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I stick my finger in assholes.
Dear fatties, keep getting fatter. You will keep me in business.
MG Siegler is a cunt. The end. I'm on the verge of giving up reading TC cause of his BS. That article has some valid points but I'll still take Android and its "flawed openess" any day over the iPhone's locked OS. At least I do have the choice with it. Loving my EVO!
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian Dang! I'm interested in seeing what froyo does for the time, though I'm sure the incredible will still be at the bottom of the pile. Most EVO owners are reporting a decrease in battery life with Froyo. Dunno if that holds true (or will hold true) for other phones.
Quote: Originally Posted by Althis my evo has exceptional battery life running Baked Snack ROM and custom kernel, been up for 40+ hours and moderate usage and is at 30%, i have it underclocked and undervolted when not in use and have all the background crap which drains battery uninstalled/not running I'm on the old Baked Snack 1.2.5 themed. Everything's okay with that although been considering flashing the newer version or the latest CM6...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness I refuse to buy another Samsung phone after a terrible experience with one three years ago (Instinct). HTC will launch the Desire HD on 15/09 but it will probably be Europe-only with the same specs as the Evo 4G. There's the Dell Thunder with no known release date and unknown specs. The G2 for T-Mobile will be out before Christmas but I doubt it will be anything extraordinary. My problem with all the non-Apple...
Quote: Originally Posted by Quatsch http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/08/e...a-skillet.html Just wanted to throw that out there. My fiancee and I were looking into buying some pans recently. Neither of us really cooks but she wants to get into it and I was planning on investing in some All Clad despite the fact that we were just starting out. Anyway, she did a bunch of reading on the web and ended up buying a set of these Tramontina pans...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Its sort of amazing that people buy phones from Dell, all things considered... Why? Dell had what was widely thought of as one of the best PDAs (Axim X50/51v) for years. I still have my Axim which has now been relegated to my GPS. The only retarded thing about the streak is that even if you buy it at full price it's still locked to AT&T. I really don't get the US phone industry.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Come on guys. I gotta stick up for my boy Slim here. I think you may be confusing to unwillingness to back down when faced with specious arguments and ignorant assumptions with a hate filled blind rage. He's not so bad once you get to know him in the biblical sense.
Have it. Love it. Rooted and got better battery life with some of the ROMs out there but it's still not that great. Got two batteries on eBay for $10 just in case though. It's lasted me through 30+ hours at the hospital with light use but if I had more time to surf the web and stuff it'd die fast. The big screen is just going to equal poor battery life no matter what.
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