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A platonic form is the essence of something, it is what makes the object that particular object. The form is immaterial and can only be known by reason. For example toast is only a copy of actual toast only by thinking of toast in terms of the potential of the bread can we actually see the toast. Toastiness transcends to all things that look toasty, so toast is manifested on the sandwich,with bacon and eggs or with creamed beef in its most superior manifestation sos, but...
Nope if its old ceramic pull chain type  the switch is self contained just two wires and two screws 
I don't know the dates .My house is 70 years old in an incorporated area of California and it is knob and tube. If patch in work has been done it would still be a good idea to have sparky look at it
Wire is wire unless your unlucky enough to have aluminum . Its the condition of the insulator thats of major concern. It sounds like you should have a reputable electrician have a look at the house and let you know whats what.  The wiring systems in older homes were fine but they were designed for much less usage than they are subjected to today. As to the light socket its just two wires 
So you met the wife
It happens ,                            or so I've heard
Last year my wife was bugging me to paint the laundry room . A month later I had refinished the kitchen cabinets, replaced the range, installed a vent hood, painted every room in the house and tiled my front porch and steps .  So yeah I hear you bro
Those long chain polymers impart a delicately subtle flavor
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