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I will see the new Die-Hard for sure. All other DH's were good movies. I won't pay to see remakes or reboots on general principle. Forget about it.
Watching Trading Places (1983)  
My mistakes were like most other poeple. Buying too much too fast and settling for lesser quality to achieve quantity. It only resulted in a lot of wasted money and fading moments of happiness. Better to take time and go for quality and also support domestic industry in your own country to support your countrys economy.
It may help to state where you are located if you wish to purchase locally.I haven't worn a shirt like this since the 1970's but may well again myself. Maybe the upcoming Liberace fim will start a new trend.  
Ennius, a proper topcat is usually placed, as you know, on top of something, and that something is a suit or sport coat. There are slim topcoats that some gents wear casually but they are so fitted that you can't wear a jacket under it...and that means you freeze on a long walk in the cold. Neither of the examples shown in the 2 photos you posted are appropriate for your need. Photo 1 shows a thin coat wih no option for a jacket under it. Photo 2 is in fact a trench coat...
Haven't read all the posts but I observe the old wise saying that states: A penny saved is a penny earned. I will happliy use coupons and employ every other legal and ethical means of saving money.
I feel it is charming to see the world come together on a forum such as this one. How much we can all learn from one anothers country and trends and fashions.
Why are you bothered about replacing the fur with fur? Fur is only a by-product of the meat industry. No less animals will die if you chose a synthetic replacement. Excellent post too and thank you for the photos.
FABULOUS! BRAVO !!! and thank you for the link.
This thread delivers!
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