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I recommend getting a newmarket:)
New pricing? Tis' that time of the year isn't it...
I actually have had my name written on regular mto's as well just kind of hit and miss or perhaps they finally realized my importance
Brought down the AE mto program too
This is like the Dodge demon leaks....leaves me wanting Moar...information and pictures please tia
I would say it depends on who and when you ask. EG can be a little inconsistent with their terms but I will say them have always done right by me. I would ask at a trunk show perhaps that's usually a good way to get a favorable response.
I dislike topys a great deal...I don't know it just kind of cheapens the shoe for me.
Well said
Zug zug zug!
Shoes with a manufacturer defect they range from unnoticeable to major blemishes.
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