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Nordstrom Rack has these on sale for $160        
 I am supposed to be in NYC this weekend.  Isn't there a store in Manhattan  *runs to google*
I decided to keep the burgundy ones I ordered from London and will be returning the brown Gordon Rush boots (or maybe exchange them for a pair of suede Wolverines)         And now I want these Varvatos boots but I probably won't be able to find them.  All they have on their site are the artificially weathered Fleetwood boot. Ugh.   edit: On second look these just might be Fleetwoods.  $700 tho...    
 You can return rack stuff at Nordstroms as well
  Which ones feel the best on your feet? 
Eastland Orson 1955 x Bonobos boot.  Someone marked them down to $90 at the Nordstrom Rack online even though Nordstroms currently sells them for $225. They are blue (daba dee daba die). These were the last pair so don't bother searching for them  
 Hit or miss. I owned a pair of chukkas in the past and they served me well.  I have heard bad stories about them as well. These are about 1/2 size too large so they are going back
Well the Gordon Rush boots are still sitting in the box.  Even for a cheapie boot I'm just not sold on them.  I found these cheapies for under $100.  I love burgundy colour but know nothing about the name. Has anyone had any experience with London based Paolo Vandini shoes?  
Copped a pair of dry blue Nudie Grim Tims without the orange stitching. They feel thin but the g/f likes em so i guess I'm keeping them. I never realized there was such a huge difference between 100% cotton jeans and 99% cotton, 1% elastine jeans. 55 beans with free shipping so I figured it was a no brainer    
 In Baltimore, MD  12/16/2016. Thanks Trini
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