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I like the exhibition back on the PO idk just makes it look like a nicer watch. The PO is great but the BLNR on wrist is a thing of beauty. I also looked at a Pepsi dial however that which I thought was steal was white gold and priced at about 34k, hard to envision paying that for new Rolex. At that price point I would go with a Lange 1.
Ugh ya see my downfall is shoez, I think we'll if I go with the PO I can finally mto Philip II boots and be like frilly. And add a couple EGS from skoak.
Does anyone know how Brooklyn clothing sizes I know it says us size but I thought viberg doesn't use US sizing?
I think a lot of us have that problem. I debate the most about adding new models or new colorways/last choices on existing models.
This is what I am considering which is why I asked about PO discounts. If I had to pay $6200 for the PO I would be more inclined to wait and grab the blnr.
No one combines aesthetics and functionality better.
I'm with you I have been looking at both options St.C and GG. However then the dover is looking back at me like really you want them?
Galway looks awesome in any last.
Great looking boot dubs!
I just went to the baller thread as I had no idea what baller boots are, still not sure that I know. Basically crumpled up boots? I respect everyone's right to wear what looks good to them but I just do not get this "style" And get off my lawn!
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