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Not much worse thrifting wise than pulling a super recent Corneliani suit off the rack just to find the guy fed the pants to some rabid animal  Still made out like a bandit
I think Frenchy was taking the piss with us. Look how he zoomed in on the stitching that looks like a drunk 12 year old and the cheap plastic buttons. Unless I'm wrong and that is some diffusion line I never want to find lol     and welcome back @Jompso 
Sometimes the brain just don't work like it should lol Good night Springton, there will be no encore
My stuff from Linda just came in. The 3 button Boglioli which I knew was really a 3 roll 2 and recent for 79$ ain't too shabby lol 
Posting because I think someone would appreciate a company that stands behind their products. Cool old dead stock hat
BB changed the label back to that one? Gotta say I like the other label better lol   PSA looks like some good deals on Allen Edmonds   http://shoebank.com/ 
Which item?
aSLFHGSjkdlfh ASLDF    Whomever stole the Green and then Yellow Versace pocket squares from me I dislike you very much at the moment.   Damn Spoo I didn't take the time to add it up but I'd be shocked if you didn't break your record this week. And I just took a look at next week. Wow
Any one have any tips for food stains on wool trousers?   Looking for something a little portable as anything can happen at work
With all the talk of socks on these boards it's only fitting I score some. All NWT of course. The Faconnable are wool 😊
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