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 Meaning that shoe on the stock last but a totally different color may incur MTO fees, if the stock models aren't made in the color requested? Thanks for the info, @sevenfoldtieguy .
@RogerP   Those are magnificent!   If I could get that in navy museum calf, I'd need a cigarette.
 I would also be interested in such a boot, but I've only seen a mention of a possible restock for the burnished dark brown grain model 973 on Rain last.
Give me those austerity boots in navy shell!
Been meaning to replace my black Viberg service boots because I wanted something sleeker or in shell. I might jump on those tankers. That's almost the exact makeup or been asking for (except I wanted black shell). @rydenfan Great minds, sir... And I'd probably replace the eyelets with brass myself. Nice little project.
Gold Utah Nevis might look mighty fine...hmm.
I might be game for this on Dainite. Still hoping for austerity brogue.
Congrats!Leffot in NYC is the only retailer I can think of that regularly orders the unlined Dover in #8 with a flex sole. Give them a call.
A hoodie in that material or even a Doyle would be bad ass.
I think so, depends on the outfit. The only shoe style I can't think of as "casually worn" is an oxford. I would definitely try to rock plum museum Chelseas with a nice pair of dark denim. Great color.
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