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Screeching bag of air?
Powering the warp drive for a leap as far away as the Rediculous Hyperbola is major undertaking Cap'n.I'm not sure she can handle it.
People with the surname Desai: Morarji Desai – Prime Minister of India (1977–79) Mahadev Desai – Secretary to Mahatma Gandhi Meghnad Desai, Baron Desai – Economist Manmohan Desai – Director Mavjibhai Desai – Vice chairman of Banas Dairy Prachi Desai – Actress Bindu Desai – Actress Krutika Desai – Actress Anoop Desai – American singer C. D. Desai – Banker and philatelist Anita Desai – Author, mother of author Kiran Desai Kiran Desai – Author Krishna Desai –...
Urban myth. In all of the cases the cats had been smoking bath salts
Hey thats like cultural appropriation . You know how many cigarettes , shots of booze,grinder dust and years of yelling over machinery it takes for an old pipe fitter to talk like that.
greger is that you?
Stick it in a self-addressed return envelope and send it to me .If it can be  fixed  i'll fix er' for you . Seriously though thats why I bought a valve with a pot filler and spray head separate. They are not for everyone as they are a little industrial looking but I love mine
I usually just laugh off these SJW kids but that voice Where does anyone talk like that
I'm with you JC we had to put down our 15 yo Jack Russell yesterday . She was a tough old gal ,hit twice by cars without a scratch ,thrown down a flight of stairs by an errant toddler,an ear cut off and totally blind for her last 5 years
Thats sad.I'm going surfing
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