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Thanks for the reply. Knowing it's Korean put me on the right track. It may be fake but it is still softer than all the real cashmere I own so I'm still trying to determine what it's made of. Below the All 100% there's faded red characters. I did my best to find them and I get 쥐금주의 which translates to rat of the week... Could it really be rat? Any one here speak Korean? I'll upload a picture
Oh man I want that hat! Nice picture
Hate to quote my own post but can anyone read me the tag? I've tried google translate. I can get more pictures if needed
Any Giants out there? Beautiful sweater but I'm 5'10 and this was almost to my knees lol
Fake right? It's so soft tho it feels like cashmere. Decent looking cardigan
For me it was the writing on the inside of the shoe. I quickly googled and every other pair I could find didn't have those holes. Also the glue on the side didn't look good. It did have the made in italy stamp on the bottom however and the leather on top felt okay
Saw a really old Burberrys sweater and some other cool looking stuff I didn't buy. I couldn't tell if the gucci shoes were real and they were about a size too small anyhow so I left them. Found a bunch of Zegna shirts designed for a trex with like size 30 sleeves I left.
Are they real leather and what make? What's the story behind these? I followed your link but can't find that picture. 
How is that possible? Jeez louise  
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