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@NewYorkIslander Hatch grain jumpers, right? Killer style. You gotta be the best dressed teacher I've seen. Show those kids how it's done 🍻
Swedish style is very "Lagom" (did I say that right, gents?) I really think the EG 890 and now this S last are almost exactly like the Bonafe 946. None of which come close to the genius that is the MH71 (thanks, NAMOR, for planting the seed). Still, that dark cognac Vass boot above looks amazing.
Those green suede PTBs are beautiful. I was confused on the Detroit sizing, despite the equivalency list that Leaves posted a while back. (I have it if anyone needs it). I measure 8E and wear a 7.5E/8D in Barrie. The 7.5UK Oscar is nearly perfect on me. Might be time to pick these up, especially with that natural Dainite sole.
I might be down for that tanker—antique storm welt, Dainite, Oscar/Soller last—but in black calf or black pebbled grain. Any chance to get it with 7-8 brass eyelets? Of course, I'd prefer this in black shell. I've wanted a black shell tanker with antique welt for ages
I believe they're called "hacking" pockets. They're superb.   I can't imagine not having them on a jacket like the Doyle; another huge plus for the Epaulet interpretation of the chore jacket.   @Epaulet   Would you consider nailhead and birdseye patterns to be more seasonal? I'm finally learning the difference between some of the weaves and realized how much I love these two. Would be killer as MTO fabrics for jackets.
Any updates on the 18 oz denim or the Fairfax cut? Looked a few pages back and couldn't find anything.   Eager to see how those come out!
I want to like the Walter boot but can't. Probably the sole.   Still holding out for a black shell tanker boot on commando, all eyelets, with antique edge. Damn, that would look killer.
 Great minds! I'm wearing the unsanforized selvedge Iron Man ones today.  (seriously, hoping for a wider leg and smaller hem on the Fairfax)
 Wow, nice combo! When were those austerity brogues released? Caramel calfskin...or is that whiskey shell?
I'm sold on Rivets for my casual cut. May try some pleated Driggs for something nicer; I think the pleat works well with the silhouette of the trimmer leg.   I'll probably make the Rivet hem about 7", which I think is perfect for most shoes (i.e. shows enough laces).   Anyone else waiting on that Fairfax jean? I'm hoping something like:   Waist/Thigh/Knee/Hem 30.75/11.75/8.25/7.25"   And...in 18 oz :)   @Epaulet   Do you anticipate eventually offering your...
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