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Oh, man. Whiskey Skye GMTO? Can't believe I missed that. Need to visit here more often!
@NAMOR Amazing boots. I think the Valway is my fave. As I recall, Kuti said no more shell MTOs until further notice, so I couldn't put in my whiskey austerity order.
This. Kills me because I feel like everyone else can "see" the final product but me.Sometimes the jacket looks nothing like how I thought it would. In a great way.
@diglett Curious: which type of "lizard" are these skins typically from?
Gents, I'm loving the Choco suede tankers, but I keep going back to the loden suede tankers from Unipair. Thoughts? They have my preferred E width, but I'm a bit concerned the wider size will throw off the proportions of the apron. Still, green suede tanker? Mmmmmm. @Don L @sazon @Steel28
Blue or purple lizard, @RogerP & @stevent & @NAMOR ::slayer I think burgundy/reddish lizard would be my ideal. Crazy options. No idea how to care for them.
Yep, totally doable, I just thought his comment interpreted the "from Inca" as a reference to the lizard Chelsea's last, a mistake I made myself and he responded to correct me.I bet they look great on Inca.
@MacktasticGDogg You're a Bonafé fiend! I know my Etrusco wholecuts fit roomier than my austerity brogues on the same last. Not sure why. I like the 3 eyelet derby, but may do MTO on a wholecut in the same leather and details. Also, thinking of sizing down a half for this pair to wear with dress socks. The expensive return shipping makes it a bit harder to gamble on sizing. Love that Monkey Boot leather. That needs to be done up on a casual boot as a GMTO.
As they should, no? If it starts to cost them money, better to pass off that cost to a single customer than absorb and potentially translate to higher cost of goods sold.
Mixed media Thorpe would be superb. Thinking chestnut pin grain with a smooth leather on the shaft and vamp. MH71.Or maybe the Isham in chestnut pin grain?!@LeavesThose "shit kicker" Thorpes you posted were on the TG73? Looked pointier than MH71.I love the side profile of the Isham, reminds me of the Vass OE II model. So clean.
New Posts  All Forums: