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I was curious with all the speculation around the new maker skoak will carry how do people rate leather quality of EG vs St.C vs. Lobb?
I have a new pair of CJ Conistons in the trunk of my car that I change into #firstworldproblems
None yet but I have most of the Alden models I want so I am looking to other manufactures to round out my rotation.
Usually rl has a 25% off sale twice a year I believe in May and November.
I love the lindrick, skye, coniston shell, and marlow. Last one not a boot however. I really like C&j lasts and construction.
I am about to go full Namor on C&J shell. Hopefully this may the sale will begin.
Agreed St.C would be amazing from skoak. I am holding off on new purchases until I find out what the skoak secret is.
Iron it has been quite a year for you I would say. Are the shannons from skoak?
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