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Have you seen the smooth leather Thorpe with hatch grain shaft (above the crescent stitch) ? It should be on the Bespoke England tumblr.
Not in for the shell Galway, but the cloud Utah sounds like a sleeper hit. Has anyone mentioned Cloud Utah uppers and Cloud delapre (or smooth calf) shaft, 82 last? cc @RogerP @justinkapur Nice Galways, bro. I always love seeing that silhouette.
Now Eidos?!?!?! Might as well rent a studio here in Cape Town; not sure I can afford to go home at this rate :P Can't wait to see the fabrics. Antonio just hits home runs with each collection. Greg, always a good eye for sick pieces!
Done! Order placed for DB with liner. Thank you!
Damn, it's been tough traveling and keeping up with preorder deadlines Congrats to all who got in on it. Glad I at least scored the SS Conservation.
Damn, those NR jackets are marvelous. Anyone else digging the DB? First one I think I could possibly pull off; elegant shape. Agree with others on Green hop sack, though Navy Herringbone might be more versatile. All stunning fabrics. Wow.
@gdl203 Greg or Kyle, Does SS offer a size 2? I don't have any SS pieces but curious my sizing in the Conservation coat if a 46R Formosa is only slightly big on me. I wear Monitaly 5 zip in size 38 and Eidos in a 46, though it's a tad long. I'm 5'7... Cheers,
@Epaulet Re: Artisan collar... Love it. So, it's not quite a cutaway (can be worn without tie?) and its points tuck nicely behind most jacket lapels?
Question for anyone who sizes up in Walts or Driggs for a bit more thigh room: Is your tailor able to trim up the butt area so it's not saggy? Shouldn't be a problem for most tailors when they take in the waist, at least I would hope not. I once tried to size up (just tried them on) and felt there was excess material in the crotch, but I did like the leg. Curious to go with one size higher from now.
Awesome!Still eyeing the A7RII with either the 28/2 or 35/1.4. Loving the Batis lenses as well.Some killer shots from you guys. Very nice.
New Posts  All Forums: