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I had been patiently waiting for them to reprice this but still had to pay up at 45$. Can I get an authenticity check on this so I can return if fake? My picture of the hologram looks like shit but the two broken corners on it aren't from the cut but wear to the sticker and the hologram is 3 levels. On the angle it says dolce & gabbana and even harder to see are larger DG and a smaller D&G. I'm like 99% sure legit Also this canterelli is sweet. Super soft...
What type of ladies are you guys hanging out with lol If the suit is nice, you could get it relined or someone even posted a guide before on how to remove the stain 
That sticker says 8 to 8.5. Frenchy wears a 13+ He could probably put half his foot in but the other half would still need the Pumas lol
What happened Brian? Seems like he is fairly active buyer
Anything spectacular there? 
Is this clothes only?    EDIT: SOLD   Any one want to buy my like new iPhone 6 plus 64GB space gray from Rogers with brand new accessories? Received it Jan 4th so it's under 2 weeks old. Apple warranty valid until Jan 3rd 2018    I have an old official Apple leather case I can include (was like 70$ but has seen better days)   Looking for 500$       
Everyone's still waiting on that Rolex? Passed because I'm more of an Omega guy
I think it's a good thing if the authenticators are competent and the price is reasonable 
Is it not expected when buying a preowned shirt that you should launder it anyways? ^^
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