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Agree with my man, @justinkapur: I think green (suede) with brown Chrome leather would look SICK.... "I'm so bad I make medicine sick!" EDIT: If anyone snagged those CXL Innsbruck Alt Wiens, please post pics. I was eyeing the 7.5D and they're gone, so clearly a happy new owner.
@joshgustin Would love a pink oxford...
@NAMOR Saw that. Is that the Arran Country Grain that Skoak carries? It now looks like EG Rosewood CC!
But they're just as effective as "naked" cedar trees?
@RogerP Bad ass! Is that model 3540? The same as the black/grey suede bal boot? I'm digging blue, but I can't wear it casually (with denim). I think something like Etrusco or Aubergine is my best bet. Love that MTO. Can't wait for pics.
I'm not seeing the Field Jacket in Navy available anywhere. Were these the NMWA MTOs?
@justinkapur Nice! I'm thinking something similar on the 2102B "MH71" last. Yours has a peaked heel counter? @laufer & @Handcuffed I've always liked that boot, but never sure how I'd wear it. @RogerP Can you let us in on your MTO specs?
This! It's sexy and deserves to be worn during spring
THIS.I would really love it if the loop wheel T came with longer sleeves (same length as the original EPLA crewneck tees). Otherwise, I love the faded black and may have to kop a few more.
Thanks. I have the original blue calf/suede EP trainers on gum soles...still at my other place.Ah, the joys of moving.EDIT: ok, navy OD Doyle it is.
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