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My neighbors go so far as to hire a plumber , schedule him for the next day , then come ask me how much it should cost hoping I'll say " oh hell he's gonna charge you an arm and a leg I'll do it" which I do .oh well when God gives you these gifts you just have to share them with the rest of humanity
Yikes !!! I can't listen to this anymore. Either one will work you just have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time . Make sure there is water in the bowl, push down and pull-up fast and hard . Let the water displacement do the work. It'll take a couple tries to get the knack . If you can't get it you will need to go to the hardware store and get a bowl snake. If you can't operate that you're going to have to break down and call a plumber but none of this stuff...
My wife applied for a job she was pretty sure she had no shot at ( Spanish teacher) they made her an offer on the spot ,she accepted now she's worried she missed something . Well we will find out in sept. wont we
Hey TS any info on the next telegraph jacket run ? Like material ,colors dates....
Best shirt ever everybody needs one
Youse guys pair up in groups a three
Keith Richards cuts his own hair . With a knife no less
Pretty sure the Twitter posts are in jest . At least I hope they are . They are right ?
pBs new avatar?
No PTO in union construction, no vacation , no sick leave,no hardship ,no problems
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