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@ddd, I vote Nevis. I am debating this vs halifax for my next purchase. I have most of the EG staples covered so I will have a little fun with my next mto.
I forgot to add , welcome to the thread.
Great Choice!
It may correct one issue and cause another. Fit is a very individualistic thing, as long as your feet are comfortable I would not sweat it.
Color 8 navels look amazing great color on this run. Very pleased.
I checked out the LS website for the first time in a little while.....bespoke new balance? Really? What happened to the cigar jumpers, ravello shortwings, EG troon in crup, ?
^I love the snuff indy on the red brick sole. Pretty versatile for business casual IMO.
Any local NYC guys pick up their #8 naval boot yet? Monday feels so far away.
I saw a pair yesterday positioned next to a pair of 888 Asquiths. It looked pretty good, I did however prefer the 888. I see it as kind of a tweener last between the 82 and 888.
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