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Thanks gentlemen, I couldn't be more happy. 'Winter is coming' is what they are saying for the last 3 years on Game Of Thrones. I can't wait! 
I would like to share my first pair of EG's: The Galways. A fellow member of this forum 'bugged' me with pictures of his pair and I immediately  fell in love (with the shoes ). This same guy pm'ed me a week or two ago: he saw the same shoes in my size with a big discount in a shop in Holland. I called them up and they gladly reserved the shoes for me (great service!). A week later I had a green shoebox under my arm while drinking some beers with the guy who gave me the...
      Casual monday!   Jacket: MTM from Gillo Antwerp Shirt: Hackett (Thomas Mason fabric) Pants: Peutery Socks: Suit Supply Shoes: JL Chambord II
  Zegna blazer MTM shirt (Gillo - Antwerp) RL belt (brass buckle) Rollie Sub Peutery pants
Nice NOBD! Cool to see how your efforts paid off.       Brunello, Zegna, Corneliani, Gran Sasso + JL Chambord II
      My new FU Brunello jacket, combined with my even more FU Gucci loafers!
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