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True. The brushed Spanish twill that TS is currently using for its chinos is buttery soft, and it has a good heft. I have the graphite Gustin chinos. I do like the construction and details, but the twill is much rougher by comparison.
I think TS slim 31 = Gustin Slim 31. This is based on my trying out both. The Gustin leg is slightly wider. But the TS fabric is much, much nicer.
Balmoral boot 3540http://instagram.com/p/vGAFSaPwAP/• 2102B last• plain cap toe• lining: natural goat• upper: Etrusco calf• shaft: Hidro Tobacco (area starting with eyelets and above the horizontal stitched row, so it resembles the EG Shannon pattern)• Millerighe soles• Visible brass eyelets (same as pictured)• Dark brown sole edge• 270 degree flat welt
Finally placed my EB MTO. Can't wait. My first bal boot.
Gents with many MTOs under their belts, which leather combo would make this bal boot wearable casually and for dressier attire? Might even wear occasionally with denim. Style: http://instagram.com/p/vGAFSaPwAP/ Suede shaft, starting behind the eyelets: Janus Baltic Janus Testa Moro Hidro Moka Hidro Jasper Hidro Tobacco Last: either 363MOD or 2102B (I'm thinking tobacco or Moka, but intrigued by the blue suede. @JubeiSpiegel if only I had your mockup skills.) Edit: ^...
Oh, man. If they bring heavy brushed twills (or enzyme washed stuff), I will kop recklessly.
@budapest12 Any chance you can take some overhead shots of the EB cap toes on the 2102B? Still trying to figure out what silhouette I prefer for the bal boot (2102B vs 363MOD) Cheers.
I totally agree with @Phantoom. The front looks unnecessarily long due to the dramatic scooping. What I would change: • Less dramatic scoop • Shorter default length / offer a "short" cut /1 more button to make hemming easier; if I hem it to 26" (perfect untucked length), I might have to lose the last button, but then there is too much distance from the hem to the next button. • Trim the sleeves slightly (like 1/4" in diameter) Your oxfords are the perfect weight and I...
God damn! I so need a pair. My girl and I discussed a trip to Eastern Europe, maybe this summer. Romania and Budapest are at the top of the list. Would love to visit Maftei as well.@LeavesGet out of here with your sensible logic. There's no place for that around here, sir!(agree with all points...we are talking about human beings, after all)
Got my dark oak chore coat (small). Gorgeous color and fabric, but I've realized that I don't wear chore coats as casual, rugged pieces, as the fabric and metal buttons on this one would suggest. Will be putting it up on B&S. Ah well.
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