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At retail, my toes are easily worth $50 each, regardless of my income. At 10 wearings the cost per toe is $5. At 100 wearings, 50 cents per toe. Cheap at twice the price.
Well done!  It deserved sepia treatment  
In 1972, while the vietnam conflict was in progress, a photo circulated around the world that is now iconic for its depiction of the horrors of war.   Associated Press photographer Nick Ut on June 8, 1972, near Trang Bang in South Vietnam.  The photo shows children fleeing in terror, with the focus on nine-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phuc, in the center, who ripped off her burning clothes after she was splashed by napalm.  There was a brief editorial debate about whether to...
She took them down already. It was on a nude beach.
  Samsung phones make no sound when snapping. ;)
My dumb friend posted photos of herself at a nude beach. It was all over the office like wildfire. She was fired for it too, which I found ridiculous, not mentioning fascist.
Javyn, have you tried George Noory?
The Yes Men      
Was the origianl show where they asked the contestants to eat dog shit?
  ...mated with a 1980's corvette.   This new model is a nice loking car but in no way even resembles a Stingray. They shoud have just called it something else.
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