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I love the Tenero navy hopsack I got. If Bloomie's carried the Tenero over the Tipo, my lady would've kicked me out a while ago and I'd be couch surfing at @Murlsquirl's. [[SPOILER]] I did end up opening up the jacket a bit; grateful that the dark fabric and chunky texture obscure the original stitching lines, as a few people said they would.@gdl203I was supposed to be in NYC last week and would've stopped by for some Eidos MTO goodness (more hemp hopsack jackets), but...
@Leaves Does Bonafè offer a swan neck whole cut?
Will EG do a Shannon or Galway on the 890 or even the 888?
For sale I have a well-cared for pair of Alden Indy boots by Need Supply. These babies are unique: handsewn moc toe—Alden typically only does this on shell models—and all eyelets. They have served me well, but my style has slowly progressed away from the casual stuff, so they're not in my rotation anymore. I'd love for them to go to a fellow Alden lover.   Specs:   Indy boot style with "Michigan Quarter" side stitching Handsewn vamp All eyelets Crepe soles Shoe...
Yeah, my hemp/wool cobalt blue SC is my favorite jacket by far!
Please, please longer short sleeves or at least angle the sleeve closer to the body so the outside edge doesn't flare out sideways past the arm. You did this with the black t shirts and they're superb.
@Badandy I'm a big fan of the over shirt look as well. I need more V necks and love wearing solid color shirts underneath. Gotta get on that floral chambray, wow. @Epaulet Loved my shipment of Driggs Ends for Friends. The cotton-linen ones are gorgeous.
@blue2007 I feel you need an F width, man. I tried 7.5F and my foot was swimming. Tried 7.5E and it was too tight across the ball. The 7F was fantastic on the MH71, and my I step is high and foot is wide. I was a bit let down that the retail store on Savile Row discouraged me from trying on a TG73 shoe after we found the right MH71 size: the SA insisted that Tony G had designed all lasts to fit the same, so TG73 "will absolutely fit great in the same size." From what...
@rydenfan Brilliant pair, man. Is that the GG06 last?
3430 model on 2102B last Etrusco calf uppers, Hidro Tobacco suede shaft Millerighe soles (Was supposed to have punched cap toe.) I like them the longer I wear them, though I don't typically do plain toes. The soles are fantastic and I will likely use that as the default choice for future MTOs. Thinking of that Norvegese Jodhpur next. @wurger What last are those on? Nice MTO! @RogerP Your blue bals are on the 74945, correct?
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