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You know that if you now have good close vision and you correct both eyes for nearsightedness you will likely need reading glasses
I can still read SF and Kindle books on my  iPhone without reading glasses .  I use reading glasses if I'm reading more than a few minuets though. I wore cheaters (magnifiers) in my welding hood  since I was in my early 40s but that required  a level of vision far out  of the norm especially the critical work that the  semiconductor industry wanted
About 20 years ago works fine . Worked my last 10 years as a welder with no problems . I was about -2.75 now test 20/20 with both eyes of course the one eye I didn't have done, I can't even find the chart
Cool were you at Stanford ? Im sure you must remember me. I was the guy with the hard hat and overalls
As unhappy as I am with Hillary as the Democratic candidate I have been unable to fathom how anyone could support Trump.After watching that fat idiot carry on for 7 mins over what was obviously a knuckle headed Jimmy Kimmel joke I understand a lot better.
Yep he was also a space cowboy but I bet you weren't ready for that
 Knew a guy named Maurice who wanted to be known as the gangster of love
[[SPOILER]] Shame he had to go through that.My docs have been pretty aggressive from the get go . I just wondered if they are covering the bases . Seems they are
What exactly did they do to "mishandle " it? I have had 4 biopsies , blood and urine tests and an MRI ,yearly exam by my urologist and PSA every 6 months . Everything comes back negative . I've quit worrying about it . Gone be what its gone be
The closest I ever got to the VA was working on the construction crew at the hospital in Palo Alto
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