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If I was in the US right now I would be going to J Crew for a pair of jeans. This should give you an idea of what I'm looking for in terms of price/quality. If it's possible for me to get a decent pair of jeans for ~10.000 HUF I would be delighted.    I'm also interested in recommendations for thrift/vintage clothing stores. I've noticed a few walking around but haven't checked them out yet.    Apoligies if this is in the wrong forum, maybe it would be better in the...
I currently have the linen-cotton blazer I picked up from uniqulo hanging on a normal plastic hanger. Is that a problem? Is it really important I get a decent hanger for it/do you think it will get dimples etc. ? 
 I would go for ebay, assuming they're in good condition. 
Where the hell do the black scuff marks on suede shoes come from??? Just trying on some new brand new shoes inside my house, I wear them for about 60 seconds and then, looking down, notice a black line near the toe. It's not really a problem it should come off easily, but really where did that come from??? It's happened a few time now. 
Not sure if this is the right place for this, but how do you guys brush your suede shoes? I've seen it recommended to brush all in one direction, and also to brush in circular motions. 
I need to buy a shoetree. I want to spend as little money as possible while still having something that will keep my shoes in good shape. I don't know what's important (material or otherwise). Please recommend me something/point out a good website to me. 
To everyone's knowledge, do the PS shoe sizes still run 1.5 down (10 US = 8.5)? I found a thread from 2007 indicating as much, but if possible want to verify that it's still the case––
After much deliberation I ended up taking your advice –– thanks
Nice, I'm glad you like them. If it wasn't for the rubber sole, though, I would definitely go for the one on the bottom, and so am a little undecided. 
What do you guys think of these?        And these?   
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