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Curious if a pink button down or the pink lupo polo would work, too. It's a great piece.
 Almost an oxy-moron, no? It's not a pretty leather for an elegant pair. Surprised nobody has talked about a Chelsea boot done up in llama. Seems like a sweet pair.
Victory soles are NOT heavy. They are dense, but so thin they cannot possibly have significant weight.
Dude...!!!!$@@$!&&(;,&Great news. And glad NYC store will remain.Hope this means SF trunk shows are more likely
Epaulet is moving to CA?!
Who made the jacket?
@vida GentryNYC and I believe Stanley Korshak. Maybe Matrin Patrick 3 or AK Rikks. I really do wish the 36 size was more popular.
Mahogany and loden I think are the better pairing.Anyone remember Stevent's Green/black Willow EG Galways?Those would look beautiful done up by EB.And I think the 173 last—used for the monkey boots—might look like the EG 202 silhouette.
Balway would also look sweet with a ocean blue suede shaft and navy museum calf uppers. Millerighe or Single Dainite would be the best sole choice, IMO.
 Pretty sure it's Portofino. I thought it was a darker brown, but I'll double check.  Cheers.
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