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I think we need some moar pics of the less common offerings from EG. I need some southwold, gladstone, epsom, robertsbridge, exeter, fawsley etc.
+1 tifosi that seems to be the trend I am hoping for StC or C&J or maybe Lobb.
How are those galways still available ddd?
Most loafers are made on the 184 I believe.
Does anyone know what the prescribed last for the hythe is? Im thinking i will go with the 82.
Chameleon really varies from what I have witnessed, sometimes it looks almost gray sometimes much more green really nervous it was an impulse buy after I saw it at a trunk show.
I have a few ideas on the drawing board hythe in some sort of burgundy/nightshade, halifax in a grain, dover mahogonay CC (missed the boat with skoak.) Cardiff in tobacco suede, or doak westminster.
And then I plan on submitting a couple of more orders. I figure I have time with the thorpe mto so it doesn't really count.
DDD my mtos should be in this week, I will get pics of the chameleon up ASAP.
Is the beaulieu in burgundy? Diverse rotation indeed. i remember the discussion of the big three for me Galway, Dover, and Chelsea.
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