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Spidi Dirty 7 in buffalo (not tatonka)  Vanson Ike in horsehide (they made this one for Orvis) 1st iteration of Dainese Stripes in moo skin (slightly biased because I have this one)  
There really isn't a Jack of All Trades in the boot world. And there shouldn't be
 Love the colour on that jacket Ben.   Make?
 They look like you walked all the way to Modor in them
Made multiple WTF faces throughout the entire movie.  I'm still not sure if I liked it or even understood it.  What came first the chicken or the egg?      
My thoughts exactly
   Hey!!! I had one of those but an 06 which was after the refresh.  it was a sport model with a 6 speed manual and staggered wheels. 
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