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It never seems to fail.  Girlfriend is really pissing me off and then I find a 2011 Streetfighter S w/Termis with the obligatory additional CF pieces (clutch cover, hugger) plus a caswell coated tank in the hard to find red/red with just 33 miles on the clock.  All it really needs are radiator guards and integrated tail signals ($200 max). Price is negotiable but he's starting around $12k so could probably snag it for $10.5k.  Why do you tempt me Lord,...
 Be grateful that they didn't bring up immigration either because Trump would have hung himself.  Say all you want about Hillary's emails but she was exonerated.  Trump's wall, Trump's extensive anti-Latino comments as well as his anti-Muslim comments have yet to be touched.  And those are just the easy targets
The Birther question was definitely relevant. It is the single most issue that turned Trump from an entertainer into a person with political aspirations. It was brought up and handled horribly by Trump.Trump does not want to compare the inner workings of their respective foundations...and neither do his people
How can anyone claim the MSM is against Trump? Is Fox News not a large part of the MSM?
Trump won on what? He was flustered and was verbally windmilling. Trump was the brawd in this debate and Hillary was the dude. Hmmm maybe he did win
Trump wasn't answering the questions. He actually didn't come down on him hard enough when he started rambling
Someone call Sean Hannity
 Did he slip you his phone number?
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