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I thought that, too, but now I think they're just stock.Didn't Patrick hint at carrying StC? At least, he mentioned a nice discussion with Phillip recently. Seems way beyond the price point it EG/GG, though, so I could be wrong.
@Epaulet Re: the tobacco Doyle, have you seen any blends similar to the LBM "chinolino" fabric? That'd be sick. Psst...so would a deep burgundy Also, what's the difference between: Gun check Farmer's check (Swear I saw another "check") Terms seem interchangeable... Can't wait for the Mogano and Teck shell sneakers!
That wasn't a stock model, right? Hence, no refills/preorders?
Thanks for the reply. I just read that exact post, hence my question.From the leather care thread, I've learned there's so much misunderstanding about products that I would rather ask multiple people than hear one person say "This is the ONLY way!" to do XYZ.
Ugh. I need cigar and Ravello cap toes. Need. @ReppTiePrepster @MrDV Great Cigar Indys, gents! Am rocking mine today. @Akeem @mdubs How can we get ahold of Yenni? And is she still in charge of the JGilbert IG account? (it's possible she created it so she'd still have access). All, Has anyone tried Filson Boot Oil on CXL or even shell?
@Count de Monet Gorgeous. Carmina's gunboat is underrated. Same with Vass.
@laufer I have yet to find a shoe shop willing to let you try on every last, let alone more than two. Maybe you're way more charming than me I found Rain to be plenty wide with a high instep, just as the EB 946 (standard width is F, btw) and just as stated by Skoak. Rain is one sexy RTW last. @ErikW That's under $600 for a shell shoe? Amazing. Do you know what last that pictured split toe is on? I think Steve from GF said they won't do it on Rain. I'd prefer a more...
Yes, sorry. I went with standard rec of half size down from Rain, but it's still too big everywhere (heel, waist) except across my instep. If I were to size down half again so I wouldn't need thicker socks, the taper would likely be too much for my feet.I guess the proportions just aren't ideal for my feet. I'd have to really try on the Soller in 6.5 UK to assess.
The RogerP shots are like the NatGeo shots of shoe porn I agree that suede is inherently difficult to photograph. The reddish Polo Suede is super unique.
We are the same size then.
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