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 Water pump & thermostat on an e36 was about $60 topsWater pump & thermostat on an e46 is about $100 topsWater pump & thermostat on an e90/92 and f30/f32 is about $500 at a heavy discount
 I thought it was because NYC doesn't rely on school buses for kids schoolkids.  Subways and city buses usually in operation so there is no danger to children travelling to school  This is not mine.  Since I lived in Queens but went to HS in the Bronx I was given a C-2 (Combination bus & train) pass
 I vaguely remember the 1978 one (I was in grade school).  What I do  remember is that we couldn't get out the back door
e92 328 and the e46 330 have about the same hp and torque figures
 Po Boy Jim on H Street.  Lukes is cool but like you said their sandwiches are small.  And why don't they serve fries?  That being said 2 more sandwiches and I get a free one
Won't they square off too quickly?   I had super corsas before and while they were pretty soft and teh warm grip was phenominal. if it got cool or wet they were a handful.  My vote would be Pilot Road 4s
Did someone say something?
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