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I never was a big fan of Zep but it is good to see they still threaten uptight  establishment types
I heard they broke up
This looks like an old man who really gives a fuck about what some kid thinks ?
Even the posters?
My doc told me my prostate was the size of a young childs......head .Another time he asked me which of us drove to the appointment . My brothers doc told him prostate cancer was so genetically prevelant in his family even his mama had it 
Boy George was from a time when a man had to have balls to be a woman
       The only reason people go to chiropractors is because they are too uninformed or lazy for physical therapy. Only you can keep yourself well.Docs and chiros only treat the results of your failure whereas P/Ts guide you in ways to properly care for the muscle and skeletal systems and bring them back from injury but you gotta do the work . After major surgery the surgeons don't send you to a chriopractor to heal     
It makes them feel like they are in control.Moms need that
Check the Alden thread . Those are Alden for J Crew color 8 perforated cap toe . Lots of them around should be able to find a pair for @ 4-500. I bought  a pair off SF buy and sell for $425 couple years ago
Two of the most dificult metals to join are copper and stainless steel because copper is so conductive that by the time its hot enough to take the brazing medium the stainless is too hot 
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