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Man I've kicked myself for leaving some things but that's once in a lifetime find lol Is it as soft as it looks?
That Brioni is so nice. I would def keep it I would have liked to know who it belonged to
I'm visiting a friend for Super Bowl and I'm planning my thrift routes on the way #problem How do I get the confidence to wear loud patterns? I have a number of shirts that look great from Etro, Robert Graham etc but I feel like they should be framed and hung on the wall and feel so self conscious. Are loud patterns more for summer time? Example I bought this Zegna this week And finally to the gentleman above in the gorgeous 3 piece suit you look like a model lol
No kidding.Brooks bros slim fit is like a dress and Zara slim fit I can't even get my arm in the hole.
I can't comment on how well Massimo Dutti resells but I find they use excellent fabrics and I really like their fit. I believe they are owned by the same company as Zara but are completely different stores IMO. Much more safe and traditional. On that note I've found a few very recent Zara pieces that are nice to look at from a distance but the quality is awful and the fit is gross.
A baby alpaca shirt lol cozy
I went from never have even seen a Hermes tie to maybe two in one day? I have my doubt about this one as there was no other label but again construction seems good. What do you guys think? If it's real I think I'll get a lottery ticket haha or at least play Roll up the Rim
Thank you! Wahoooo lol
I had to google a description of the loop but there was no picture. is this what you mean? I'm beyond excited right now lol
Thanks I'll pick it up. This is the first Hermes tie I've ever seen. Construction looks pretty good. Real or fake?
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