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^new classic, well done.
FWIW, i brannock at 8.75 wear 9.5 in nike 8 in Alden barrie/trubalance, 8.5 plaza. I suspect 8 would work best.
$1825 for Color 2? Underwhelming to say the least.
Yeah I just finally looked at that listing. If those #2s were in am 8-10 range....sky is the limit.
From EG sometimea they came already in the shoe (mto) other times my supplier put in a request and they put them in free of charge for me.
Idk I like the look of the beckett, I also believe the city is not part of the prestige line.
Also if you could compare the leather and finish as well. I am looking for either a chelsea in black calf 82 vs. JL beckett.
I love me some PAM 112/176. Eventually I will kop one...gotta stop buying shoes. I am the guy in $50 trousers and $1500 shoes. A bit skewed.
New Posts  All Forums: