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Annoyed with how rude/inconsiderate some people are. Long story short - I'm considering moving. A doctor who was the old chief resident at my hospital sent out an e-mail saying she had a place to rent. E-mailed back I was interested and talked on the phone about it a while back. She wanted more money than I think I should spend. Anyway, decided against it but told her if she's willing to come down some I'd take it and to let me know (tried bargaining a bit but no go)....
I always think a mailed letter is more appropriate. However, on one of my residency interviews the secretary specifically instructed us to e-mail any thank-yous we were intending to send.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Don't feel bad, I can't even see my own unless I have a 2x magnifying mirror. FTFY
I always thought that if a dog bit you it had to be put down. Anyway, there's always this site - http://www.dogbitelaw.com/
Just saw that Dropbox has released an Android app.
Quote: Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike He almost hit a touchdown from 3 point land
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 300,000 3Gs sold at launch per cnet that number includes the pre-orders, but the report says 49 of 50 stores that were surveyed, reported they were sold out of the 3G. pretty impressive. I'm seeing reports on the web that people are seeing lots of units available at Best Buy. I'm aware that I may be very wrong - especially seeing as how it's Apple who does very well - but it is my opinion that after...
So the 3G version has been released. Interested in hearing how many units were sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Goddammit, do they think people don't use their phones for real work or something? No. They're too used to the iPhone crowd.
Not since that first time when I popped her in the mouth. Best set the tone for the relationship early and let her know her place.
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