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Speaking of Clint I watched a good doc on John Milius on Netflix
I have done some indigo dying the following will reduce the transfer1-soak and rinse2- iron with a hot iron ( be careful to avoid " shining " the fabric3- lay out garment and rub with scrap flannel , repeat this several times4- hang the garment in the sun for a period of time (my personal favorite )All or a combination these steps will reduce transfers to a varying degrees but be aware that they result In a pre-aging of the material and as such lessen the dramatic effect...
Whenever you run into someone in the men's room casually bring up Trumans firing of MacArther or the second amendment if he Goes on for an hour you'll know it's him
Emailed him twice a couple days ago he go back rite away both time?????
I know huh dat guys pents are wierd
Oh belive me they use it to describe a lot more than stylish gentlemen . It is a meaningless insult borne out of the minds of pubescent sexually insecure males . Don't take it personally
Just be glad his not posting hourly bowel status reports . At least not yet
Holy shit!!! 269 a second??Somebody gotta kill themchickens otherwise we be neck deep in chicken shit in no time
DarnTough best socks made. Buy 1 pair you'll never buy anything else . Word
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