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I saw a pair yesterday positioned next to a pair of 888 Asquiths. It looked pretty good, I did however prefer the 888. I see it as kind of a tweener last between the 82 and 888.
Almond CC and Nighshade sound best to me. I am really digging nutmeg suede as well.
Okay I'll bite what are the four? Money leaving my wallet soon most likely.
Dark Oak and Brandy Willow. Swatches look great the subtle details really made them pop. I can't wait to seem members skoak orders roll in, how far out are they now?
Good evening to all, does anyone have word of the DC Ravello Captoe delivery date?
I was able to see a full swatch book with all of the Utah and Willow offerings. Also it was nice to see a full suede swatch selection, i think nutmeg looked awesome. The halifax I saw was on the 202 and it looked awesome.
Very supple, looked pretty good however I question the durability of the leather. I much prefer the crust leather. I also did not care for the 890 last at all. I was able to learn that due to quality leather shortages EG gets fewer shoes per skin thus increasing prices.
Work has been a little bonkers plus I had a bout of SF fatigue. I was able to see a hallifax in gold delepre today, I am not big on the delepre leather but that halifax has overtaken thr nevis on my want list. Hillary was great answered a lot of questions for me so it was nice to hear. Word is they are working on a new more robust last.
I still like the nightshade Galway but having two already I believe the halifax in nightshade would be amazing.
Can you provide any sizing recommendations? I wear a 8.5 in Alden's plaza last, 9.5 in nike, 8.5 in allen edmonds.
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