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I'm with you JC we had to put down our 15 yo Jack Russell yesterday . She was a tough old gal ,hit twice by cars without a scratch ,thrown down a flight of stairs by an errant toddler,an ear cut off and totally blind for her last 5 years
Thats sad.I'm going surfing
My wife starts reading this to me. I ask what is it the onion? No, no she says its the New Yorker . Oh bullshit I say,no way. She reads a bit more . Oh wait, never mind . http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/trump-threatens-to-skip-remaining-debates-if-hillary-is-there
Loma Prieta 30 minutes ago  coincidentally the epicenter of the Oct 1989 Quake
They always stop me so as  they can get the deets on my italian jackets, japanese denim and alden boots 
You talkin' ta me?
ed Forecast for 2 Miles ENE Santa Cruz CA   NOW until 8:00pm Mon Heat Advisory
Hey Finn they actually did get it on the surveillance
Nothing funny about The Hawk
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