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As a courtesy to the seller, I suggest not discussing price negotiations in the main thread, only via PM. Cheers, and good luck.
SOLD! Thanks, SF!
@Exdeath Love that Jodhpur. Might have to mimic that in Melezze calf, which is believe is Etrusco without the reddish tones. I do think Etrusco is one of the most versatile colors possible.
Just FYI @GusW @justinkapur @comrade Sizing up for me left me with a jacket that was clearly too big. I wear 36/46S in every maker I've tried, including Eidos (which I've also heard similar sizing advice for). I'm leaning a bit, hence the crease across the waist, else it falls pretty nicely: Creamy waffle is one of my favorite fabrics. The standard 184 (Justin, I think KoC carries another cut as well) fits me fine, but I'm certainly going MTM next round. The Ring promo...
I knew I recognized Greg from somewhere! Impressive series. The city is nuts tonight.
Back from the tailor:
Steve, Just got an invoice. Is it for the lizard Chelsea's? I thought that wasn't coming to late summer Would love to see pics of the shipment!
I love the white Ecru but agree with you: the high contrast seems more casual (not by much). Just condition the leather and keep trees in them to make them "office appropriate."I personally prefer the sole of the Sport Trainers, and I'd rather wear those to an office.Love mocha and saddle!
Saddle tennis trainer low with gum sole? Or you mean the raw horsehide Sport Trainer with gum sole?
God, Swedes always deflating my jokes...pfft. Are you still waiting on more Bonafè MTOs to come in? Anxious to see how my first bal boot turned out. (btw, I think the lady may have a conference soon in your backyard. Hello, Stockholm!)
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