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Huge fan of TS .Telegraph Jacket is amazing ,my favorite thing right now . Says a lot considering I got a closet full of unstructured Italian jackets .I have a suggestion for a workshop item that I belive would go over big. I've been looking for a sashiko indigo work type jacket for quite awhile .All the japanese models run too small.The blue blue Japan is spot on but the xl has a 21" chest:confused:
Love the shirt I've been looking at GV for awhile but all the discussion around fit made me wary.At any rate they fit me fine in xl . A little long but I'm pretty handy with a sewing machine takes me @ 15 mins to cut and rehem if I don't have to change thread. Same with tapering but making em bigger uhh not so easy.
Anyone familiar with the sizing on the GVxUnionmade Naturals collection . I recently picked one of these up on the bay and wondered how it ran compared to their other stuff. This shirt fits as perfectly as I could hope for thus I'm interested in some more of their stuff .Thanks ahead for any feedback
Long story but essentially I have a new in the box pair of chili Lasalls 11 D I will let someone have for the cost of shipping .They have some slight vamp creasing from store .tryon but otherwise brand new.:satisfied:PM me if interested . Shipping should run @ $15-$18 These are gone
I would def size up they will stretch almost everywhere but thighs least of all . Tapered is JB s roomiest model so that's not an option Blue Owl gives great measurements for all their jeans plus the are really good people to deal with
Vintage Keith Highlanders probably from the late 70s.Marked 10 1/2 C.pretty much tts. Best if that left you enough room for a good insole as the original footbed is pretty well formed . These are some serious gunboats . A single shoe weighs close to 2 lbs .Massive leather storm welted soles w/ topys measure over 5/8".Beautiful thick color 8 shell a little stiff but no cracking .When shell lovers talk about stuff from back in the day that they don't have anymore this is...
I have a pair of the limited run low tension seldvedge that are far and wide my favorite fabric . Since these are no longer made does N&F make a pair that are presently available that come close to them . The nubbiness and weight are perfect Sanforized is preferred . Many thanks in advance for any feedback on this
Because I have received numerous requests for the leather boot tongue trainers I was making awhile back I am posting in regards to to them . The leather supplier I use has not been carrying the material I use to make them (4-5 oz vegtan ) until he does I am unable to make anymore . I use this leather to make wallets and the trainers are made from scrap. However I will post pic for anyone caring to make them themselves . They are very simple and as they say a picture is...
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