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I grabbed that exact same deal except in brown.  Never thought I would see a deal that good on the Jefferson.  Perplexed as to why they are discontinuing though.
Which BB facebook page are these comments on?  I don't see any.
Really like my McAllisters in Merlot.  I also have the Strand in Walnut.  Two of my favorites!
Are they still making BB verisons?  Even when I ask the SA to send an updated listing, it has been the same pair or two for many months.  I love the BB Strands I got last year!
Yeah, from zero to nine pair in about 2 years.  Not including the slippers.  SLIPPERS!!!
Just got my black Fifth Avenues from last week's sale. $199 less $50 from Amex!
How do you get the 50 off 200 deal?  Do you need to register or have an invite?  Only good on BF?
How about the Jos A Bank Boardroom?  Isn't that the same as the PA?
LOVE my Walnut BB Strands!!
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