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oh my! amazing selection! my daughter doesnt need all those presents right?
help me out here what sort of food do you like or dislike? Price range? taking someone on a date? 
Glad you had fun!  If you want to hit up some shops next time around let me know.  I can point out the choice goodwills. (harder to get to via max though) Hawthorne district has some nice shops vintage shops too. but you are right NW has its unique outdoor style.
+1 on the multnomah falls visit. Impossible to walk to. Its a bit out of town (east) a quick car ride but no chance of walking.  pdxtony at that yahoo place if you want to check out a few things with a car. Also check out the local PDX Tanner goods.  Seattle has a commuter train from PDX if you want to spend a day up there. (if you can stop in Tacoma check out The Chihuly glass museum or take a tour of their foundry area) goodwill downtown has a boutique shop but with...
I just started thrifting a few months ago. I picked up a few items since I started For 20.00 My AE collection Anyone know this brand?
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