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So with the end of tax season apon us....that means one great thing (hopefully) - we will see @mcarthur posting shell goodness soon!
It looks like someone at KentWool Socks is an Alden fan: http://kentwoolsocks.com/the-19th-hole-collection.aspx
Sorry about the acid tongue towards New Yorkers today. After watching the sunset tonight you're all on to something! Its beautiful down here. I haven't found any shell cordovan flip flops yet, but I might be on to making some... *Sunset tonight in St Petersburg, FL
I window shopped at Alden SF and I was in workout gear and Asics shoes. Michael there was MORE than accommodating but it probably helped because he knew right away that I knew my shoes. He loves shoes and talking shoes and was super nice to me. I picked up some Alden Leather Defender (great idea to do so) and a few Alden polishing cloths. Again, Michael was first class and was quite nice to show me around the store.The Allen Edmonds store is about 500 feet west of the...
Football Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.
 Nice sun on those shell boots. Looking good. Nice to know the sun is out in Calgary. Your Flames just landed here in Tampa a few hours ago. You making it down for the game?
I wear that exact same belt (AE Walnut Manistee) with my Whiskey LHS - I think it looks great with the LHS!
I'm a front pocket wallet guy. This Ashland Leather Louis "Little New York" foots the bill and then some. I got mine in #8 and it was an irregular for 20% off. I suppose if I was going to buy another one, it'd be the Tony The Ant. This is quite possibly the best value on the market in Shell Cordovan.
That's exciting! I saw my first in the wild in downtown Sacramento but I was way too shy to ask the guy if they were Alden shoes.
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