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      Gemma Arterton is so hot
Mad Max specials
Ordered a pair of UB301s in size 34 from Nordstrom and they are some real nut hugger/killers.  It's been about 2 weeks and I've worn them around the house and out for long walks and they are still killing my gonads.            Might have to exchange them for UB201s
So it's not just me
I normally wear a size 10 and had to get a size 9. Even the 9.5 was waaay too big
 I thought about buying these last month during the sale but they only came in brown and I really wanted black.  Ended up with a pair of full price black 1000 mile boots 
I like NATO straps.  They can make cheesy watches look so much more interesting
It's in New Hampshire. Lol
 I would tell you to link me and we'd have a drink but the g/f has been in Colombia since the end of June so I am almost certainly on lock down status.  I'll shoot you my info anyway on the  side
I rewatch this from time 2 time:  http://www.adrive.com/public/4SR6Rt/Twist.of.the.Wrist.II.avi
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