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Kind of unsure about how i feel about the indy chukka. On one hand its great to see a new model but it has a bit of franco harris in a seahwaks jersey for me.
Guy initially looked at me like i was crazy eventually had about a 10 min conversation.
We know buddy we know
Saw a guy wehre 684s in the wild he seem astonished i knew what they were.
I have a pair in tobacco that should he here in july/august
You already own galways in zug?
Where's jim cramer when you need him sell...sell....sell
Meh you guys already jacked the voak thorpe boot. Lol
@coldinboston Amazing to see what JL is capable of when when they aren't making clown shoes or $1000 boat shoes.
The 82 is an amazing last for the malvern.
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