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Did you also see the unlined dover, I ordered immediately I couldn't believe how light the shoe was
I don't like the contrasting materials I would much rather a full gator make up aesthetically speaking. I generally don't like to draw that much attention to myself. I also saw a pair of td asquiths that looked like pure art... amazing the fiddle back waist was incredible the sole treatment was the only discernable difference that I could locate.
They had a grey gator butterfly loafer that looked amazing. The skins were clean and lined up nicely. The weirdest thing I tried on a sample pair that was 1 size smaller than my usual size and it fit well. However I tried on another pair of loafers in that same size and couldn't even get my feet in them.
Just saw a new a cardiff in redwood antique I took a picture but somehow it didn't save to my camera. A very rich color I failed the thread today.
I've been looking at the tudor submariner lately as well as the black Bay great looking watch @TheWraith
Stick with the marlow
Thank you sir that answers my question.
What's the shelf life of cigars in Tupperware with a boveda pack
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