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@diglett   The single Dainite option is very low profile, almost as low as a typical leather sole. Most visually clunky Dainite soles are "double Dainite." 
@sungmineyo   I wear Alden Barrie 8.D and 7.5UK in Carmina Oscar, which is supposed to be sized the same as Rain last.   I could also do the Barrie in 7.5E, BTW.   Guys,   Thoughts on brass eyelets for the U cap boot? 
This is still open for proposals, right @LA Guy ? One more from me: Model: Service bootLast: 2030Leather: Italian tumbled calf or bison in a mahogany color (reddish-brown)Leather (tongue): Black French calf (open to dark brown French calf)Eyelets: 8 eyelets, blind Sole: Dainite, antique mid soleComments: Partially structured, punched cap toe.  [[SPOILER]]
Fok for President!   Thanks for all this, brother!
Great intro, @FrankCowperwood. I will check them out.   The one ryden posted also looked superb; more my style, but I love that Goyser stitching on yours.
@NAMOR I think it's the best last I've seen from any maker. Sublime.
 @Leaves posted this a while back: Carmina Rain: UK 8 Forest: UK 8 Oscar: UK 8 Robert: UK 8 Simpson: UK 8.5 Uetam: UK 8.5 Detroit: UK 7.5 Soller: UK 7.5 Queens: UK 8 Edward Green202: UK 8 E82: UK 8 F184: UK 8 E888: UK 8 F606: UK 8 E Gaziano & GirlingTG73: UK 8 FMH71: UK 8 FDG70: UK 8 FGG06: UK 8 F
I dig the gentleman's shit kicker; I like where @Understatesman 's head is at :) I am still personally in love with this, which was posted as a sample in black Italian tumbled calf:  [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]   Model: Service bootLast: 2030Leather: Italian tumbled calf (either deep blue or a reddish-brown tone)Leather (tongue): black calfEyelets: 10 blindSole: Single DainiteComments: unstructured toe Thoughts? And I wouldn't mind that Leffot color 8 service boot but with...
 Nice combo, sir. While not on the same level, the Carmina cap toe stompers in the same shade of scotch grain that—I think—you recommended have become one of my most complimented pairs. Appreciate the rec.
   As the waist on most denim stretches, and the knee/leg opening tends to be the same between adjacent sizes, the only real consideration for fit should be given to the thigh measurement. I love the Rivet for the thigh—not too skinny and not exactly relaxed—which is why I should've sized up on the Wilshire if I wanted the same fit; it felt like shrink wrap. I might try that when the 18 oz drops. I'm glad Epaulet is so consistent with measurements. All three Rivets I got...
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