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I bought 1L of Lexol conditioner off Amazon for cheap. That's all I will use moving forward. The guys in the shoe care thread mentioned VSC having turpentine or something in it.
Better pic, though rocking a black plain tee right now:
Cloudscape, @FrankCowperwood Nice and bossy! Will have to take in the shoulders. The small feels like a size 38.5 and I'm typically a 36-37. The grape is also gorgeous. Thanks, Mike.
Nicely done!
 Never seen a mini ripple! Looks sweet. Congrats.
pretty sure someone said its roughly $12 PER eyelet. I'll double check.
Now that I think about it, these have way more personality than my basic snuff Dovers. I'll hold off for now.
 You're both crazy. It's Japanese eggplant with an Oxblood hue. We won't know until we see photos taken at the Golden Hour.
 Thanks! I don't even know what last that's on; it didn't last that info. If they had it in my size, I would've kopped. I know nothing about Tricker's lasts. Have to do some research.
New Posts  All Forums: