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haha Thanks Doc
Amazon Canada has select sizes of Naked and Famous selvedge for 25$ CAD marked down from 150 to 200. I grabbed 5 pairs. Heck thrift stores here price them at 20$ 😞 The 34 are already dibsed if they don't fit. Not sure about the 36s but hopefully they fit as I'm getting fat lol
You purchase by paying Spoo.  - payments are to as a standard payment for goods, NOT a personal payment - you must include the name and size of the jacket in the payment notes.
Is it worse than her splitting up this gorgeous current suit? I might buy the pants and then hold the person with the jacket hostage. Just kidding.  It took 2 months for...
None on the inside pocket? I usually just grab from there and replace the inside with a generic button 
I'm just here to watch :)    PS jackets came yesterday. What a bargain! A little snug in the armholes but still wearable 
I had this talk with my old man just the other day and he set me straight lol I said remember that huge collection of star wars stuff you brought us home from that yardsale in the 90s? Well just the 1979 millennium falcon is worth a small fortune now. He said, "Do you have memories of playing with all that stuff?" I said "Of course, we loved it.  He replied, "I'll take those memories over a few bucks any day. Toys are meant to be played with." Ain't that the truth 
I can't tell if you are joking or not but be careful. A lot of times it can look or feel like there is material but it could be cut on an angle, have holes, frayed etc. Without cutting back the liner it's so hard to tell.  If someone specifically asks, I would personally leave the answer generic.  1) It's at the end and I can see there is no fabric to let out 2) I can see there is some fabric but without opening the liner I cannot comment about how much is useful so a...
Isaia and then Hermes polos lol you are killing it
Didn't know this existed. Subbing
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