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Your right about that but she has a special bond with them, esp Drogon. She trained them all to a certain degree (to follow her, when to breathe fire, etc.) but they retain their independence and could turn on her at anytime.Jon's experience beyond the wall and his encounter with Varamyr Sixskins opened his eyes to the powers of skinchanging. At first he did it unconsciously in his sleep. Later he was able to direct it and control Ghost as the surely direwolf's body was...
I approve of this message
After Bran, Jon was the 2nd most experienced skinchanger so yes. Arya was more powerful but lacked any type of experience and training
In the book he burned his hand grabbing Mormont's sword from the fire in order to kill a wight.
 hahaha.  I just won a $1 from myself.  I bet myself that you would be the first reference that thread
  Buddy of mine has an old BMW K75, a Duc MH900e, a classic FZR400  and a peanut tank Sporter with the screaming eagle 1200 cc bore kit. And the HD is his choice to ride daily.  Matter of fact he just changed out the bars and threw some hard saddlebags on it so now it's a bagger.  He probably hasn't ridden the others since last summer.
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