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Are all 4 colors readily available? What is the going rate for cordovan mto's now a days?
I have been a way from this thread for a while so now we have navy shell, deep brown, and natural?
Cadogan maybe?
The 890 is too pointy for my tastes really doesn't fit EG to me.
I thought it looked a little red in the picture as solid of an acquisition as there is.
Burgundy Clev?
888 is way more pleasing to my eye.
I would consider the 82 the sleekest of EG lasts although the new 890 gives it a run for its money. The 888 has a chiseled toe which makes it makes it less sleek imo. The 82 is basically the 888 with a rounded toe.
May I make a request to see the doak epsom?
The LS cigar jumper hit on so many levels likely the reason why it has the resale value that it does. Very good looking boot.
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