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I visited SuitSupply recently and wasn't too impressed. The shop assistant brought me a jacket which was clearly to narrow in the shoulders, and tried to convince me that "it's fine because the shoulders are not padded and this is as it should be" and that "it will stretch itself in time". What a woad of wubbish.
It was bespoke because I chose the color, leather and the details: how the upper and lower part should meet, where the brogueing should be, etc. So if you don't like the design, it's my fault :) I looked at balmorals in C&J and Foster&Son stores in London and I can't say their quality was higher than mine - and they cost £500+, not £300-350. What bench made balmorals for £350 did you have in mind, Carmina?
There you go: 
Another question: would it be out of place if I wore a cream waistcoat? The wedding is at 5pm in October, and the reception follows afterwards.
"White carnation" - what do you mean?
I am going to the ceremony as well.
I am going to attend my friend's wedding, and am gathering my attire. So far I have or decided to have: 1. a solid navy suit 2. white shirt with cufflinks 3. white pocket square   I wanted to have a tie and a lapel flower. What are your recommendations on the color combination of the two?
OK, but they're relatively plain, so you will be disappointed.
It was a bespoke order I made in early 2014. Januszkiewicz is a very small shop, so it took a bit of time to deliver (he slotted me for autumn saying "you won't be wearing them earlier anyway" ;-)). I just went in and got my feet measured, then sent some details about how I want the boots to look (stitching, brogueing, lace holes etc.) via a relative living in Warsaw (I live in London). That was it (no 2nd measure). The boots fit me very well and are very comfortable. They...
Black suede+leather balmorals from Januszkiewicz in Warsaw:       Thanks for the advice I got on SF which helped me design them as I liked them!
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