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:popcorn: is right lol   Frenchy is the man who brought us matching Lobb shoes and a 10+ sneaker collection of Lanvin etc lol 
Brax needs  to get more love. They are probably the most comfortable clothing I own and still looks pretty good. I'm big on their pants. They sell them at Harry Rosen. I usually pass on the older stuff but if it fits in the newer labels, I'm buying lol
Would have made a fun video lol Glad you got it off with no issue
No taxes or customs this week    And Spoo, that LBM I won is sweet. Those colors  and that Zegna belt is a perfect match to my Tods driving shoes
 That is insane. Grats Frenchy. I googled and Mr Scotia Bank made like 10 mil last year so I guess he can afford new suits lol I know it might be the worst thing you pictured lol but I love the Samuelsohn summertime. Anyhow sweet finds! 
Didn't win this week but came second on like 4 items. I liked the Brunello hat but didn't love the colors it so I let it go.   Anyhow, like always your auctions provide some good fun on Sunday lol 
Very sorry for your loss Doc
There's like 5 balenciaga shirts. Any thoughts? Can't seem to find anything on google. The cloth is nice but the buttons are all plastic
Fake right? Materials feel real but tags look funny not that I've ever seen this brand
The pair I have, when you pull out the insole insert it says PRADA underneath, also you could probably look up the code inside to see if it matches any. But ya so far from what I see, those look good    
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