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Not quite on this scale but I don't usually eat fried foods very often and once after a period of over a year of not having any fried stuff at all I had some fried chicken and it very desperately wanted to leave my system with a couple of hours. Nothing on this scale though.
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Wish I had some advice for you but most people don't have a lot of experience with different steths in my experience. I see most people using some kind of Littmann or the cardiologists sometimes have an electronic one. I have the Littmann Master Cardiology and I like it. I think Littmann is something of the Rolex of stethoscopes. Not necessarily the best but one of the best marketed with brand recognition and that's why so many people have them. FWIW I've seen...
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Why not? HTC and Motorola are doing this now to support 4-inch screens. At some point Apple will probably want to follow suit. +1 One of the main reasons I will be finally picking up an EVO 4G tomorrow is because the iPhone didn't get a larger screen with version 4. There have to be more people like me out there. I have no doubt there will be an iPhone HD or whatever in the future.
Just a head's up cause I know it's been discussed in the past that people wanted invites.
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Good riddance that he hasn't shown up in yet another Apple thread only to stir shit up. I don't go into every 'Apple' or whatever the recurring topic might be thread, only to start shit up. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Not like this thread about is about him or anything.
I have been debating what phone to get for some time now. Despite my dislike of Apple, having used the 2G iphone for the last little while (without a data plan, relying only on wireless) I was actually considering getting the new iPhone if it had a 4" screen and could be jailbroken. Now I am seriously considering the Evo 4G but I'm waiting to see more reviews of the battery life. So far I'm seeing a few reports that it sucks major balls and that would be a deal-breaker... Pretty good article about the iPhone 4. By the way, the renaming of iPhone OS to iOS is retarded cause it's a stupid name IMO but I guess it makes sense since the OS is now on 3 devices; only one of which is a phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 LOL, this stuff is exactly why doctors passionately hate the internet, and I cannot say I really blame them. I love the internet. I just hate the armchair diagnoses. I mean FFS I'm not gonna tell someone how to build a bridge cause I'm not an engineer yet you get people suggesting all kinds of shit cause once they had it or perhaps their friend's cousin twice removed knew a girl whose aunt got a heart...
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Seriously. I never thought I'd say this, but I would seriously consider getting another type of phone in the future. Then again, the other cell phone companies will probably do the same garbage. They will. Also this isn't just restricted to the iPhone. I guess you mean that you won't stick with AT&T and they're the exclusive carrier of the iPhone though.
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