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The galways look great moose. Mansa did your dovers come with the flat laces? Ddd i totally agree with something as ubiquitous as the black captoe oxford the devil is in the details ala swanneck.
Im going to take care of that for you buddy.
Is Jcrew discontinuing Alden?
Drop EG? Wtf who breaks up with Kate Upton? The new balance comment is spot on......leather soul must see foot locker as their chief rival.
This year my plan is to knock out a few staples black captoe, double monk, chelsea boot etc.
Admittedly I am an EG homer, I find the dover to be the most balanced and proportionate of all of the split toes. In fact it may be the best blucher ever.
Zugs have to stay put.....one of the few things in life that exceeds the hype.
Zug Zug Zug!!!!!!
Just curious how large are the brick and mortars AoM, Wash DC, and SF Alden compared to one another.
Chicks dig the high instep.
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