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Those shoes 
How much do you think a cobbler can stretch? I can fit my foot in but it's tight.
Found this sweater yesterday. Anyone know what it's made out of? It's soft but I'm not sure it's cashmere
Found a nice looking lambs wool sweater with the tags all cut out and was wondering if anyone recognized the logo. The logo is not in great shape so probably not a big name but I don't recognize it
Thanks for trying with what you have. I'm sorry about the quality as its difficult to take photos of yourself. What I will do is edit the pictures and bump it tomorrow when I get better pictures.   Thanks again!
Hello,   I'm new to the forums but was hoping to get some feedback from the members here.It's an off the rack Calvin Klein 40R from my local department store and it is my first suit. The employee who helped pick it out for me admittedly wasn't an expert but she was patient and we tried on a number suits. She said this one fit best so I went with it. It feels a little tight around the shoulders and the chest seems to pop a little bit instead of laying flat. I tried to...
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