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just went to buy my first rolex....they sold it two weeks ago
They were probably worn by dubs its like finding the golden ticket!
Perhaps someone had the ramshead added i have a friend who mtod a pair of westiminsters and added the ramshead.
Looks like a troon, wells has the punched captoe ala the inverness.
An absolute steal
I was thinking of acquiring a pair of tod's to beat up. Presently EG doesn't offer any sort of driving moc. I would love a pair in suede or doak.
The gradiant dial is what has me hooked. The watch is massive dwarfed a PAM whenI compared the two. The thickness of the watch was incredible i assume one would need to invest in short sleeve shirts.
Closing in on my first major watch purchase. Kind of wanted to get peoples thoughts on rolex blnr vs deep blue sea dweller.
Zug! Zug!Zug!
Lobb still makes their shoes in England, right? I kid but who knows that might be next.
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