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In my experience with Unbranded, they have relatively plain features. Untucked belt loops, simple yoke construction, nothing risky or unique. Similar case here, but the stitching is higher quality and more precise: For example, the belt-loops are consistently in line with the waistband stitching, and the hemline is more tightly assembled, less deviation in the fly-button positioning, etc. Basically, I think you can tell a difference in workmanship comparing something...
There is this Kickstarter up right now for Brave Star Selvage:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1926440148/selvage-denim-built-by-you-hand-crafted-by-us?ref=live   They are trying to create a semi-bespoke service: Select threads, buttons, etc. Kickstarter jeans are not fully customizable, it's just a prelaunch idea that will fund the customization platform. Their stuff is pretty nice, I reviewed it on my blog. Think of it as similar design to Unbranded,...
Hadn't seen Williamsburg or Noble before, thanks for posting them!
I've added all that I could verify, but I didn't see any Lee's raw denim. Can someone set me straight here?
Well... That should have been on the list a lot sooner. *Facepalm*
Anything you can tell me about them to add to the original guide?
I wanted to provide an overview of all of the Raw Denim options I was aware of that are made in the USA. Some of the links are to my Brother's and my blog, others are to the individual companies websites. I don't have experience with all the denim, and I am sure I don't know all the brands- So any you can add to this list would be awesome. 1. Tellason. $198-$220, multiple cuts. Sourced entirely within USA> Official Website: http://tellason.com Multiple Blog...
I wrote a thorough review of Gustin's "THE HEAVY." Great jeans. Read it here: http://www.weftyandmash.com/2013/01/review-gustin-quality-garments.html  
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