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.........where's the beef?
Black Moose (I have no black boots) on the 2030 last. I think I ordered them just to see what viberg was about, we shall see eagerly awaiting chocgalls post in the boot thread. Also from what i couls tell viberg seems to be going GYW, which I wanted to get a pair of vibergs they would need to be stitch down construction.Anyway EG rules.
Tell me more of the Viberg market plan?
I thought if you used any AE product on any alden shoe/boot the crossing of the streams would result in shoe combustion.
Why not just a resole?
The good thing for me is that once I found EG I slowed down dramatically on purchases from other makers. I should have my first pair of vibergs next month and that will likely be it for me. EG represents the perfect synergy of quality, aethetics, and substance for the understated gentleman.
Killed it, edwardian? When I got my asquiths in edwardian I knew i hit the sweet spot. What doesn't the AP go with? Went #1 in both my fantasy leagues.
Nst goes great lighter color leather options IMO. I felt like a nevis wpuldn't get worn as much so the dover it is.
Meermin better last shape IMO.
The shine on that cap toe
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