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Thanks for the suggestion. Yet another to add to the ever-growing list of whiskys to try.
Any thoughts on The Balvenie DoubleWood 17 year old? I've had the 12 and I like it but saw this at the liquor store of the little town I moved to a few months ago. I think it was $130. I tend to like sweeter whiskys that are finished in sherry casks such as The Macallan 18 and I've been trying to catch up to this thread for a while now to get some ideas. Wondering if I should hold out and splurge on the PortWood if I can find it. Grabbed a bottle of Glenmorangie Nectar...
Recent ex-resident. I have several pairs of Allen Edmonds and two pairs of Santonis but I'll add another +1 for Eccos. Rockport dressports aren't bad either. I have one of those as well. On days when I knew I'd be on my feet a lot, I skipped the leather-soled shoes and ran around in my Eccos and it was perfectly fine. I have one pair that lasted me through clinicals and 3 years of an IM residency. They are square toed and look like crap but I really didn't give too much...
Nope.The Nexus 4 is unfortunately GSM only and not compatible with the CDMA network Verizon uses.
Don't rub it in.I'm 2 months away from graduating IM and going into the hospitalist gig for a couple years before doing traditional practice and it burns me no end that a CRNA can make as much or more than I do.This country will never have enough primary care for this reason i.e. it doesn't make anything (relative to other fields in medicine). My buddy from med school is in upstate NY as chief in his anesthesia program going on to do pain in July. Told me he will pull in...
I bought 2 unlocked Galaxy Nexuses (Nexii?? ha ha) from the Play Store earlier this year. One of them had a radio failure a few months later. Had to send it to Samsung for warranty repair.Overall, a very poor experience.Huge point for going Apple in this regard. I've always told people that as a plus when they ask me for my opinion on iOS vs Android.
That's weird that you keep your phone/dialer and sms in a folder thereby requiring two clicks to use.
Couldn't agree more.
I thought episode 3 was pretty boring. I guess they were just setting it up and it picked up at the end but overall I was somewhat disappointed.
Or wait 6 months for when they release the iPad MiniS a.k.a. mini 2.
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