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VOAK, I love SF. What's that you have DOAK well we have VOAK.
They have great shirtings as well Kiton and Hamilton covers all bases. They have a gold delapre dover I was looking at the other day.
Glad you were able to check it out. The guys are always helpful. Did you pick up anything?
This price was quoted to me by current purveyor of EG. It is possible I was given a home town discount without it being stated.
I was quoted $420 for a full recraft but I digress.
^only three!!! Good deal thanks guys.
This particular batch just came out darker than usual, much darker.Variances will always exist my chameleon malverns so not have nearly as much green as I have seem in the past.
@leaves Any chance of the all doak shannon being restocked in a full run?
I also saw the cordovan model at BB on my sale i have purchased one pair of CJ and two EGs this month otherwise I would have pounced.
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