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Buh dum PISH!!!
   Jeans came in about 10 minutes ago.  They looked off-white on the website but they are white White WHITE.  I sized down 1 and they fit perfectly which means I probably could have sized down 2 .  I'm keeping them.  The real question is how the hell do I wear white jeans? 
 Probably more than a small number.  Remember Craster's sons.  Over the millenia there must have been more either given freely or taken by force
 They hadn't shown Bran's direwolf in a while so they just decided just to do away with it?  That was dumb.  And then Jon left the wall with Sansa and they forgot about his direwolf.  Even dumber
 Just ordered a pair in white.  Thanx @ChetB
I was about to head out for a bicycle ride the other day and I saw the doors of a Model X in action. Cool but I'll pass
Where is this magical wetback land?
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