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I fell in love recently.
Count me in for Allen Edmonds. I wish I could afford Alden but I just can't. even Allen Edmonds is a stretch for me (at retail) but I am very happy with their products.
I picked up a near-mint Bogner 700 fill down parka almost exactly like this, but the mens version, meaning mine has the wind flap over the front zipper.   Apparently they retail for $1,200.00 I am definitely happy about it. My cost, a royal $25 at Value Village. This was my first time to thrift shop too!
Mark24, glad you are feeling better and taking steps to a better wardrobe
I do the Man Of Lint method on my shirts only I starch my collars. I also agree with aravenel that handwashing most shirts is a needless process. I used to handwash all of my shirts and just tired myself out doing it.
Just ringing in on the new look. I am on a non-widescreen old laptop using Firefox 14 browser. So far everything looks good  over here. Very easy on the eyes. Well done and congratulations to the team who put this together.
Donuts, there is a happy face smiley in the reply editor. click it and the rest should appear on a pop-out screen, that is unless you have java issues or are perhaps using a Java script blocker or your browser options are set to do not load Java. Hope this helps
Hello everyone. Glad to be here. New to the forum but not new to the world of fine clothing. I look forward to contributing and being a member of this fine forum. Cheers!
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