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 I've had a few deer scares/near misses, some at highway speeds but never hit one *touch wood*
 Well I had to spice it up to get people's attention.  But you have to admit teh Commonwealth is notoriously strict when compared to Maryland or DC.  A reckless charge in VA will stay on your driving record for 11 friggin years!!!
Anything over 80 mph threshold in VA can be charged with reckless driving which, just like a DUI is a Class 1 misdemeanor. The problem is there are plenty of places where the speed limit is 70 mph so 11 mph over will land you in the pokey and a mark on your record. Countless cleared military folks that work in Northern VA have been screwed over the years because of this.
Buddy of mine loves convertibles to death but he is not a fan of hardtop convertibles.  Since I've known him (about 20 years) he has had an old e30 325i, 2 mustangs, a MB clk 320 and a 300zx.  He is currently lusting after a e46 M3 
  I had a 335ic loaner once and I can see the appeal of a vert. I had the heat cranked up and the top down in February.  Those little wires/strings made me  wonder how many problems one might encounter once the warranty was over but it was nice as fawk.  The top took too much space in the trunk which made it  a non-starter for me as I have ag/f that tend to load up a bunch of crap back there. I do love the E92 M3 and I am still debating buying one, 3 pedals and competition...
Show up in court and fight it. Play the innocent dummy.  Open your eyes wide all the time and use a halting tone as if you are frightened.  Mention the fact that you sped up to let "the tailgater" pass you and that is when you were pulled over.  Say that you were moving with traffic the entire time and was almost certain that you did not exceed the posted speed limit because that is not something that you normally do.     Best case scenario it will get thrown out.  Worst...
We are proud owners of a lighted used but pretty well equipped 2015 Mini Cooper S.  The only options missing are HUD, PDC and backup camera. It's an automatic tho   Next step: hacking idrive to unlock options.
  Dinan Suspension $ 2000 + Install  (Is Dinan suspension better than stock?)Dinan Axleback Exhaust $2000 + Install   (Is Dinan suspension better than stock?)Dinan Cold Air Intake - $1500 + Install (1500 for a CAI?  Dafuk?)Dinan High Flow MAFS - $500 + Install (I thought M series cars came with high flow MAFS)Dinan Stage 3 Tune - $600 (A $600 flash)  Why is the seller trying to recoup install costs?
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