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Have you started listing pieces from the 1200 items? I see a few women's pieces on the auctions here and there. Wouldn't mind finding a cashmere sweater or cardigan for the gf to try and begin to explain the difference in quality of contstruction and materials plus at the end of it give them a nice piece lol
^^ your manequin looks jacked in that white shirt lol might need to get that thing drug tested   Damn @impuntura. I need to live my thrift life through you so let's see some full shots please lol
Thanks so much for the knowledge drop. Through PayPal and CC statements I could show I've spent far more lol
That moment when you creep @DerekS and see you have the same waist and inseam lol    Although I've never even seen Iron Hearts so I don't know why I need them haha
Thanks for that!  This would get so confusing. All items sell for less than retail and how could any one know what I paid for them? Heck I don't even remember. Good call on recording if I ever plan to sell.  It's this part that makes things muddy to me "you carry out for profit or with reasonable expectation of profit." I shop for clothes for personal use for myself and/or family and friends. I only buy used or at a steep sale/discount new. If I later decide I no longer...
Didn't you find some really old pieces? Get them autographed or say you just wanted to talk about the history. Either that or drive the jeep into their mailbox haha Edit: oh you said reason NOT to knock haha Nope I've only got reasons to knock
Not sure if this is the right place to ask but if I sell old clothes on eBay or ship them to a consigner does it count as taxable income? Or is it only if it's a business
IMO (which is pretty much irrelevant) it doesn't look right. Even in the model pictures it looks weird to me. I guess it depends where you are from but I've never seen it in Toronto
Fk I fell asleep. So many good deals lol
Not sure if they meet your requirements but I picked up some jcrew linen shorts off their clearance for sub 40$
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