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I'm game!
I would've guessed MH71 from that photo. Would love to see some more pics, especially indoors where typical BRG smooth calf can look black.Congrats to all. Very jealous.
@Leaves I saw the photo of the hatch green Thorpe. Stunning. Is it as dark indoors as the smooth BRG?
Apologies for the mirror. Just got this and dropped off to shorten sleeves. Amazing color and fit. Will update with better shots. Thanks for the stellar service, @conceptual 4est!
I certainly wouldn't call it a thick sole, and it has plenty of grip. I think it's EB's best sole. Will have to check out this topy business.
@RogerP Stunning Valways! Looks like black grain shaft with Bordeaux calf uppers?
@Cleav Where is that wonderful green tie from? 
Same issue as I showed you with that jacket. I don't think it's egregious, though.My only guess is the tailor was trying to lower the buttoning stance without lengthening the jacket.
What's the consensus on sizing differential of boot vs shoe, shell vs calf, Goyser vs flat welt?If I'm a 40H in an F lasted calf bal boot with flat welt (high instep and wide foot), what size should I be looking at if considering a shell bal boot? Or shell+Goyser bal boot?Based on what I've read, seems like those attributes would add 0.25-0.5 size in volume, so I'd want a 40G. I'm assuming 40.5G is roughly the same as 40H in volume, so should size down a half.Paging...
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