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Um St.Patty's day is coming... think how cool you will look with a footwear to match your shamrock shake
It was certainly not my intent to cause any discord. The point I was trying to make was that few if any of us have one pair...the more you hang around this thread the more you are exposed to the wonderful endless options of EG. Anyway welcome to the thread.
Wonderful make up on that galway. Getting that pair of egs is such a thrill....however I fear financial ruin maybe in your future.
Nothing is better than zug grain although I am biased.
82 is the g.o.a.t. no need for the 915 IMO.
Beautiful make up spoo
Too may shoes....that's treason! It appears dubs has been hacked gents.
Great boot Roger I really like the last, what are the details I really haven't dabbled much with Vass.
I recommend getting a newmarket:)
New pricing? Tis' that time of the year isn't it...
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