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@Cleav Where is that wonderful green tie from? 
Same issue as I showed you with that jacket. I don't think it's egregious, though.My only guess is the tailor was trying to lower the buttoning stance without lengthening the jacket.
What's the consensus on sizing differential of boot vs shoe, shell vs calf, Goyser vs flat welt?If I'm a 40H in an F lasted calf bal boot with flat welt (high instep and wide foot), what size should I be looking at if considering a shell bal boot? Or shell+Goyser bal boot?Based on what I've read, seems like those attributes would add 0.25-0.5 size in volume, so I'd want a 40G. I'm assuming 40.5G is roughly the same as 40H in volume, so should size down a half.Paging...
Totally agree with this, but for some reason they fit me best: chest, armhole, length.I think I'll try a 46S from NMWA one round. That might be my ticket.
Only worn a few times, as you can tell from the soles. These mint beauties need to go to another home. I just haven't been wearing black shoes.   Details:   Size 8E (108 last - click for last details from Allen Edmonds: Welted > 108) 360 degree GY flat welt Double leather soles Black calf Rubber heels Polished buckles Shoes bags included (shoe trees not included)   Sizing:   I measure 8E and these fit fine, but I would prefer a 7.5EE or even EEE. This last is...
 No, unless I'm the one reading it wrong :) "You pay $180 and receive $273 in store credit." Yes, that's almost $100 more credit for your money! Update: PENDING
Tobacco linen for an afternoon of drinking cocktails on rooftops with my arm candy.Went a little longer with this suit and the summer glenplaid jacket in order to accentuate the lapel arc.Photo is slightly enhanced, but it's not too far off. [[SPOILER]]
You're looking at a brand new (unaltered), 100% "tweed-ish" wool blazer from BOGGI Milano in a farmer's check pattern. The jacket is US36R/IT46R but runs at least a size large, closer to a large 39/49.  A friend of mine bought this for me in Rome, but overestimated my sizing, so it's been sitting in my closet. The fabric is wooly and has nep, making this your Scottish Ghillie pub jacket.   Half canvassed, unlined in body (sleeves are lined) Padded shoulders Patch pockets...
I have a pair of double monks that I'd like to go to a good home, as I've recently started rocking my single monks more and these aren't getting as much love. Worn yet cared for well, and always shoe tree'd.   The color is a "cedar" (picture a faded cherry or light brown with reddish tones) and the interior and outside soles a pretty, deep blue.   Singe leather soles with beveled waist (I believe Goodyear welted) Brass nails in the toe area Dark polished...
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