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First post. Dirty mirror. iPhone Taylor Stitch GV. N&F
Worn them all my life .Always will. There was a time when raw 501's were the only jeans there were . Oh there were some cowboy jeans but cowboys wore those.You worked in them till they were soft and faded then they became "dress" jeans . Same thing now just lots more choices. That and penny's doesn't have them on sale for $5 anymore
DL?? Looks great
If they are sanforized you MAY be alright. If they are stf there is no way you will even be able to get them on after they are washed
While your experience is certainly valid your inference is not . A quick read through this thread willreveal numerous examples of hooks tearing out I only post this for anyone who might be trying to decide which way to go
When those speed hooks rip out , as is all too common on shell, all that time you saved seems superfluous. If I have a choice its eyelets all the way
Just want to give a shout out to the guys at the chestnut store. I drove up to the city today ostensibly to visit my daughter, who just happens to live a few blocks away,when my true mission was to hit the sample sale in the lower haight . Arriving a little after opening I discovered @'50 people waiting in line to get in . Oh well so much for the sample sale. Proceeding onward to my fatherly duties and while taking my girl to lunch I popped into the chestnut store...
Interested in a barena blazer on yoox( we all know about yoox garment descriptions) says it is a "cotton sweatshirt fleece" anyone have any hands on with this or know more about it. Thanks in advance for any feedback
In what way does it differ. I've removed the coating from a pair of Alden cigar Indys . It was an accidental/ probably foolish/ mad scientist sort of affair but it turned out well and they actually have developed a beautiful patina. Just curious as I've never owned a pair of AE shells. Now that I think about it I don't belive I've even seen a pair irl
Almost bought a pair of those still regret missing unfortunately I wear a 101/2 oh well . Did you get that resole in the Bay Area? if so who did it ?great job
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