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PSA: Alden Snuff Suede Plain Toe Boots 40% off @ Brooks Brothers. Approx $340 I can't leave a link or phot because I'm on Southwest Flight 4006 as I'm typing this. What kinda SICKO tells others about a boot deal while he's flying? :-)
Good Morning RTP! Welcome to Tampa. I hope you enjoy our awesome airport. I am in town today (well, St Pete). I'm wearing the Whiskey Chukkas today. Love those natty CXLs!
MyHabit has another deal on Alden's Chukka boots in Brown! http://myhabit.com/ref=qd_mr_tw_l?refcust=SXYJOA5FLMQA2N5GIXLEXAO36E
FYI @ myhabit.com If you have Amazon Prime you can buy these now! Black Alpine Grain PTB $365 10.5 B/D & 11.5 B/D - Barrie Last
@NAMOR any word on the Navy Shell Boot we all got in on? Just curious.
I don't know if this has been mentioned but myhabit.com (owned by Amazon) has some Alden suede loafers on their site http://myhabit.com/ref=qd_mr_tw_l?refcust=6YXBYG7M2TBNPWM4DLYZ2YIOBM $365
 The price basically drops the more folks buy. I bought some and I thought some others might want in on it.
I'm headed to The Shoe Mart here in a few weeks. I'll report what's in the back for everyone here - any sizes folks are looking for?
Take my money!!!!!I've wanted blue shell for years!
OK @namor I want the Blue Shell and I want it bad. In a boot....well it is Florida but its gonna look so bad ass.
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