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Quote: Originally Posted by why That's usually the modality for most PTs. I don't need someone to charge me for an injury, I'm perfectly capable of that on my own. Fine. I'll give the standard Health and Body answer to 95% of all questions - "Eat more protein."
Quote: Originally Posted by why ...who will charge a fortune to have playtime with rubber bands. Or who can actually teach him a few targeted, specific movements that he can do on his own instead of him dicking around in the gym with some 5 pound weights and screwing something up. PTs aren't all evil. They aren't doctors you know.
Not as far as I am aware. In the past, a lot of conservative treatment was centered around not using injured joints and muscles. Now, early mobilization seems to be the modus operandi.
Definitely go for it. Seriously! Who cares if they know (unless you're seriously in danger). The children need to be protected.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Has anyone here suffered/recovered from this? I've heard it called costochondritis (that is what my doc diagnosed me with), but I've also heard that costochondritis is a general term that doctors use for any problems involving muscular/skeletal pain in the chest, even though there are many different individual problems that this pain can point to. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Severe pain or pain lasting more than a week or two = see a doctor. Common treatment would be NSAIDs and exercise therapy. You may need to speak with a PT. Now for my anecdotal experience. In undergrad, my left shoulder used to hurt me in the gym when doing barbell bench and sometimes shoulder presses. It went on for a long, long time. I simply did other exercises which didn't bother me (at all). Eventually I went to the doc and had an X-ray done and was told I had...
He broke their policy. The end result was favorable but he put himself and others at risk and is therefore a potential liability. Also, the last two sentences show he has a history of this and actually enjoys it. Perhaps he should consider a job as a security guard or join the police force.
I robbed the style bank once. Unfortunately, the vault was empty.
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr That sounds like a good idea... I believe both of those docs i linked to are ophthalmologist... I will have to check into it. I made initial appointments with both of those places but I'd like to check out a few more. Didn't bother checking the links. However, I would strongly suggest an independent unbiased source. In the end, I know more than a few people who are very happy with their procedures...
Tiger print banana hammock. "High five!"
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