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Wait tilil yer old lady goes through menopause and argues with every word that comes out . Turks a frickin' light weight
Actually with satellites and computer modeling this has become amazingly accurate. You need to get your weather herehttp://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?CityName=Santa+Cruz&state=CA&site=MTR&textField1=36.9742&textField2=-122.03&e=0#.V3FTsFeMBjU
Well if you two  weren't so defensive about your shit it might occur to you  that I was also goading but the idea that honorifics and titles are the only things that identify us as sentient is just bullshit and you know it
This has @HRoi written all over it
Good to see you guys are realizing how worthless all that crap is 
Probably belongs in the GOT thread but 
What confuses me is the motivation to watch a tv show that you obviously hate. Can't wait to hear the inaccuracy call outs on the battle with a zombie army
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