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Hanger project sells a saphir color chart that is quite useful.
I would say same everyone's foot is different but for me eg lasts run the same in terms if size.
A prestigious new york establishment.
Apologize if this isn't news to anyone but the william II is being discontinued.
Doak hazel and burnt pine in the first photo edwardian in the second
It has been discussed in the past and I understand the LS point of view. If they have a customer who purchases 20k worth of shoes a year they want to cater to those individuals. If I was spending that kind of money I would certainly expect to ve in the rarer models.
The low vamp appealed to me a great summer shoe suited for the new orleans climate.
I have a pair of harrows in burnt pine on deck....pretty pumped
Blutchers by alden rye by pappy van winkle
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