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Thanks, I saw that when it first went up and jumped on it
@thebeebs I'm in SF. Let me know if you want recs.
 Yes, I had seen those. I should've been more specific. I like the medallion toe, antique edge, and the longwing-esque lines of the JL shoe. Thanks.
 The rule is...multiply by 3! And no, recycling old lovers doesn't "keep the mileage down" !
@steveyoo1983 Is there anything close to this John Lobb (blue calf) that we can do an MTO for?   [[SPOILER]]
Wow, oxblood? Gorgeous boot. I'd love one.
I think I prefer rosewood cc over Zug. I love the red undertones.
Stunning!Prefer:270 degree goyser stitchingCommando (if scotch grain) or double leatherBordeaux scotch grain or gold museum. Can we get oxblood scotch grain?
Why not a Nevis in Bronze, or Cloud, or Rosewood CC? Veldtschoen welt Single Dainite Pull tab 606 last
 Is that a Shannon VIII in cloud/olive antique combo? Insane. I never would've come up with this.
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