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Will do asap, I would recommend the burger at company burger in feret, yo mamas in the qtr (peanut butter berger) and while touristy port of call is good.
Awesome upside with the chukkas.
I always pass it on my way to the oak street diner and jacque i mos. Never stopped though i only have a few nola restaurants left to hit my dining schedule is aggressive much like tifosis eg acquisition schedule.
Rendezvou was pretty good, I would also recommend the joint in nola, big mikes in houma la, shed in biloxi and archibalds in tuscaloosa.
Too much berry and racing green suede imo.
I agree the wing tip portion of the dalton is too shallow, too much space between the vamp and broguing distorts the style.
Leaves is there a picture available for the cardiff in ACC?
Tifosi check out the cardiff in suede a sweet make up for sure. Also the nutmeg suede dover looks great as well.
Looks like the asquith
I am sure you are right ryden, I guess I just feel like if I am going to spend $1200 on shoes I would rather an oak bark leather sole to help me justify the purpose.
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