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Hi,   I am looking for a light leather jacket similar to the one included in the picture below. I realize this is an extreme long shot, but does anyone have any idea who makes this jacket? If not does anyone have any recommendations on a similar jacket.     What I am looking for in a similar jacket:   A similar collar (ie no moto jacket/racing jacket colors) Very light leather jacket that would work on cold summer days Cuffed sleeves and bottom Price,...
Hey guys,   I recently bought some Clarks Leather Chukka's that had a distressed effect where the toe and back where darker than the rest of the shoe(Examples: in the links below.) Since wearing them a few times this black "ombre" has faded to match the rest of the shoes brown color...I would like to add this blackish color back to the shoe...Does anyone have any ideas on how I could do this the right way?   Thanks for any help you can provide.   Examples - I...
Crat,   I love the shoes from your most recent post. Where are they from?
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