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That's cus you way too old
This is correct but to complicate matters further , my family spoke French, were of Louisiana French descent but we're not Cajuns
It's been a long time since I hunted deer in Louisiana . If I remember correctly we used aught and slugs mostly , deer stands and dogs . The terrain down in the southern part of the state is so heavy that your chances of even seeing an animal at more than 30 yards is little to none . The area is called Cajun country due to its occupants being descendants of French Canadian immigrants. Truly a world of its own in the 1950s. The idea of sportsmanship was Not even a...
Or even as their whole entire name such as " when I want to work on a small part I put it in device"
Oh well it seems @Biscottiis uninterested in playing anyway
Yeah SR why? The boys obviously happy about something
Which one ? Union that is
Thus causing you to rise above the mire of mediocrity the drowns the soul of so many in these times of social conformity . Or you could just have beer
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