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Here is a good example of the look, from the waist up, by Carlo Pignatelli. From Gaetano Navarra. Here is a great look from Dior, though it is only a turtleneck. As to the purists who feel a slight disgust over a hoodie with a suit the truth is that it isn't that far a separation from a turtleneck sweater under a jacket. Just food for thought.
I would suggest that you could stop in a local Borders/Barnes and Noble and check out an artist's color book. These will not only show what colors match each other, they will show you what colors to match depending on the mood or scheme you're going for like "modern" or a "country" vibe.
I am a man that stands at the other end of the spectrum from the "Docker World" meta-male.  I am concerned with not blending in with the XY masses, but that means that I also do not wish to stand alongside the emerging metrosexuals. It seems I am caught between these two worlds, one of conformity and another of unabashed peacockery. I follow my own interests in fashion, but that means I am very interested in fashion and looking good to begin with. I buy things that appeal...
I thought I would share with you all that as absurd as it may sound Josh may just get his clear metal collar stays, well sort of. Recently 3M has just developed a transparent alumina which I imagine could be used for the stays. A watch has been released which uses it for the case and back which I think is a brilliant idea. I don't remember who makes the watch though. Article on transparent alumina.
Why not wet the area you want to shrink with hot water and throw in the dryer if the water doesn't reduce it enough in size. The body might shrink in length, hopefully it will land at the waist still, but the arms won't be shrunk. Or you could take it to a tailor and see if they will be able to take it in at the side seems. I don't know why a good tailor couldn't alter it to your specifications.
I actually have this pair in a very pale gold. Love them, but considering that I found them at TJ Maxx for only $25 who wouldn't. . . But the image seems squashed because the frames are much wider and not as tall.
Funny I have the same ankle boots there Marc but in brown suede. Anyways I have a black pair of Cole Haan Country Collection Westwoods which I think are great with jeans for they are very casual yet still stylish. They also come in some other nice colors. These are interesting and similar pair of Havanas from Haan
I have a green shirt (J Crew I think) that this has happened to in the armpits. I think it was the combination of sweat and maybe a deod. with aluminum in it for it was fine before I wore it, and then it was stained when I took it off that night. No washing involved to get it to that point, and when I did wash it it was still bleached out. I think that maybe sweat can act as a bleaching agent, at least in that situation. Though I have seen many a returned/damaged shirts...
I would think that being an older gentleman you don't have to chase the very latest, up to date trends in shoes. That's better left to the 20-somethings and under. Besides your shoes are only 2 to 3 years old, and men's fashion doesn't move as fast in trends as women's does anyways. Now if you want to be more modern (trendy) and not so "classic" then by all means use what she said as an excuse to get some new shoes. Though it is only her opinion. What I would recommend is...
If you are interested in those Emporio suits you should check out the other items they sell like all the fake D&G clothes. You can tell they are fake by the mix of the different logos from different lines like &, D&G, and Dolce & Gabbana. The jean jacket is a good example with a Dolce & Gabbana label inside but a D&G lable on the chest. Also the black and white logo cards are not right and the tags in the lime t-shirt is wrong. . .
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