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People upload the update disks to various websites.  That won't help if you have a HD based nav though.
 This girl came in my buddy's bar a couple months back and when her scarf moved I realized it was a dog.  Quietest little dog I have ever seen in my entire life.  She said she was bipolar it was her service dog.  The damn thing even had an official looking license
I didn't even know about that.  It just seemed so obvious
  Count your blessings.  They could have been worse  [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]]  I hate this friggin show
 I didn't hear any women bitching when Drogo took Denaerys almost exactly the same way.  I guess fictional rape is only heinous when the rapist is not a female heart throb
 I saw an 11 in moonstone metallic and a roof rack in jersey with something like 80k miles for low 30s last week.  Because of the colour it went quickly
 What do you think of people who convert 964s to look like the 73 Rally Sportmodels?  Modern safety and creature comforts with a classic look.  Is it any worse than what Singer does? 
Which was my first suggestion. Great minds...
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