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Robertolduk is the way to go great service no import charges. I want to say it was like mid 600s for shoes and trees
7000 last is a beautiful thing. However the 888 and 82 are hard to be beat by anyone. I wish lobb would go back to making shoes with the clean lines and great materials they were know for more phillip II's etc less crazy looking fashion shoes. Rant Over
Really wish lobb would get back to basics
Shhhhhh before we awake the sleeping Aportnoy
I was thinking the brown, clearly the doak westi is the superior shoe it is also 3x the price. I want to keep a reserve I want to see the almond cc cardiff.
I am debating a carmina vs eg dub monk. Not sure if I am a dub monk guy so kinda leaning towards the carmina but I have 0 experience with them. Thanks to all
Are the cardiffs mto only or stock as well. I almost pounced but could not locate any pictures.
I would have sold them already but I lucked up by getting them completely random. I feel like I would be tempting fate...especially as mine have the antique trim which I find much more appealing. I would rather trade them for an equally rare model that I would wear. I called madison nyc and anthony said we just got a shipment in an hour ago. I remember discussing with ryden way back when. It would be three years until my next pair of ravellos.
It's a toss up between the daltons vs ravello chuckas for the unworn king of my rotation. Maybe we should start a thread for unworn boots.
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