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Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 QQ player u r doin it rong. +1 Obviously no clue what he's talking about.
Not a solution but may make your viewing less interrupted - start the video then pause it and let it load for a while. Once the red bar progresses what you deem to be a reasonable amount, then view the video and it should continue to load the video enough that you never get that pause. I usually do this when I'm on a slow connection.
Dropbox. Epocrates. Medscape. Evernote. Citrix
Resident (IM). Just got home from my last day of 12 straight. Thankfully have tomorrow off. Those 12 days included 2 overnights of 30+ hours (supposed to be capped at 30 but sometimes go over by an hour or two). My "regular" days are 12-14 hours long.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 So Marvel got bought by Disney and turns out Disney is cheap. Maguire was set to make $50m on SM4 & SM5 so they said "lets reboot the franchise and hire new actors so we save money, lower the budget, movie makes big money anyways and we make get more profit! YAY!" So a completely new Spider-Man is in the works brining him back and mainly focusing on him being in high school. No more snuggle tooth MJ, instead we get Gwen...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Rooting is the equivalent of buying a new computer and reinstalling windows on it to get rid of all the software the manufacturer put on there. Not quite. There are some apps that can only be installed on a rooted phone much like the case for jailbroken apps for the iPhone (e.g. some apps weren't approved by Apple - or, like in the case with GV Mobile, were pulled after approval - and you have to buy them...
As has been mentioned - Rome. I believe I once read that it was supposed to be three seasons but because it wasn't that well received (for the budget) they cut it down to two. Loved that show. Second for me would be Deadwood. I actually only watched the old episodes about 6 weeks ago despite having always heard what a good series it was. Would have loved to have seen more. Finally would be Carnivale which a few people listed. Interesting concept. Didn't really love... Quote: *snip*One day he trashes something... and the next day, that something is the best thing ever. That something being their thing.*snip*
Ricky Bobby!!! Congrats to you and your wife. Glad you didn't try to film it.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson You and tomgirl should go into practice together. She can get them all riled up by cyberfucking them and then you can come along and shove it in their butt. Would you provide us with repeat business?
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