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Aldo wearers are generally unaware of and must learn to practice the golden rule of never wearing the same shoes 2 days in a row, and at Aldo prices, they no longer have to. For a low end line, they are rather good looking and at a glance can easily fool the untrained eye into believing they are more expensive than they actually are.  There was another thread on here about the Mr. B boots and they received glowing reviews. The link for which, you will find here :...
I use my hard drive as my own personal tumblr and I always approve.
Looks real to me. Congrats!
          Sparingly apply with your finger, some Meltonian Marine Blue creme on the toes to add a subtle patina. Wear with black or dark grey denim or a charcoal suit or a combo with charcoal pants. Explore colored laces in yellow, lime, orange, sky blue or red. Keep these ! and congratulations on your purchase.
  These  are all delicious. You need only one pair of boots, wingtips and monks to complete the journey. Thank you for sharing this photo. Just beautiful.
  Sorry you have lost some fingers there. Will you be keeping the large hair? I understand if it is your style but it adds to the fat look, at least it does to my eyes. A haircut and some tailored clothes may be a good start. It doesn't need o be slim fit or anything to slim you, just structured. Or perhaps you can convert the 'fro into dreads, possibly with beads.             
Never comprimise on comfort. Buy the 9's.
I fell in love recently....and they did too, only they don't know it yet. ;)
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