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Unloading a mint pair of black service boots, one of Viberg's bread and butter models.   Worn about 10-12 times, these aren't getting as much use given my current wardrobe. I'd like them to go to a fellow boot aficionado.   Included:   Alternate laces Shoe bags Bottle of VSC (50%)   I have the box as well, but if I can ship without the box, it will be much easier and cheaper for me.   Price includes CONUS shipping and PayPal fees.   Note: boots will be...
Did you miss out on the preorder for this super rare boot? Well, I have a preorder from Alden Madison Ave for the Alden WT boot in ravello shell cordovan.   Full specs:   Barrie last Commando soles (should play nice with the Fall/Winter seasons!) Speed hooks $780 full price, includes shipping   I confirmed this morning that the boots are in production and ETA is (hopefully) 2-3 months from now.   As this is a preorder, I don't have exact product photos, but take...
 Tough to say, but I sized down half from my Barrie D size (8D) on the 946, and it's a great fit. If the 7.5UK fit me well on the 946, I'd say 6.5UK should work for you. Not sure about the other lasts, which are best compared to Carmina's Rain last (according to Leaves).
 Whoa. When did they take the preorder?
Man, those navy Jodhpurs are gorgeous: http://33.media.tumblr.com/da346b322d1a5cb9e7550b1f9c1bd1af/tumblr_mvg585MmNE1s5l4jjo2_r1_500.jpg   That or brown/burgundy museum on Rain and single Dainite or Tomir...   What's the number for GTMOs anonymous?!
 My first pair of Aldens and first shell pair. Had to sell them because I got sizing wrong, but loved the all-eyelet design. Definitely miss them, even if they were on TruBalance. Will get reacquire in the future :) Enjoy them!
Interesting re: leg opening. I prefer somewhere between 7-7.25" for dress, 7.75-8.25" for casual. Ideally, I'd like to show 3 rows of laces on my shoes, so that tends to be the metric for me.   5'7, 8-8.5D here
Oh man. I might have to bid on something. Damnit.
Happy Saturday, fellas. @sinda67 Very nice! Great taste, sir.
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