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How's the length of Hove compared to the EG Dover? The Hove looks slightly longer and sleeker, but in some shots the Dover looks great.
Has anyone taken a Rivet chino and trimmed it up?   It has the perfect casual silhouette for me; I think going forward, I will just grab Rivets.   But for a dressier look—and I say this having taken many measurements across my best fitting trousers—I'm thinking of taking the Rivet in about 0.5" (thigh/knee/hem). Has anyone done something like that? How did it turn out?   I think @rydenfan mentioned doing something like this.   @Epaulet   I hope you bring back...
Mike,   Sent a friend your way! He picked up a chambray shirt from the BK shop earlier this afternoon; said you recommended a spot to him.   I think he's a fan now :)
@Epaulet Any updates on the 18 oz denim?
 That's it! Garand. Thanks.
Got my FF Rivet chinos today—sanded canvas Indig, steeped twill in Rust and Golden—all three are excellent colors and fit. I thought Mike said the Rivet cut was going away? That would be sad; I finally found a fit I like.   So the rec is to wash these in warm water with Retayne before taking it to the tailor? I may try to replace buttons with metal hardware.   Eager to check out the new cut whose name escapes me. Had the hollywood waist band. (couldn't find it in...
 Meaning that shoe on the stock last but a totally different color may incur MTO fees, if the stock models aren't made in the color requested? Thanks for the info, @sevenfoldtieguy .
@RogerP   Those are magnificent!   If I could get that in navy museum calf, I'd need a cigarette.
 I would also be interested in such a boot, but I've only seen a mention of a possible restock for the burnished dark brown grain model 973 on Rain last.
Give me those austerity boots in navy shell!
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