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What were the gmto specs on the snowden?
@Leaves Any word on the remaining thorpe boots in rustic? TIA
Classics are classic for a reason.
Better off? It really depends on you, you selected this model for a reason. I would stick with it see what EG can do with the shipping costs are minimal considering we are discussing $1500 footwear. Good luck with whatever you decide.
This thread is awesome great work by all the members conributing. Takes it to all new level.
Only the ones made with horween leather are EG the basic models are allen edmonds.
LS sure is posting a lot of EG lately on their ig account.
Dubs let me know how the transaction goes I found it a little suspect how the same seller has all of these incredible make ups im umworn condition.
When I ordered my newmarkets my questions also centered on the fit as I was concerned the elastic sides would change the fit. My guy says no ymmv.
Give me a month and I'll let you know
New Posts  All Forums: