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Most people don't realize how deserted the California coast is between the major cities. How many people out of the area even know a major fire the size of San Francisco has been raging for almost a month less than 50 miles from major metro areas. Thats south of SF once you get north its really empty 
Back in the day we used to get stoned and drive around in 17 Mile Drive and lay claim the one we were going to take over come the revolution
Just bit of anecdotal experience but I've owned 2 homes with inground pools and I detest the damn things . Unless you are able to look 5 years down the road and just accept it as an expensive landscape feature I would advise against one, but that's me 
 Far from the most irritating shtick on the forum 
Extended Forecast for2 Miles ENE Santa Cruz CA Tonight   Patchy Fog Low: 56 °F Saturday   Patchy Fog then Sunny High: 68 °F Saturday Night Patchy Fog Low: 56 °F Sunday   Patchy Fog then Sunny High: 68 °F Sunday Night Patchy Fog Low: 56 °F Monday   Patchy Fog then Patchy Smoke High: 69 °F Monday Night Patchy Fog Low: 56 °F Tuesday   Patchy Fog then Patchy Smoke High: 70 °F Tuesday Night
Did he wear these kind?
Like princes
My cousin got his PhD in Nuclear Physics at the Univ of Chicago in the 60s and when I read stuff he writes I don't even understand the title
I worked in a dust and smoke filled atmosphere .Contacts were out of the question . I was constantly taking my glasses off and on for close work . Bifocals worked ok for most close stuff but not welding. It was a godsend for me
Fuck all birthdays. Oh you special little flower! You were born! How unique! We must celebrate!
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