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I finally saw Skyfall. A very different Bond movie to all others and quite well done.
Allen Edmonds 'Player' in light sand is one versatile option.       although you may have to hunt around to find it. I am unsure as to whether or not AE stil offers this colour. The Player was / is made in several colours.   Or a pair of nice dirty bucks should be in order. Many makes to choose from. As of late, there are a lot more coourful suede shoes on the market so they need not be tan unless that is what you are specifically in need of.
I would offer suggestions but for the time being, my current status does not allow my posts (or rather posts with attachments such as photos) to appear right away. When this improves I wil be happy to make some recommendations.
Forgive an innocent question. With respect, how many posts need I attain or how long must I be a member before my status allows my posts to appear right away? Thank you in advance
McHale shoes are indeed a Canadian manufacturer (long ago gone). I also had family members who were proud owners of said shoes. Regrettably, they are no longer alive to confirm for me, however, if memory serves, McHale made shoes into the 1970's before going under. I also did a cursory search and came up with at least one hard piece of evidence of their existence in the 1960's, as seen here :...
From the description it may be Turnback or Cutaway cuffs. Photos would help ofcourse. Example of a Turnback cuff:       Hope this helps.
Hit the clearance centres for end of line Canali, Zegna and Brooks Brothers to name a few and all 3 of which should be generous enough in fit. You''ll also save a lot of money.
Light sport coat - darker, contrasting pants Dark sport coat - lighter, contrasting pants but beware of textures or patterns that fight.
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