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@sftg correct I was referring to lasts and overall aesthetics. Truthfully for me it mostly comes down to a preference. I was unaware that JL used the 7k last for anything other the prestige line. JL like EG has the ability to turnout some great looking shoes. Cleves captoes come to mind. I used the term better because it is subjective in this case, better for me means pleasing to my eye. Quality even between the EG and JL prestige is splitting hairs like comparing a...
Lobb for me is a bit pricey considering the extra $500 really means beveled waistes. I love the phillip II and luffield among other offerings. I prefer a traditional look that EG seems to do better IMO on the whole when compared to Lobb. I also believe that the ease of the EG mto makes them a more attractive buy. Warming completely anecdotal statement: i find EG to be better than JL main line. More attractive lasts and models. The museum calf doesn't really do it for me...
That ain't cool.
I guess I always thought of the asquith kind of like the AE strand in that it is a more casual oxford that defies traditional sartorial guidelines.
SFTG do you where the asquith formally?
I like bronze but it is make up specific for me. When I saw at the trunk show it looked rather gray. I am Malvern coming in a couple of months of chameleon liked the look of it with antique edge trim. Decided to take a chance as my last few mtos have been rather conservative
I am not 100% positive but I do not believe the surcharge is that much higher for St.C's.
I always wanted a mestminster done in crup but 2k yikes.
What I last I did the same thing with my most recent Galway purchase 8.5 to 8.0. However I also went from the 82 to 64. Not sure what if anything hat has to do with your post....i just dont want this thread to die.
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