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Can you comment on the fabric? The navy looks somewhat similar to Ervell blazer coat
^ Those are hideous. Would you even click on them if they were not Geller CP?
^ I thought TOJ was dead and have not taken orders anymore? 
yeah, I mean topy for SLP. I got mistaken with Wolverine boots. SLP boots are so elegant, would look ridiculous with vibram though.
Any of you add vibram to SLP shoes? 
How are the suede chelsea boots/ zip boots supposed to fit? I'm 43.5 and got a pair in size 43. There is no way they could go off my feets but my heels feel "off" a bit with each step. Feel like could have been 0.5 smaller.    Sole length is ok but should they be really snug at the ankles? 
^^   Do it.   On an unrelated note, I want to kop the reverse indigo to wear with TOJ rider but don't know if this combination works. I like SLP hawaiian shirts more but can't drop $900. 
why would you sell it? Look perfect. Sleeves are a tad short but ok
look no differences to me. 
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