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    I have found that they don't usually charge MTO unless they really have to. If you need something changed then you can't get away from the MTO, but if it is just a model and size which is not on their website, I am sure they will arrange it for you without the extra charge.
I agree with Fritzl here.   Deduct the cost of toe taps and heel taps and you have a good deposit on a resole.   I have a nice old pair of John Lobbs which are slightly too long for me so I asked my cobbler to put a small strip of vibram on the sole tip. It looks exactly like the steel toe tip except it is vibram and there is much less sole leather cut off the shoe.   Might not look so nice, but it is comfortable, it does not slip on airport floors and it does slow down...
I received my shoes late Friday, amazingly fast delivery. Heck, I doubt a US supplier could get a delivery to me this fast.   I rang Mark to thank him and he said they don't normally allow sale prices for MTO but if a client contacts him directly he will do what he can to help.   I like these guys, they will see a lot more support from me.   He can do Barker, but he can't do Barker Black and is reluctant to do AS, but he can pretty much do most any other English shoe...
My pleasure Malford, and hey, you're not too shabby either!!  I bought a beautiful Tom Ford belt from you last year (the only Tom Ford I own) and it was a great experience  -  Thanks!!  
Cool story Bro!   That will save a tonne of time, thanks
French Blue is a color?   Lol   I thought he meant a "French" shirt in color Blue     Oh dear!
I have bought goodies off the same seller. Nothing fantastic, just odds and sods, and I can't remember anything untoward with him either.  
Thanks to the OP, this has got to be my favorite thread.   One day when I can afford some of the gorgeous bespoke goodies here I will also be lucky enough to contribute.   Thanks to everyone for a wonderful thread.  
I had to pay extra for my shoe trees, but even the shoe trees were cheaper than I have ever paid on eBay. I paid $90 each for the shoe trees, and the added confidence that they really do fit the shoes.   Bargain!  
I simply asked Mark Firth for an "E" fitting and he e-mailed me back confirmation saying "done"
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