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@Epaulet   Would you consider each leather in a Sport Trainer config? For instance, saddle or navy Couro as a Sport Trainer?   Oh, and sizing in the ST = sizing in Tennis Trainers, right? I tried the Slate calf tennis in a size 8, that was perfect.   Finally...that club collar white oxford...is that the beaded fabric?
 Sorry, my photos are of the EG DOAK/Walnut CC Galway (the pre-order from November); my comment was in response to all the EB MTO pics!
[[SPOILER]] First shot is in a warmer tone than on my IG.Amazed at some of the EB make ups. Endless combos and they all look fantastic. Intrigued by a few MTO ideas now.
@mossrockss Looks great!
@Epaulet Is the ETA for Individualized MTOs (from the SF trunk show) still looking like 4-6 weeks? Curious to see the fit and start ordering some of those awesome swatches.
Don't forget that part of the benefit of ordering through Skoak is their "pull" with these makers: Skoak orders in high enough volume to put a brand like EB on the map (at least overseas) so I'm sure EB would listen more if Skoak needed to speak up on your behalf, say in the case of a botched MTO or even just a simple delay.
@malatRoberto's on Sutter (?) is really good. They can do keyhole stitching for jacket cuffs, no problem. Taylor Stitch sends their work there, I believe.
Or with a lighter colored windowpane?
Depends on the last of the Galways you already have, no? An 82 last Rosewood Galway would look really similar. You have a F64 Rosewood CC, if I recall.Leather-wise, they are too similar for me; I could wear them interchangeably.Nice work, Patrik and crew in getting this design out in the world. It was sorely needed in their lineup.
@RogerP didn't you have a pair of Thorpes in the same chestnut English grain leather as these Glencoes? I know someone did, because the photos I saw were much more orange (chestnut) than Arran grain, which is the next closest hue I've seen.
New Posts  All Forums: