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Pretty sure she was doing a dive into the mosh pit
Ive always been confused as to how the criticism of one semitic group regarding their treatment of another semitic group is anti semitic
Ah Seperaration of Church and State. Yet another blind spot for those who expound a belief in the strict interpretation of the Constitution and its Amendments
The repercussions of said indiscretions have been lasting and profound. Someone has to pay.
Existential angst
The only thing that surpasses the cowardly malice  of doing that is the myopic egotism it would require to record it and put it up on the internet
This "the left"thing that seems to be so popular around here is about meaningless as "racism". It makes me reactively question the observational skills of the users
I would think having an official language would be just another example of big government telling what we can or can't do. As far as racism goes that term has officially reached the point of meaninglessness. Unless someone is actually making the statement that one race is intrinsically superior to another,I just ignore it
Is English a second language in Ontario too?
Society for the Prevention of Latino Craziness?
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