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look no differences to me. 
Patrik Ervell mac or duffel coat
Just curious why people always recommend silver zip but not gunmetal. I think gunmetal look really good with black leather. 
I've seen the navy wool in person and the coating is gorgeous, but it's up to you.
Any ways to view Mindtrive in English? 
 I've tried on JCrew peacoat, perhaps it's the most fitted peacoat for $300 price range. CM has always run large on everything imo. If you cant fit into JCrew, don't even think of Sterlingwear. 
I think it's should be under $50 if you use USPS.  UPS and Fedex would cost around $200 shipping to EU.
Peacoat, do you have any experience with Fidelity peacoat? Can you compare to Sterlingwear in term of fit?   I tried on Sterlingwear 32. Shoulders are ridiculously wide for someone wears size 32.  18" as I measured, whereas the most I can take is 17", not to mention armhold are too high. Other parts fit ok.
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