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Acceptability is something that is individual. I would email Allison when I had an issue with my mto she reduced the price by $400. Love ae cs.
Resounding yea!
Could also sell it to an forum mate whom you may or may not have pilfered a #8 viberg service boot from.My bad forgot the spoiler tag where is tifosi with his manual spoiler instructions?
Crazy when you think about it. That is color 2 status.
Sell? You sell shoes/boots?
Eh I got the zug en route for the rugged.
On a positive note I feel like I have an extra $1100/ time to call skoak.
No need to be sorry BK chance favors the prepared mind. The better man won today.
The rich get richer lol. At least a good guy got em'. If the 8s dont work bk shoot me a pm
Who got the 8s i have been waiting a year for that boot. I betcha the whole preorder was gone in five minutes. Deja Vu all over again. Legit angry right now.
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