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Double leather would work just fine for me.
Guess the warlow is DOA
That's funny
I have been on this horse for a while. John Lobb has become the new churchs. Once proud brands now relegated to pure fashion items. Sad really kind of why I rebelled against the 890....if you want sleek the 82 and 888 get it done. I understand that others are more enthusiastic which I am happy for them. However for me well constructed English footwear is were it's at rant over I am done.
Coffee suede galway....perhaps with leather soles
Voak is where it's at IMHO.
@NAMOR Sometimes we get caught up in Virgin Mountain Goat leather and forget about the classics. Well done!
Yep 888
To me snuff appears a little richer in color however I prefer the slightly more muted coffee suede. One of the galways most greatest advantages over other boots is that is really looks great on any last. It design allows for the boot to morph from hardcore country boot to a stylish city boot.Changing the last in conjunction with the leather yields a completely different aesthetic.
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