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I'd love a Natty CXL Dover with commando sole. By the way, seems like Brits and Americans have diff definitions of derby vs oxford. I'm pretty sure the Dover and the PTB are Alden's versions of the "derby." I prefer Dover to PTB I think. Sleeker shoe even on same last.
My shell Indys did that for a while. I think after 15 ish wears they broke in.Be sure to wear thicker socks in the meantime. Can also bend and play with the shell in that area to make it more pliable.
how did you order it?
Lovely. Can I get this with 10 eyelets? Is that an MTO option?
Do you know of Shoe Mart carries the style you want in your desired size? They have a good selection and return policy. There are a few other Alden stockists with some older models in stock. I can't recall which shops right now.   Guys,    I'm roughly a 7.5D (prob E is better) in Barrie. I have a high instep and measure 8E on the Brannock. Would you recommend 8D or 8E in Plaza?   Also, what is the general sentiment about getting fitted for a (single) last and without...
Why do I feel the flex sole is less durable than a double? I tried on the flex unlined Dover at Leffot. It was luxurious, but I could tell my feet would ache after some walking unless I used an insole.
I leave my shells in the sun if I know it'll be a clear day
Thanks! I'll have to order from them. The 7.5D in Barrie barely fits so maybe E is better. Might have to use an insole so maybe 8D is right. Unionmade and Alden would have Barrie shoes for me to try.
Has the LWB ever come with a commando sole? That's what's holding me back; I hate leather soles.
Agreed. Shell is beautiful but there are more colors available in non-shell, some are very unique.
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