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Why no more chore coats in denim or canvas? Indigo canvas would be sweet. BlackXGrey denim Mustard chambray
I got two pairs coming in, so will report back. I'd love to jump on the black high tops and complete my sneaker collection (for now). @joshgustin Would love to see a navy CXL and loden CXL variant. 
Can the waist be let out on their chinos? I forget...Will still order my usual size.   Loving that indigo selvedge military twill chino, might have to jump on it. 
@LeavesWhich EG model is this U wing Adelaide Oxford? I can't seem to find a reference to it besides a Leffot MTO pic on some blog (no model name posted). [[SPOILER]]
@bienluienapris Beautiful pair, congrats. What last are those split toes on?
The EB Adelaide wingtip is pure sex, but I'm starting to feel that for a casual style, the 804 needs a casual element like Norvegese to balance out its sleekness. I believe Mack got a Jodhpur on 804 with this detail and it looks great. Also, Etrusco might be the most versatile color I've ever seen. Crazy amount of options. Some great MTOs, fellas.
My personal in-store experience between the two shops in London was night and day difference: G&G was classy and accommodating, EG treated me like a door to door vacuum salesman. It was so comical that another fellow customer looked at us and shrugged, as if to say "No idea what's going on here, sorry!" That just turned me off from EG. Galway is in a class of its own, I'll agree with that. I love mine. I'm glad the bigger names are shuffling around policies and pricing...
Navy polish on black is the most common one I've heard. Another that Steven Taffel of Leffot has suggested is Navy polish on burgundy.
@TtownMD Why not get the black Sinatra and apply some navy polish for a little depth? I'm still liking the MH71 for the Sinatra, but TG73 is growing on me. Cc @Ironist
@chobochobo Can you take another shot (but farther away, top down view) of the Tacticus? Looks like an austerity Adelaide wingtip (!!!) in half height boot form. Gorgeous. Love the Cataline as well.
New Posts  All Forums: