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I have an area of Bermuda that I brought back from a weed patch. Since I live in California I have to keep it with grey water from the shower but it does great with that . All the yellow patches are from my dogs(2). No fertilizer in my case fwiw
I say that every time I check out at the grocery store ps: I worked over 30 years in construction and from what I have seen I would say his work is excellent
My expenditures were always driven by the fact that I could never afford to put myself in a position wherein I couldn't afford to survive a 6month unemployment. Still managed to travel extensively and pursue a couple of fairly expensive sports habits.I retired 10 years ago with  100k+ income. This was on a blue collar job.In the SF Bay Area
My sleep number is 69
The amount of money people will spend on their cars (or trucks) blows my mind .They will buy a truck that costs 40k+and add 50k worth of crap to it. in the end its really still just a truck
Started drinking early? Next time I rob a bank I'll tell the cops I needed the money . Obviously justified 
You are implying that an explanation is the same thing as a justification ?
This does not necessarily represent the views of our sponsors.
What do I think? I spent the majority of my life in pre-internet world.To be honest if there was some way to make the whole thing go away tomorrow I think we would be vastly better off for it
??Sounds like LBJ or my dad . He was never quite able to get past those battles in the South Pacific
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