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I agree buddy! When I was in CS I always would treat everyone the same. You can't look at someone and tell if they can afford your shoes...so you might as well treat 'em all like they can.
975 x .75 :-) which is a 975 @ 25% off. A lame try at a joke
I wear mine all the time! I'm wearing them tomorrow. They're in need of a resole and they'll be making the trip up to Mass soon. I love those shoes and they're my go-to shoe. Yes they're not rare but they're still one of my favorite shoes. I get way more complements on these 975s than I do on my Whiskey She'll LHS or anything else rare like that.We tend to forget that most "normal guys" have like three pairs of dress shoes at most. 87.48% of the men at my office wear black...
Also there is an awesome Alden shop on Sutter Street in San Francisco! Those guys are great there. Stop by if you're in the area.I wonder if the Alden retailers are sometimes jerks in person because people wander in and think the shoes are going to be Aldo prices and then give them attitude.I know whenever I go in a store like that I try to let them know I'm not a jobber by what I specifically ask for.I don't know... I've received great derive from LS, Alden SF, The Shoe...
 I too have ordered from LS for years and they've always been awesome - shoot I was the guy buying the big sizes (discounted) they couldn't get rid of and they still treated me well. PSA: Epaulet has the following in 9D & 9.5D ALDEN FOR EPAULET PERKINS CAPTOE BALMORAL NAVY SUEDE by ALDEN  Upper: Navy SuedeOutsole: Flex Welt soleLast: Hampton  
  Well, I'm a weirdo with 6 different kinds of LHS, so I know where you're coming from. I do feel suede seems to be more limiting for me personally. If you are buying a lot of suede I HIGHLY recommend the Tarrago Nano Protector available from several forum sponsors.   
I would agree with you there. I have a pair of NST Suede Bluchers that @tifosi made me buy at gunpoint (I believe that's the story). I have found those can pull off nearly the same colors but could go with even lighter colors IMO.
@mdubs You've prompted me to break out my suede LHS today too. #NeverEnoughSnuff To answer @walds11 question: The Snuff Suede IMO goes with Olive, Dark Brown, Darker Washed Denim, Khaki, and really any colored khaki except Black I'd say
Vote #2 for the Allen Edmonds Manistee! That belt goes with A LOT of stuff!
I wonder if Alden will let shoes go back into the US from Toronto...There are some nice excahbge rates that could be in play...
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