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This is the news my Ashland Leather wallet was looking for!!
Besides hopping back in a time machine, your best bet will be picking up some shoes from Haberdash on Black Friday. They're having 25% off one item. I assume it includes Aldens.Another option is visiting The Shoe Mart and picking out some lovely 2nds.The third option is to keep up to date with this thread of Alden Enablers. EDIT: Haberdash sale EXCLUDES ALDEN
The ball of the foot is getting kind weak on the sole. There's also some small cracking at the top of the shoe where the shoe bends. I figured Alden could fix that better than the cobbler in my building at work.
@tifosi Maybe I'll just ride them hard through the holidays and send them in after that. I respect your guys' opinion and why blow $169 if you don't have to, right. Looks like I'll need to order another bag from Alden.Does anyone know if you can get replacement rubber heels from Alden?
I picked a 75° & rainy day to wear my Brown Shell Townley's (SMU that was supposed to go to Germany) OTC merino wool socks from Lands' End I'm going to have to polish these guys tonight.
Unfortunately Alden will get them back to how they came from the factory. Nothing more, nothing less. Anything thing else, would be uncivilized!
I'm sending in my 975s today to Alden Restoration. Hopefully I'll have them back before the begining of 2015. I'll post the after photos when I get them. I'll miss these babies, but I'll get to wear my 990s and 986s that I've been too much of a wuss to wear. I know, I know, we buy these to wear them :-) They have upped the price to $169. I really wish they would charge $150 and not throw in a pair of shoe trees.
I agree buddy! When I was in CS I always would treat everyone the same. You can't look at someone and tell if they can afford your shoes...so you might as well treat 'em all like they can.
975 x .75 :-) which is a 975 @ 25% off. A lame try at a joke
I wear mine all the time! I'm wearing them tomorrow. They're in need of a resole and they'll be making the trip up to Mass soon. I love those shoes and they're my go-to shoe. Yes they're not rare but they're still one of my favorite shoes. I get way more complements on these 975s than I do on my Whiskey She'll LHS or anything else rare like that.We tend to forget that most "normal guys" have like three pairs of dress shoes at most. 87.48% of the men at my office wear black...
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