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Trunk show ryden?
The more I look at the color 8 navals the more I like them they are the 1B to my 1A cigar indys. The gap is closing though. Great pics of the naval boots.
Ah correct my bad. Had no idea leffot carried bonafe.
GMTO is no longer an option AFAIK.
Pretty pumped for their arrival now what to do with those chukkas?
It involves backroom deals and special handshakes with shady characters (see ryden). No seriously just call and make contacts with people frequent ordering will also endear you to the retailers as well. Quite often okay almost always items are posted here as they become available. Other times it is complete serendipity my first two exotics were obtained at Alden nyc as I called the morning they came in. Effort helps!
@seeyasteve I would try LS first clearly an error was made. Those shoes should not have alden or LS.
Take a look at hazel. Also EG colors vary from time to time. The variances in DOAK have been discussed here in the past. I ordered my edwaridan asquiths with extra burnishing to help with aesthetics.
I always thought burnt pine seemed to have a little green when seen in person. Burnt pine is not a bad color I just think edwardian and doak are better choices, I also prefer hazel.
$1200 for a PT Boot, nope not for me. If funds did not matter my answer may be different.
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