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Has anyone created a suit jacket with the angular style at the bottom of the jacket? Do you know what this is called? Is this design more associated with a tuxedo and/or sportcoat than with a suit jacket?   Thanks   
I agree, has anyone purchased a custom suit from Bhambi's and, if so, what was the quality and experience?
Thanks. Any recommendations for a slim cut with natural shoulders?
Thanks. Any input on the quality of the greenfield MTM? Seem like his stuff has popped up on gilt with some frequency, which raises some questions.  
Thanks. Yes, MTM and not bespoke.
Hello,   I am interested in purchasing a custom suit at around $1500. I already have a suit in process at Mr Ned's but wondering if there are any other recommendations at this price point for a custom suit in NYC?   I am aware of Ercole, Bhambi and Paul Winston, but I believe they are slightly above this price range.   Just want to make sure I am not missing a good value out there.   Thanks
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