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I'm impressed with Vitello Bolet. I swear the leather looks a little different in every shot. Nice design choices @loxo
@filangler It's so beautiful. Amazing job on the design. Eager to see some in the wild shots. @nickrut Would probably look killer in mahogany shell, too.
Congrats! I take it you visited his studio in person? I can't recall if he allows measurements to be taken remotely; I know most bespoke makers prefer face time especially for initial fittings.
Gabriel or Patrick: Model #s please for U wing boot (and what leather is that?) and the St James doppelgänger? The endless EB combos are allowing for some amazing MTOs I never would've thought of. Also, is the kudu Thorpe still due this month? @RogerP What details are you thinking for the chukka?
Oh my god, has anyone seen the burgundy field jacket at NMWA? Insanely beautiful.
@BootSpell Very nice, my friend! We just got back from there, it's been maybe 3 weeks now. Wore my King Naval boots all over Tuscany and didn't have the heart to wipe them until we got back. Thanks for the photos.
Carmina makes some nice jodhpurs, especially with the buckle on the ankle. That polo suede version with grained strap is gorgeous @pirieca
@Leaves What last are you thinking for that split toe boot? Have you seen the 773 used on the button boots that Leffot had? If you can get Bonafé to elongate the apron—thus shortening the "split" toe—it would look much nicer, I think, especially with that chained Norvegese. Nice find.
@joshgustin Any chance of us seeing lighter weight duck chinos, say 9-10 oz range? How about either sanded canvas or something enzyme washed to make it softer? That Jute selvedge looks pretty!
@chrisefi Very nice! Wear in good health, sir. Anticipation for my pair is killing me...
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