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@tifosi should be very proud. I feel I got a fairly good deal on these NSTs.
No deer bone, but a spoon and some leather lotion, as prescribed by Nick Horween, has helped remove some rolls. I think leaving them in the sunlight here could help too. The UV index of 12 should help them a long nicely... I wish I could send these away to the Advanced Alden Summer Camp with Mr. @mcarthur
He might have turned Water into wine...but whiskey into cigar is what I'm afraid of when I send them to Massachusetts.I think the issue was the fella didn't religiously use shoe trees.I have been told the deer bone will help take care of this.My Whiskey LHS have some darker creases too....just not this dark.
Well I received the Shell Whiskey Chukkas today. They actually arrived yesterday but had a sleepover at the Tampa airport post office. I've RenoMat'd them and hit them with Renovateur and Alden Water Defender. I don't own a bone yet...but it looks like it would help these shoes. Alden 1348
The Manistee belt from AE in Walnut is a perfect match. I own it and wear it with my walnut shoes all the time.The Shoe Mart carries a lot of belts and they even have some natural CXL belts on sale. The belt I'm talking about though is here http://www.theshoemart.com/allen-edmonds-mens_manistee_belt_walnut_calf/p-mxab-74090_all_m_manistee_belt.html
 I thought of this when I read about the Alden vacation....  FWIW I got my shoes in 5 weeks door to door this past May. Look at it this way, the person restoring your awesome Aldens will be well rested!!
Maybe too patriotic? They're AEs but made in the USA.
Another game day! Go USA!
I picked them up for $255 and they'll certainly be making a trip up to Massachusetts for the overhaul. I just want to give them some TLC first. Too bad they're not a 7-9.5 in size. They'd fetch a higher price no doubt.
Thanks for the kind words gentlemen!I shall hit 'em with Renomat and some bone...come to think of it I need a bone. I suppose Leffot has 'em still.I wanted some PTBs and these will FOOT the bill (pun intended).
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