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If you want to be strict, yes, but honestly given how you rock outfits, you'll still be the best dressed in the room.Wingtip = casualRosewood CC = Casual202 last with chunky rubber sole = casualAll casual design elements, IMO.
Etrusco calf bal boot with tobacco suede shaft2102b last270 flat weltBrass eyeletsMillerighe solesExample on 363MOD last:http://instagram.com/p/vGAFSaPwAP/
Can't wait for my MTO...really curious what it'll look like in person.
@sleepyinsanfran No, I mean the SHOE on the left. I think the heavy stitching would look good in suede, since that leather typically obscures finer detail like broguing.
If you feel like you sized up to give yourself width, then yes, I would suggest doing this; I was never a fan of going up half a size when I could go up in width. Thomas of GG recommended the same thing when I visited the shop.
What do you guys think about the NST shoe Steve showed recently, but on Forest (same as photo?) and in Polo suede, Tomir or Victory soles? @steveyoo1983 I'm still game for that mixed media Adelaide U wing!
@Ironist F width! There was a tan alongside the brown; the tan seemed too light for my tastes, but I'll wait for Patrick to confirm.
@NAMOR Your sexy VOAK Thorpe is proof that the storm welt doesn't make it overly casual; likely due to the sleekness of the last. I think the two balance each other well and thus make the boot wearable for most occasions.
Yes, I know Someone just mentioned that the EG wingtip monk is called the Hove. I know I've seen a G&G version, just don't know the name. I will post in that thread.Wouldn't be the first time the makers used the same name (e.g. Westminster).
Did anyone order the duck canvas khaki chinos in a 30 Slim? I got a 31 slim, but now prefer the 30. Open to trade when they ship.
New Posts  All Forums: