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What suede is that? Do you recall the model #?
@rnguy001 Tarrago Nano Spray. Amazing stuff. I do two coats, but let the first coat dry for a full day to assess if it darkened the suede. I might have to get that boot. Insane color.
@Leaves So that stock Isham that may arrive in the future...what specs might it have?
Gents, Thoughts on a U wing Adelaide spectator, like this: With the middle panel being all suede... Calf: dark brown or brown museum Suede: loden or some brownish hue (center panel) Last: Rain Sole: leather or Tomir Looks sooooo sexy...
 @justinkapur Walktons are the most gangster of all the spectators. I love the design, hard to go wrong. The black grained pig skin / VR calf skin combo on the GG Tumblr is also gorgeous. 
Wow, I was just discussing that possible MTO with someone. Were you eavesdropping? 😄Can't wait to see it. I think Fox suede would look killer on the Isham, maybe even GG06 last.I need to wait for a few MTOs before I can put up yet another. Ugh, this game...
Funny, I was going to say 8.5D because he said F width. But you might be right.I'm Barrie 7.5E, 202 7.5E
Completely forgot you! That's very helpful, thanks. I'm eyeing the polo suede bal boot. Would be my second bal boot; have an EB MTO incoming (Ok I need to slow down after this summer)
What might I be in Robert if I wear: Rain: 7.5 (barely loose, but 7 feels too snug, though I can put it on) Oscar: 7.5 Enzo Bonafè 946: 7.5 EG 82/202: 7.5E GG MH71: 7F Barrie: 7.5E/8D @RogerP @justinkapur I believe you two gents have had Carmina bal boots before. I will also email Skoak.
Damn, beat me to it!Is the whiskey WTB on commando like the Ravello?Smart man.
New Posts  All Forums: