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^ Yes you can receive texts. Learn more at this link. http://www.google.com/support/voice/...en&topic=16501
^ Google voice works pretty well if you have data already. Supposed to be extremely well integrated into Android. Huge drawback is that it can't receive texts from the web e.g. alerts from websites that text you.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles 2) Apple The dumbing down of products to cater to the annoying people of the world (soccer moms, hipsters, and girls who like pretty things) irks me. Their atrocious support for the iPhone and exorbitant repair fees (and it will break) are infuriating Their intense closed-source mindset with the App Store and other iPhone functionality. Having to "hack" a product because it does not offer simple, intuitive...
Quote: Originally Posted by UnFacconable Also, for what it's worth, my brother is convinced that the real reason Apple won't support flash is because they don't want anyone to have the ability to release apps that aren't through Apple's store, so any type of environment (aka java, flash) where you have broad enough programming capability to run an app remotely, will not be supported by Apple. This makes a lot more sense to me than Apple fighting the...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Yawn. Just jailbreak your phone or maxipad or whatever the apple device and voila, instant multitasking. I would be embarrassed to be an iPhone/iPad user without jailbreaking. It is a very poor device otherwise. I'm still using the 2G and the only two reasons I have it jailbroken are for Backgrounder and SBSettings cause the lack of multitasking and the idiocy of how many clicks it takes to turn on wifi...
Dunno. I read on one blog (TechCrunch I think) that it's magic. Seriously. The guy said it's bloody magical!!
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong And a more plausible explanation would be...? It seems like a bunch of BS to me cause even the gadget blogs that drool over all things Apple have admitted in their reviews that the iPad is basically just a giant iPod Touch and it's just the extra screen real estate that makes it so great (well and the A4 chip is faster) so it sounds like some kind of stupid, weak excuse to me given that the OS is so similar...
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong Reason for the iPad delay: "iPhone OS 4.0 will only be for the iPhone and iPod Touch, not the iPad. The iPad, like any such project at Apple was developed by a team that was locked away in secrecy, so the team working on iPhone OS 4.0 only found out about the iPad when the rest of us did, on January 27; OS 4.1 will be the unified OS for all these devices." Sounds like a load to me.
Looks like OS 4.0 isn't coming to the iPad until Fall. Coming to the iPhone 3GS (not 3G or 2G) in the Summer though.
Quote: Originally Posted by aqhong I mean, how else would you switch apps?? A retarded way would be to double-click the home button and then with each subsequent click you cycle through open apps. Obviously would be a horrible implementation but throwing it out there as an alternative for the one button wonder.
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