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@DonRaphael I'm on the road all day, but will try to update with photos of 946,2102B,Rain shoes side by side. I'll say this: I have a 2102B in 7.5F and it's much looser than my 946 in 7.5F, definitely longer and possibly higher instep. It's just a damn beautiful last. Just look at the black peccary button boots with Blake stitched soles on Skoak IG. The 2012B shines with captoes, especially medallioned versions. But the 946 in G width might come close to that shape. And...
@RogerP I'm in love with those bals, man. Fantastic choices. How did you size F relative to say Carmina Rain or any EB you have? I'm... GG MH71—7F EB 946—7G or 7.5F EG 82—7.5E Rain—7EEE (extra wide) Oscar—7 High instep, wide foot, just like you.
@DonRaphael We are the exact same size. Thanks for the input, I may try the 804 in 7 and not 7G (which I think I prefer for the 946). I can wear the 946 in 7.5, but after a long day my feet swell and the toe box pinches. Feels a quarter size too long, too. I'm just worried about my high instep. What I like about the 946 in G is the toe; someone posted an Oxford in this width and the toe seemed like G&G MH71, even EB's own 2102B (which I think is...
Dude, these are so lovely. What a wonderful shade of brown. Your description of the 804 was helpful. I think I fit a true 7G in the 946 and the Rain in 7 EEE (new extra wide option). I'm guessing I need to try the 804 in a 7F or even G. GLWS, my man.
@stmaier Apologies, thought I had read far back enough. That's a shame, hope it comes back. Thanks.
@gdl203Are the swatches for those field jackets, plus the swatch for the indigo/brown jacket (on Haberdash) available for MTM (field jacket and SC) ? [[SPOILER]]
Love that bag, Mike. Curious to see the dark brown. Great piece.
I'm impressed with Vitello Bolet. I swear the leather looks a little different in every shot. Nice design choices @loxo
@filangler It's so beautiful. Amazing job on the design. Eager to see some in the wild shots. @nickrut Would probably look killer in mahogany shell, too.
Congrats! I take it you visited his studio in person? I can't recall if he allows measurements to be taken remotely; I know most bespoke makers prefer face time especially for initial fittings.
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