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 This is very similar but better execution. I think NB don't work and OCBD might be too long. 
but you can't feel the hype sitting at home 
BCDR looks best on lamb or calf? Does calf feel 'safer' because it is heavier? 
It has my attention long time ago. Very nice shape. No one on SF uses, or even mentions it though.
Are you going to stock Esemplare fishtail parka this season? 
When and what did you order? Perhaps he wants to wait for 1 or 2 more patches to be completed so he doesn't have to go back and forth?
nmwa should takeover TOJ
 Are these ponchos? Please post fit pics wearing these. I would love to see.  On an unrelated note, there is a Japanese girl I know. She wears a very nice perfecto jacket (hesitate to ask what it is but I know it's expensive from its look, Junya maybe?), and she throws a poncho over whenever it rains/ too cold. Look really cool. Can't figure out if men could do the same. 
Add a Burberry trench coat inside out for a monochrome outfit (Brit or London since Prorsum don't have check lining)
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