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Damn Frenchy, their red label is pretty sweet
Would squeeze lol Gorgeous shoes
 Do you have pictures / measurements? Interested in trades?
Those were GQ examples from a 2016 fashion show and my song was a play on Lion King 😢
  If this is where pants are headed Count me out Out of service, out of fashion I wouldn't hang about These pleats are getting wildly out of hand     http://www.gq.com/story/mens-pleated-pants-trend    
As I was told last week, pleated is back. Still not my personal style or choice tho
I'm far from an expert but when I found one awhile ago and when I was looking it up, most if not all belts from 90s on were made in Spain and had a heat stamp for the info? Spoo could probably tell you more  Edit: That Polo bear bed set is dope as hell Spoo haha. I wonder what the age limit is for having bears on your bed sheets lol
Anyone ever heard of this brand? Cashmere blend and giant pearly buttons like RLPL shirts
I hate when the quality check ruins my plans
You think a knockoff would take the time to line the insole on a fake shoe? Genuinely curious and not being snippy. Everything seems to lineup with what I see when I google
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