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Purchased for retail $50. Didn't fit me, because it runs a little smaller than medium. Or maybe it's just supposed to be tight like that. It's definitely a slim fitting piece of clothing. So it's more like size S or Medium, but slim fit.
Purchased for $259. Comfortable piece of clothing; warm.   Shipping not included.
For sale is a NEW sweater from Zara. Style didn't fit me. It was $89 retail.   Shipping NOT included.
Momotaro 0701 One Wash:   -Hemmed to 35" inseam -16.6" waist -Tapered to 7.3 leg opening -12.1" upper thigh -Worn inconsistently for about a month, during last year sometime   Contact me with any questions. Thanks. Shipping not included.
I've got a pair of awesome sneakers from Aldo that can be doubled as a dressy sporty shoe. They are the Aldo Burlson in black. Anyone know of a shoe that is similar to this? they sold out on Burlsons, and I love it so much that I want another shoe similar to it after it is too worn.  
the waist will stretch to accommodate your waist size for sure
anyone here have any faded denim from Eternal? Reason I'm asking here is I'm trying to get a comparison with Eternals 811 indigo model and Momotaro 0701 indigo model fading.
@willrh1: i found those at http://www.fashionminded.nl/2013/03/denim-archive-momotaro-deep-indigo-15-07-oz/   btw google images has a reverse image search function where you insert an image and it shows you websites that has that image on it, just click the drop down on the right of where you type you search into
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