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I have a question. In section 5 step 4 of the presidential shine ( Kirby applies wax with water to get the shine up, bulling is the term I believe. However, he then in step 5 uses a damp chamois over the top of this. I was told that you should not buff once you have bulled the toecap. Can you tell me what your opinion and the best way to finish the shoe is please?
I have a pair of dark brown boots with a lighter coloured wood sole and white stitching where the upper is connected to the sole of the shoe. Does anyone know how I can polish this shoe without turning the wood sole and the stitching brown as well?
Had my first attempt at bulling this evening. It was a hypnotic experience :) Rather addictive! I think I made a half decent effort at it for my first attempt. Is it ok to continue bulling tomorrow or will I end up simply putting too many layers on? I am using very little polish and I am keen to fill in some of the dull areas where I think i either used too much polish or water.
Hello all, fascinating thread. I have learned loads. I bought Saphir Renomat, Renovateur, cremes and waxes. I have stripped off some of the kiwi parade polish from my shoes, treated with renovateur, applied 3 layers of creme and 3 layers of wax polish. The shoes look great but I want them shinier. I plan to have my first ever attempt at bulling the toe caps later tonight. After years of abusing my shoes by never polishing them I have learned how calming, relaxing and...
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