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Measurements:   Shoulders: 17.75 P2P: 20 Midsection: 18.75 Waist: 18.5 Back length: 24 Sleeves: 24.5 Bicep: 7.5 Elbow: 6.25 Cuff (zipped): 4.5   Price includes shipping to Canada and US. Paypal only.
Interest check on a size ~47 grey lamb 4-zip MDR.
Thanks guys. I'm still trying to figure what to wear with the shirt. It's a difficult piece to style.
SS12 floral scarf Uniqlo vest SS13 long banded collar shirt FW12 workaday fatigues Red wing 3141 chukkas
still have an olive calf 2010DR for sale. check the listing in my sig. make me an offer
Selling my olive calf 2010DR   Measurements:  S2S: ~16.5  P2P: ~ 20  Front length: ~22  Sleeves: ~23.5  Elbow: ~6
Straight from the kickstarter. Retails now for $250.  Worn out twice. Too small for me.  Measurements (from their website):  Waist: 34.6"  Front rise: 12"  Back rise: 17.3  Thigh: 12.4"  Knee: 8.5"  Hem: 7.6"  Inseam: 35" +4% PP. Free Shipping within Canada. $20 to the US.
Worn once. Too big for me.  Made from: 50% Mohair 30% Nylon 20% Wool  Light Grey/Purple  Measurements:  Size VI/L  Shoulder: Raglan  Chest: 23.25”  Length: 28.00” Free shipping within Canada. $20 to the US. Message if shipping internationally.
Slight creases in sleeves but still not broken in. Very heavy leather.  Lining came out from under one of the snaps.  Measurements:  S2S: 16.5  P2P: 20  Front length: 22  Sleeves: 23.5  Elbow: 6 Free shipping within Canada. $25 to the US. M
i'm in vancouver too and have been caught in the rain a few times. it'll be fine as long as you hang it to dry when you get home. 
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