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Perhaps? A decade lingering around here gives me an impression he's a popular guy though. I dont think a rookie registered 10 days ago could receive such support with the same post.
It's amazing you got a bunch of thumb for such a simple post.  I suppose you must be a SF respected member. 
Obviously I'm referring to people who know how to wear peacoats. The last time I saw a properly worn peacoat was Skyfall 2 years ago.    I'm still kinda like the look of Japanese workwear / outdoor. Pretty basic but...  
Do people still wear peacoat? 
so he will not be able to buy sick jawnz when Drew returns with RTW line.
Looking for a brown A2 bomber 2011, any leathers, size 46
Do you think TOJ sizing run large? Most double rider style jackets on MRPORTER are like 38-39" chest in size small (46). Whereas TOJ size chart is 40" ?
A lot of DR2013 in this patch. Any other models? 
I think it looks better without middle back seam
Can you comment on quality of leather in compare to your past jackets?
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