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Watched this last night with the wife .Enjoyed it a lot. I was 11-12 when it all came down . I was surprised how much I remembered about it 
I lost my car keys once
In spite of the fact that I have owned (ocean) boats,scuba dive ,surf and live a mile away from one I find beaches to be sandy ,boring strips of misery
Dogma is a scurge to be battled at every turn 
I worked in environments similar to this for 30 years and I only experienced a crane almost going over once . It was my error that caused it too. Not something I'll likely ever forget
Some of you old-timers might remember this one  http://www.nytimes.com/1989/11/29/us/at-least-5-people-are-killed-as-crane-topples-in-downtown-san-francisco.html
Oh bullshit! The last battle of soldier to soldier was Iwo Jima
There are not enough thumbs for this post
Well you will have to put up with the crowds
C'est d'la merde!
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