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Are Carmina sizes the UK sizes?
 I agree, they look better in real life than in the photos (the suede looks darker in RL and matches the leather better than the pic shows). And they're very comfortable, they offer more support for the foot than most English shoes I have (which are basically flat under the arch).
Another two pairs bought in Madrid on Calle Gran Via (the store attendants were so patient!) - my wife insisted that I buy at least 2 pairs, we ended getting three...   Burgundy monk straps (the cat is in havana brown):     They look sleeker in real life.   Dark brown leather/suede oxford brogues:  
Red suede penny loafers bought on sale for 120 EUR in Carmina store in Madrid:       Very good with shorts for strolling around.
 Yes, the leather is quite stiff.
Looking at the first photo in http://www.styleforum.net/t/211250/januszkiewicz-bespoke-shoemaker-warsaw/60#post_6874213 , would you say that the shoes open too wide?
My current design is: - black leather + black suede - no medallion - both toecap and balmoral line punched - blind eyelets I couldn't find a photo of a boot done in this way, if anyone has something similar, I'll be very interested to see it.
Single leather sole - it's a dress boot. Good point about brogueing on black.
 No, I'm dead set on black-black. Can't decide about brogueing and eyelets.
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