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I couldn't avert my eyes . Like watching a train wreck
If you find out let me know I been asking about it for a year with no response
L'incsy lives in South America??
I enjoyed it but I have been a huge consumer of scifi in my lifetime and found it a bit cliched and predictable. The overall message however is spookily appropriate to the condition of the world today
 Michael Connely wrote the books .He has another called the Lincoln Lawyer series you might enjoy . Or not
On toast
                Shower valves are kinda ambitious hope you are handy w/plumbing . I know a lot of tricks so if you run into problems feel free to pm
I got this one. I like it a lot. Sorry for the crappy photo
A platonic form is the essence of something, it is what makes the object that particular object. The form is immaterial and can only be known by reason. For example toast is only a copy of actual toast only by thinking of toast in terms of the potential of the bread can we actually see the toast. Toastiness transcends to all things that look toasty, so toast is manifested on the sandwich,with bacon and eggs or with creamed beef in its most superior manifestation sos, but...
Nope if its old ceramic pull chain type  the switch is self contained just two wires and two screws 
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