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Interested in a barena blazer on yoox( we all know about yoox garment descriptions) says it is a "cotton sweatshirt fleece" anyone have any hands on with this or know more about it. Thanks in advance for any feedback
In what way does it differ. I've removed the coating from a pair of Alden cigar Indys . It was an accidental/ probably foolish/ mad scientist sort of affair but it turned out well and they actually have developed a beautiful patina. Just curious as I've never owned a pair of AE shells. Now that I think about it I don't belive I've even seen a pair irl
Almost bought a pair of those still regret missing unfortunately I wear a 101/2 oh well . Did you get that resole in the Bay Area? if so who did it ?great job
HBO time than it takes [/quote]it is difficult to tell from this pic but what I think you have is this ; when a buttonhole is sewn there is not a hole yet. It is cut out after the sewing is complete . I belive th,at those are just threads that can snipped with a pair of scissors . If not it is easily repairable anyone with a machine capable of making buttonholes( that's about 99.9% of machines) can fix it in minutes
ok now I'm really confused I finally pickd up a couple GVshirts xl both calls chest to be 24 " .fit great. now I go to the warehouse sale site all xl show chest to be 25.5" ????? Any one know what going on
I re-wired my old knob and tube in Romex. Enough of this foolishness I got a busy afternoon planned
I converted my garage into an apartment with a bath and kitchen for my daughter
I re- piped my old galvy water system in copper
I installed a grey water system to my backyard
If I ordered a sashiko heavy jacket today how long till I could expect to get it ? I noticed it does not have a chest patch pocket can I order it with one?
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