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There's also the 773 last that Leffot just used for the Bonafè button boots. Nice and chiseled. Also, check out photos of the 062 last (chiseled) posted in this thread. I believe the shoe was a wholecut. 062g: http://www.styleforum.net/t/48068/enzo-bonafe-handmade-shoes/300#post_7533166 773: http://www.styleforum.net/t/48068/enzo-bonafe-handmade-shoes/300#post_7531685
Gotta say, looks almost as good as burgundy shell. I'd prefer no medallion, but it's a moot point. Why isn't anyone thinking of a GMTO for the U wing boot in mixed media? Polo suede shaft, Vegano Marron upper Blue suede shaft, navy museum upper Berry suede shaft, bordeo upper Brown suede shaft, brown museum upper Endless!
Goyser + storm welt?What kind of sole?Congrats, these are incredible!
@sebastian mcfox I'd personally wear the SC with: Denim Grey Brown Olive (trousers)
@Leaves Thanks for the pics! The 3540 in Claret/Pewter is on which last? Yours looks like the 74945, which I think is your fave last
I see a shawl and hooded version but no crew; was that last year's shape? These look great. I'm a sucker for hoodies, so I'd probably order them as hoodies over shawl collars. Nice colors!
[[SPOILER]] The color is subtle indoors and more evident outside in direct sun. At conversational distance, you can tell it's not a typical charcoal oxford.Approx dimensions:Chest (PtP, inside seam to inside seam)—18 5/8", or just over 19.25" of you measure to the outside seamShoulders (straight across the back, seam to seam)—17"Sleeves (top shoulder seam to edge of cuff)—26 3/8"
If you want to be strict, yes, but honestly given how you rock outfits, you'll still be the best dressed in the room.Wingtip = casualRosewood CC = Casual202 last with chunky rubber sole = casualAll casual design elements, IMO.
Etrusco calf bal boot with tobacco suede shaft2102b last270 flat weltBrass eyeletsMillerighe solesExample on 363MOD last:http://instagram.com/p/vGAFSaPwAP/
Can't wait for my MTO...really curious what it'll look like in person.
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