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Sold. Thank you for looking.
You can just wear them as is as the boots are already oiled out of the factory. Obenauf LP is a leather protector than waterproofs your boots and nourishes the leather. Some prefer oiling it before, others after. Your preference, but no substantial difference.
Nope, Amber and Amber Harness should be the same thing. They're both under the model 8111. Probably just some categorization differences.  
  No. I received it as a gift. I'm not too sure where it was bought, but I doubt it was from Harry Rosen.
Does anyone have experiences with returns at Harry Rosen? I recently received a pair of Allen Edmonds Sanford as a gift in size 11 which was my usual size. However as most of you know, these shoes tend to size differently. I don't have the receipt for a return anymore but I was wondering if it was possible to take a chance and buy a properly fitted shoe at Harry Rosen as they're the only retailer for AE shoes in the area, and use that receipt to return my other pair as a...
  The thing is the bison leather that comprises of this boot is especially soft. It's the softest boot I've worn out the box especially for a Red Wing boot, usually known for its tough break in periods. Would you recommend a circle being punched though, especially since the underside of the leather is unlined? As long as the repair allows for neatness, I'm fine by a little distinction from the overall tone of the leather especially if it means the stress is alleviated....
  Thanks! Red Wing shoes are my favorite too! Their quality and durability are top notch. Sadly, my pair came in with a slight defect. Still, a pretty good buy all around considering that I managed to cop it for only $137 after taxes. ;) I'll upload some pictures of the boot since I don't really see much of this particular Red Wing x Brooks Brothers collaboration floating around. Yeah but the bison leather that the boot is made of is the softest boot I've ever worn out...
Edited my first post with pictures! Sorry for the double post. :/
-double post-
Does anyone know if its possible to fix a hole in the tongue of a pair of bison leather boots? I ordered a pair of Brooks Brothers Red Wing Beckman's earlier and it finally came in although with the issue of the dot sized hole in the corner of the tongue. I can't return it since it was a sale item and it was the last in size. The piece of leather is still kinda hanging off the rip so I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to repair it with minimal sign of damage,...
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