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We were looking at Minis the other day and the damn dealer shared the building with Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and Mclaren. As we were standing there a lady in a Ferrari roared off. My salesman told me that the lady had traded in 2 Ferraris and had bought a McLaren P650 and a mini. As we stared at her in the distance I asked whether she was married but unfortunately she was. I then asked whether she was happy the salesmen told me the McLaren was for her husband and the mini...
Not that BirdmanThis one
texas_jack is not as clueless as birdman or wojt so why don't you tell us why he is wrong...on both parts
good gawd!
 Just about all of mine have had cruise control
 That's the pussy way of doing it.  You need to get embarrassed on campus rolling back and then stalling in front of a crowd of attractive women and get laughed at.  Then do it during rush hour traffic and almost roll back into the car behind you until the driver starts sitting on his horn and you start hyperventilating because the car stalled for the  3rd time and there is now only 1.3 inches between your back bumper and the front bumper of the car behind you
 If any of the Big 4 brought this out, it would be referred to as a soulless anime based fantasy whose only purpose, unless it turns into a robot, is speed.  Seeing it is MV Agusta it will be lauded as innovative and forward thinking.  Either way I'd ride the piss out of it even if the front looks like a Robotech invid fighter
  That's a $4,000-$5,000 premium because red/red and black/black are hard to find, especially with such low mileage. That's a lil steep if it were just some frame paint. The carbon fiber additions (oversized intake, swingarm protector, chainguard, undertail, etc.) plus the full exhaust (not slip on) make it a little more palatable I agree with @Cool The Kid that the original owner got scared shitless one too many times and said, "Fuck this shit!"
  All 237 of them.  Or as the g/f would say, "Tres piojos"   [[SPOILER]]
So my local dealer has a relatively untouched red w/red frame 2012 Streetfighter S with 1300 miles, full Termis (not just a slip on) and a shit ton of c/f bling.  Even has a c/f open clutch cover w/red pressure plate.This thing is perfect. The price is at a premium tho           I really need to start ring shopping but the way that she has been acting lately makes me want to say "Fuck it!"
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