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What issue may I ask? Flaws in construction/materials or just simply did not fit well? 
What's the deal with Uniqlo blackwatch flannel? Is it holy grail of this season or something?
https://www.massdrop.com/buy/ashland-leather-shell-cordovan-wallet   Ashland leather Johnny the Fox shell cordovan wallet group buy. Price might go lower please spread the word.
 Have you considered Common Projects slip on? Very similar design for half the price. Do not tell me Givenchy quality is superior to CP. 
Can you comment on the fabric? The navy looks somewhat similar to Ervell blazer coat
^ Those are hideous. Would you even click on them if they were not Geller CP?
^ I thought TOJ was dead and have not taken orders anymore? 
yeah, I mean topy for SLP. I got mistaken with Wolverine boots. SLP boots are so elegant, would look ridiculous with vibram though.
Any of you add vibram to SLP shoes? 
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