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Tonite ! I been flipping around for a couple days
I hung out in that scene quite a bit at one time .i had some buddies from nam that lived in those SoCal beach towns I always thought the movie worked because they did such a good job portraying it . Doubt seriously it can be repeated . I don't know about any bank robbing but drug smuggling was def high on the list of income sources
My daughter had her tonsils out . It reduced her allergy suffering tremendously?? Just sayin
Yesterday my.wife bumped the horn at bicyclist because he was wandering back and forth texting . He began to scream at me about his right to use the whole lane and continued to scream as he rode thru a 4 way intersection against the light
We got married twice with no divorce in between ( long story ) will we have to get divorced twice ???
Don't worry once she clears her brain of caffeine and noxious gases you'll prolly be next to go
Jeeze it was a joke I don't block anyone but I certainly support anyone blocking me
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