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Kicking myself for sleeping on that Monitaly bomber. Nice kop for whoever snagged the 38.
Is there an option for non-pleated cuffs? Didn't think I saw one last time I poked around on the site. I think they've made some updates since then.
Is this the less red version of the two (Slewfoot vs DWW run) ?It's gorgeous.
Devastating news. We lost an incredible talent. Condolences to his family.
@NickPollicaFirst, honored that you're heading this way. Would love to meet you.For lodging, staying around Guerrero and 14th-16th is a good bet, or even 19th and Alabama. Both are central and walkable hoods, not too far from 18th & Sanchez where Unionmade is. Both have neighborhood bars and cafes to start your day with.The view from Liberty Hill (roughly Dolores and 20th) is superb and again, walking distance to Unionmade.The other area I highly recommend is Upper Haight...
Any wear pics of the hatch green Thorpe? cc @stevent
I'm game!
I would've guessed MH71 from that photo. Would love to see some more pics, especially indoors where typical BRG smooth calf can look black.Congrats to all. Very jealous.
@Leaves I saw the photo of the hatch green Thorpe. Stunning. Is it as dark indoors as the smooth BRG?
Apologies for the mirror. Just got this and dropped off to shorten sleeves. Amazing color and fit. Will update with better shots. Thanks for the stellar service, @conceptual 4est!
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