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 Aren't those heavy?
What kind of bike did you get this time Trini?
Or get BMWCCA tags to ensure that even if they miss the blue & white roundels everyone knows you drive a BMW Note:  this is just a sample of a BMW license plate that is available in the state that I reside.  Any assumptions that this particular tag might have graced a BMW owned by me in the past is for the reader to make.  I will not answer any questions on the grounds that any previous douchebaggery might incriminate me.
When I grow up I want to be like Trini. Going to start drinking puncheon, change my accent and start saying "Allyuh" instead of "all of you"
what happened to the tranny?  The tranny on my g/f bug went out at 39k miles and VW tried dicking us around
Wait...what? An 09 335 xdrive with a salvage title? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight!  [[SPOILER]]  Funny - I know exactly where those pictures were taken.  That's the town of Elmont in Nassau County on Linden Blvd., 4 blocks from the Queens border. I played soccer for them for years.  There used to be a Carvel Ice Cream across the parking lot from the Dunkin Donuts that had no facilities for customers, just a window to order from.  The Popeyes was a Sizzler Steak House.  My first bank...
I thought the Datsun name was only used for the US market an they just decided to scrap it entirely and just have a single name and had nothing to do with quality.  That being said I spent coutless time in my cousin's Datsun 280z.  Now that was a nice car
    The troubled hero with a checkered past, the lost love, his quest to discover the identity of the mysterious villain hunting him and how he resolves the situation.  2 stars for the violence
Dainese has a few subtle logo'd jackets. My issue with them is most of their line consists of the same jacket in different colour schemes. Either various metal shoulders with hand pockets and stretch panels or non-metal shoulders with 2 chest pockets and 2 hand pockets and stretch panels
With all the newer super thin CE level 1 armour available it shouldn't be too difficult of a mod. The snug fit will help against it shifting if everything goes bad. CE level 2 in the arms and shoulders might be a bit tricky without sizing up but not impossible.
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