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Those shoes  And the Edmond boots... Nice hauls! I scored a decent pair of Edmonds myself and then those Zegna linen jeans no one really cared about lol 
Scored a sweet pair of Zegna jeans
Found a pair of Giorgio Armani shoes. Did I get a decent pair? Anyone know much about them and the quality? They could use some love and trying to determine if I should put it in.
Wow and one stop too ;) Seriously tho, nice loot
Scored a recent and beautiful Zegna shirt
I think you're tagging incorrectly Spoo. My local thrift shops said the proper way is to puncture and put holes in the fabric at all costs, sometimes twice. Does it make anyone else's blood boil? The savers/ vv punched a hole through a brand new belt the other day here when I know they have special tags for it.
Saw this BR Monogram shirt today but with navy stripes and left it. Would it be hard to pull off in a casual environment? My concern was I'd never wear it but I don't have any similar shirts.   
Voted for the mobster 
Found what I believe to be a real pair of Burberry pants. Please confirm. The cotton is nice and single pleat. A little long but will hem And a Hugo boss under armor type of material shirt
This! I ordered a Burberry purse for the gf once and the purse that came was like 1/2 of the size listed.    Edit: Damn Linda
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