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  I smoked for over 30 years. One pack per day and inhaled all the way down. A year ago I started using the EGO-C. I do have an occasional 'real' cigarette but only to remind me of the filthy habit that was killing my lungs. The EGO-C is a bit fiddly and takes some getting used to but I am extremely pleased with it. I did purchase some larger (and longer) 1200mA batteries that each, give me all day satisfaction. I am using Marlboro 16mg juice exclusively and it...
  This. ^  If they have removeable inserts, remove them after a days wearing.
1980's. The reason is in the heels. the V Cleat is there, but the 64 nails are not present. They are still solidly made.
Kick. If the shoe falls off your foot, it is too big. Shoes should be comfortable without being either too tight, snug, or loose. You should have enough room to comfortably wiggle your toes. Your feet should not 'swim' inside the shoe nor should it be suffocated. they should be as comfortable at the end of the day as they were at the beginning of a day.
An unpatterned shirt would work better with this waistcoat and tie.
French Blue is fine only if it compliments you.
Asking a Styleforum member if his clothing lust will ever end is like asking a bird not to fly anymore. Why it's like asking a fish to leave water, a construction worker to stop cat-calling women from his scaffold, a painter to never paint again, A chef never to cook again, a politician to tell te truth! you know what I mean.
  Nicely put and not one word wasted. I agree.
  Did you enjoy the 'angry guy' (Alex Jones) ranting? I certainly did.
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