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This is pretty much normal for cxl I wouldn't wax it though if it were me [[SPOILER]]
This is the the price you payFor this
I understand that it has become a term to describe something other than a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party but the fact that for all their endearing qualities they are most remembered for being strict is just kinda weird . Hell the nuns were strict
This trend of calling anyone who doesn't agree with you a nazi . Do these people even know what a nazi was . There are no more nazis . It is a term for a defunct political party like the Whigs who the fuck goes around calling people Whigs
I see awful lot of movies that would be virtually unwatchable in a theater yet I enjoy them laying on my couch a few steps from my kitchen . Just an observation. I'm sure this is pretty common . Anyway this explains why I was able to watch We're the Millers yesterday a movie that appeared to have a hilarious plot backed up by competent comedy actors but I bet it really sucked in the theater
Some are just fun to watch onscreen others are talented actors . Both can make a movie enjoyable . Sometimes I like to watch unpretentious trashy entertainment
Mmmm i dunno he does have an oscar , a golden globe and an sag
Daniel Day Lewis amazes me every role he takes on I expect some overacted Shakespearean ham up but he always just nails it . I think he may be the best ,certainly one of the best film actors ever
Left hand twill and low tension weaves in a decent fit are some of the most comfortable pants you can wear . The original idea behind raw denim was to end up with a great fitting comfortable pair of jeans . The whole SICK FADES thing is just a sideshow that's gotten out of hand IMO. I personally could care less about fades esp if it perverts the whole purpose . If yer jawnz are dirty wash em.
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