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Public high schools are free and AFAIK don't require proof of residency or citizenship.I believe it is possible for an illegal to go to college as well but that person would have to pay cash for tuition or use credit cards. Some states treat illegals as out of state students but many others (such as Texas) treat illegals as in state students. Illegals however are ineligible for federal financial aid.What does this have to do with your mythical student visa scenario...
I believe we have been using the colloquial definition of the term "immigrant". Characterizing a foreign student in the US on a current student visa or a foreign worker on a H1 visa as "illegal" is as strange as it is wrong. The entire foundation of Medwed's theory is non existent.I do like the part when he referred to some in this thread as teeny boppers. It brought joy to my day
or as Medwed refers to it:  "illegal"
Perhaps the US should do a better job screening out Eastern European applicants.  This one seems about as smart as a bag of rocks
 I'll take false assumptions for $1,000 Alex.  Enrolling kids into school does not "get them papers". And once one overstays a visa that person is not eligible to obtain a student visa
Poor Medwed doesn't seem to understand what the term illegal means. If a person is enrolled in a university and has a student visa then he/ she is not illegal. All that crap about taking some else's spot is just that: crap.
Blasphemy!!! It is a naked 1098 superbike that hasn't been detuned with a slightly longer swingarm. It's beautiful! I've only ridden the smaller 848cc version but that convinced me that I need that power in my lifeTriples are cool. I've ridden a fully clothed Striple (the Daytona) and the Spiple. They split the difference between a v-twin and an inline-4 but those high revving ducati twins? Fuck splitting the difference. LolThe bag is a Dowco Fastrax Elite. It's...
Methinks Medwed doesn't know wtf he is talking about. Where are all of these free colleges that he is referring to? Without a green card students can't get financial aid so unless she qualified for a scholarship and or grants college was a cash/credit card affair.
So she should do the H1 until she qualifies to get a green card. My best friend was stuck in that game for about 10 years. Stable job but they paid him less than market rate because they knew he couldn't just leave. Nature of the beast
Of course not. He's from the mid west not the mid east
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