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 Froggy's car may or may not have fully functioning bluetooth music streaming.  I'm thinking it doesn't  *edit*   You need to invest in one of these  
 Welcome to the madhouse 
 I  believe the maintenance for a M3 really isn't much more expensive.  They don't have a HPFP, xdrive or turbos to worry about.  They have "regular" water pumps which cost about the same as the electric ones in the nonM but they last longer PLUS they give you  some type of warning when they are starting to fail, unlike the electric ones.  The coils are 3 times more expensive and you need 8 instead of 6. Everything other repair/maintenance item is comparable in price I'd...
I don't feel like searching.  Anyone like the Apple watch?  "Someone" expressed interest in it today
 HPFP issues in early onesTypical BMW water pump issues.  They go out every 60-80k miles.  Unfortunately they have electric water pumps and the cheapest I've ever seen it is $500 from getbmwparts.com plus installation which can run $300+. You have to take apart the bumper just to get to it.  Dealers will charge you $1200 to replaceYou've got to take apart the wheel wells just to change HID headlights.  Not so with regular halogen lights thoughKeep spare coils because they...
Just go into the store with your receipt and they will credit you.
That's not quite true. Nordstrom has an almost unlimited return policy. If they don't price match (and I don't see why they wouldn't) then return them and then immediately buy another pair. Boom
   Wow!  What are the odds that they both post here?  
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