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I've quit ( for several years at a time) numerous times . Just put em down, don't look back and never say never
That really looks like an Alden on tHe Barrie is the fit similar
My 22 yr old (her) My friend posted on Facebook that he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. Me ( after research ) it says here that they are highly non-aggressive, 80% of bites are misdiagnosed and they do not live in California Her- Bullshit my friend was just bitten by one
Sorry I looked at this
This always
Go to the Alden thread post "nice shoes " after pics you'll be there in no time
This also the jacquard dot
I'm a looseeanna swamp people an we way mo intarestin
I thought New Yorkers invented uptown/downtown. if you don't know who does???
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