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You only say that here because you know most folks don't know what that really means. Speaking of surfing did you guys know Manton surfs, or did at one time
Well alrighty then. I dont't usually hear much talk about PSIA levels round the old geezers I hang around with sounds like you know more about it than I do . Have fun
If you cannot ski the most difficult terrain at virtually any big mountain resort with ease and proper  form  under almost any condtions you are not a level 9 skier( not that it matters, they are going to teach to your present skill level). I've skied 30-40 day seasons for over 40 years and I would say i"m about a level 7. Don't worry they are used to it everyone overestimates their skill level .
That is tiny. I seem to remember that the code is 5x7 min. Not too sure how someone would have gotten that one by but its been quite some time since I've visited the UPC
Pretty obvious who's gonna' struggle come the apokalips
YupIf I found a plumber who was not willing to bring other trades in on a facelift I wouldn't use him. This is meat and potatoes work for these guys
This. something as simple as a bathroom remodel is simple to coordinate on your own. A good plumber will probably have other trades he works with on a regular basis. I would google fu what the going rate for a bath is in my area and then have the contractors explain why their price varies,if it does. If you purchase the big ticket items on your own it sort of turns it into simply a  labor rate question
Gopher stomping techniques are are way more fun to talk about
When "I" remodeled my 1940s bathroom 20 years ago  I used 4' beaded oak wainscoting still looks new in spite of raising 3 kids . I realize it is a bit oaky for some but it really is tough and you can always paint it at some point
Well at least my life is not so dull that I have to spice it up spell checking some strangers google search
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