up not doing it because the stroller wouldn't fit in the boot
 My uncle had a 81 300SD that he bought new and drove it for about 30 years.  He finally had to get rid of it because his mechanic told him the rear end was dangerously close to dropping off of the car due to rust. But like Dino stated: the engine outlived the body
The last time I checked the police  have the ability to pull up the name as well as registered owner's picture on the fly. Now I never went to the police academy but that would have been my first action if I was a cop.  Then once the traffic stop was made, I would have verified the driver's identity by asking him for his license and then sent him on his way with an apology.  Too sensible?
New Posts  All Forums: