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I don't own those but have handled in store. No comparison. Attention to detail of RJ is impeccable.
Cheers!I believe the khakis model is KMJ. Regardless, Ring fits me so well. Amazing value, too.
@StanleyVanBuren Sharp! Can't believe nobody will join a GMTO for those austerity brogues in tobacco suede. I need that shoe. @justinkapur Love that jacket, buddy. Nice choice.
Black OD Doyle has turned out way more versatile than I thought. Graphic by Oakland artist Alex Pardee:
Loving my Creamy Waffle Navy sport coat from Ring, purchased from Khaki's (thanks, Alvaro!). I will post pics soon, but the stock 36/46 KMJ (?) cut is the best OTR fitting SC I have bought.   Pics soon. Getting the sleeves hemmed and waist let out just a touch.   Has anyone tried different cuts? Say, the cut available from The Armoury NYC?
Pics in natural light? I try to use a color fixative when I buy dark colored garments, but i sometimes forget. Requires 2 caps per shirt mixed in with hot water. Soak garment for 20 min.Not sure if certain fabric types should not be getting this treatment though. I've only used on cotton twill and duck canvas pants.Updated fit pics. Excuse the rest of the attire. I was exhausted when I got home today. [[SPOILER]]
Why shouldn't there be 100+ clones on the market? As long as each maker is adding it's own details, the consumer ends up with a better product in the long run; the nicest products get picked up in the market. Money talks (also, a good film).
Exactly what I was thinking. Like minds, my good man.
Quick! BRG Isham before Stevent kops it! Isham (MH71) >> Dover, IMO.
@TweedyProf The hangar is the one thing I miss. I think Bloomie's offers them for $25-35, but have to confirm. Id hate to not have one. It's the Tenero model. If it was any other unremarkable fabric, I'd have returned it, but this thing is freaking gorgeous. Also thought about asking Greg if I can MTO it in the Lorenzo cut.
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