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I bought this in December 2013, for $179 USD. I wore it a few times during the New Year holiday, and never wore it again, and rarely wear it, even though it is really nice. This is a size 40, and I normally wear size medium, and this fits perfectly.    I'm asking for $59, excluding shipping. If you are interested, let me know where you would like me to ship to, and I can calculate the shipping cost, via USPS.   In the image for the receipt, there is also the Shimmer...
Purchased for retail $50. Didn't fit me, because it runs a little smaller than medium. Or maybe it's just supposed to be tight like that. It's definitely a slim fitting piece of clothing. So it's more like size S or Medium, but slim fit.
Purchased for $259. Comfortable piece of clothing; warm.   Shipping not included.
For sale is a NEW sweater from Zara. I got the wrong size. It was $89 retail.   Shipping NOT included.
Momotaro 0701 One Wash:   -Hemmed to 35" inseam -16.6" waist -Tapered to 7.3 leg opening -12.1" upper thigh -Worn inconsistently for about a month, during last year sometime   Contact me with any questions. Thanks. Shipping not included.
I've got a pair of awesome sneakers from Aldo that can be doubled as a dressy sporty shoe. They are the Aldo Burlson in black. Anyone know of a shoe that is similar to this? they sold out on Burlsons, and I love it so much that I want another shoe similar to it after it is too worn.  
the waist will stretch to accommodate your waist size for sure
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