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Right before starting clinical rotations. Had no need to dress properly before then.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah I don't know, I guess I and others wish for uniformity in certain aspects of our lives. I'm not sure I can explain it other than saying it works and it looks nice. You may not get that and I'm cool with that. And nothing is preventing you from having that uniformity if given a choice. You can be like what's his face in The Fly where he has a cupboard full of the exact same suits so he doesn't have to...
Microsoft Security Essentials gets excellent reviews and is completely free.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr And before you know it you're a rapist. lmfao
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim The reason I went with T-Mob is that the phone is literally a quarter of the price because it's subsidized. If I don't like the service, or the touchscreen thing sucks, in three months I can get out of my contract for a couple hundred bucks and still be out less than the cost of buying the AT&T version. I also know a lot of people on T-Mob who will probably buy the phone off me because it's probably still better than...
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater I'm curious if your former colleague pharmacologist friend worked for a brand-pharmaceutical manufacturer. I suspect that he did, because that's some bullshit right there. There are certain meds that I have to write daw on which means dispense as written (or check the box that says no substitutions) otherwise the pharmacy will fill the prescription with a generic. In some instances the brand name is...
Dunno. I've never actually used Android. Looking forward to hearing your feedback on it once you've played with it for a bit. Supposedly there're some issues with the 3G losing signal on T-Mobile. I don't believe it's the same for the N1 on AT&T.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher I don't know who that girl is, but I would pound her so hard the Chinese would bitch about the shaking. Quote: Originally Posted by why One bad bounce and doctors would have to pull your urethra out of your kidneys. This threak delivers the lulz!
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Your analogy fails. Because really what you're saying is that you want to wear the white tube socks with the black pants. How is that a fail? Suppose I want to... Again, you may think it looks stupid (just like the author of the article thinks certain backgrounds look stupid/cluttered) but I may love it. White tube socks may be how I choose to express myself. Quote: And again, some people...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I love the underhanded insult in that quote. I read: iPhone owners are too stupid not to pick a background that makes the interface look cluttered and may limit usability, so Apple is awesome because they take that choice away from the end user. Apparently some people are okay with that.
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