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Wow. Good luck! What's your Brannock and Alden Barrie size?
Can you please provide outsole measurements: Length Width (widest part of forefoot) Heel width I need to triple check on my sizing. Cheers!
How did these fit relative to: Brannock size Alden Barrie Chuck Taylors ? Sweet pair!
It was maybe two weeks ago that Kuti told me no more shell MTOs for a while.
What size and can you post measurements ? Thigh, knee , hem, waist? I wish RL would post fabric weights more often.Description says twill, and it looks like the heavy steep twill Hazel Garand pants from Epaulet. Might have to kop.
Does anybody have the Soller lasted grey suede Chelsea in a size 6.5 and might want to trade for a size 7? I can make it work with a thicker sock, but curious what a more snug fit would be like.
What sort of discrepancy are we talking about? And I take it you're measuring them as stated in the guide?
I've actually been thinking about a Jodhpur (same design where buckle falls on ankle) in tobacco suede.I like that design because it sets it apart from Chelsea's: the buckle is visible beneath the hem. Looks great with denim, probably better for casual wear.
We have entered The Great Dover Bubble of 2014-2015... Would be cool if Skoak offered a Dandy Shoe Care option on all shoes. Not sure if specific vendors like EG would frown upon that.
@RogerP That red cognac pair of u wings with Goyser looked great. Recall the shoes? Loud but stylish.
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