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What do you brannock and what size did you purchase scott? I am emailing robertuk may pull the trigger soon.
I agree with this, I think that because EG offers so many options, people can over think things. The all doak shannon is so versatile IMO. Clean and Elegant.
Please follow up with fit comments, moar pics too.
I think we need some moar pics of the less common offerings from EG. I need some southwold, gladstone, epsom, robertsbridge, exeter, fawsley etc.
+1 tifosi that seems to be the trend I am hoping for StC or C&J or maybe Lobb.
How are those galways still available ddd?
Most loafers are made on the 184 I believe.
Does anyone know what the prescribed last for the hythe is? Im thinking i will go with the 82.
Chameleon really varies from what I have witnessed, sometimes it looks almost gray sometimes much more green really nervous it was an impulse buy after I saw it at a trunk show.
I have a few ideas on the drawing board hythe in some sort of burgundy/nightshade, halifax in a grain, dover mahogonay CC (missed the boat with skoak.) Cardiff in tobacco suede, or doak westminster.
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