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AT&T sucks balls. Apparently unlimited plans are no longer unlimited (they never really were but I don't think the 5 GB cap was ever enforced). There is now a 2 GB cap with overage charges. This may not matter as much for a phone but I think it might with a device like the iPad. Of course, one can always use wifi when it's available.
That's for the iPhone. They said they're not releasing OS 4.0 for the iPad until later in the year. So it's coming but not quite as soon as you expect. Note: I am going off what was said when they first announced 4.0 so it may have changed since then although I don't recall hearing that and I'm pretty up-to-date on the gadget blogs.
I think there was a response by a Google exec to that one-trick pony thing. Roughly paraphrased it was along the lines of "If we're a one-trick pony it's a damned good trick!"
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Except for the personal computer. They have sold a few of those. Yeah, I had a huge WTF is he talking about moment when I read it but then I figured if someone could make a statement like that it wasn't worth discussing.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 dunno how i will circumvent the boredom. can only work out so much. trying behavior mod, like none around the radius of the house. wait until lunch for first. still.... You need to have sex 15/day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim The second Steve Jobs goes down, Apple is going in the toilet. I wouldn't say they're gonna go in the toilet but the company will definitely start to decline. As much as I think Jobs is a colossal tool, he is a large reason for the company's continued success IMO cause people buy into his hype and his leadership. I also think that Apple cannot continue to "innovate" and without this, in no way are they...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit I have to say this was a pretty good movie. That movie was fucking stupid.
2001 Civic. Only 77k on it and it runs fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkdream Within the past couple years he splurged on a private jet....he previously flew coach. Many of the self made wealthy do not become wealthy with poor spending habits. A lot of them are just effing cheap though. I'm not saying to waste money on frivolous crap but many of the wealthy people I know pinch their pennies. Perhaps it's just a hold-over from an earlier hard life where they had to. Here's an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I am totally geeked about fro yo. I read something about it increasing the speed of calculations a whole metric shit ton.
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