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Zug zug zug!
Shoes with a manufacturer defect they range from unnoticeable to major blemishes.
Montana Pitch Blend is also pretty good.
Should be about time for the annual alden price increase no?
Any plans to stock the luffield? @Leaves
Anytime I miss a few days and thread explode my initial is....oh sh did I miss a color4 offering?
Email Allison when they happened with my dalton boot make up she offered to remake them or a $300 refund. I took the latter.
Exactly it's cool to vent here in the forum because we get it. Playing the shell game however comes with inherent risks. It should be noted as soon as a member discussed getting rid of a pair of rare shells members lined up to take them of his hands. Alden holds all the leverage and it's the way of the world. You may want to call a retailer and order 20 stock pairs in calf
Good idea liquidate what you have...
Until this last trunk show my sizing had been uniform. I was really shocked to see a half size difference in the shoes I tried on but none the less that was the case *for me.
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