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Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh....amazing stuff. My picks: SC Merlot Linen Caccioppoli Washed Navy Canvas Linen Delfino Brown/Blue windowpane Delfino shep check blue window pane Drapers Green Linen Suits Caccioppoli summer PoW Caccioppoli Tobacco Linen VBC grey micro tooth Drapers Olive cotton
@fieldofdreams Cheers, man. Do you have a fit pic of the shirt so I can see the shoulder seam? What is your usual jacket size?
Anyone think the shoulders are pretty wide? I'm 5'7, 155 and wear a 36S jacket. Usually, a 38/15 shirt will fit me ok, but the listed measurements put these smaller sized shirts as having an 18" shoulder width. That sounds nuts; the seam would sag big time on me if that's true. I'm in CA and would love to try their stuff.
@SYCSYC That blue jacket is beautiful. Formosa? Hoping friends and family are ok after that tragedy. I can only imagine how on edge the country is.
@NewYorkIslander You have one of my favorite casual styles, my man. Always love your IG feed.
I did a Formosa MTM with slight mods to the 46; will post pics soon.Regret not getting the bottle green cashmere as well. Might have to wait.
@tricky That look is so gangster. Love it, dude.
@Fred G. Unn The Osloer split toe...is that calf with Italian polish? Or shell? What model is the Vass med brown Oxford? Which last? Cheers! Always loved Vass suede. So rich.
7.5E on the 82 last
@Leaves The gorgeous EB bal boot you guys have in store...I love the eyelets, but was always curious if EB offered smaller diameter metal eyelets. Any idea?
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