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Not sure what all the middle school histrionics are about. I was just commenting on the huge disparity in home prices that are driven simply by location location . Someone seems a bit sensitive. Sorry I never meant to trigger an episode
Summary for Santa cruz The median sales price for homes in Santa cruz CA for Feb 15 to May 15 was $674,000. This represents a decline of 0.1%, or $1,000, compared to the prior quarter and an increase of 0.6% compared to the prior year. Sales prices have appreciated 19.3% over the last 5 years in Santa cruz. The average listing price for Santa cruz homes for sale on Trulia was $968,229 for the week ending May 13, which represents an increase of 3.4%, or $32,205, compared to...
Oh yeah location where we live if you even found a $375 k home it probably wouldn't even ha,be a kitchen or even a foundation for that matter
EEven sanforized jeans shrink a bit if they are un wearable after a wash they were too tight to begin with . Tub soak shrinks less than machine
320 grit is just about right if you want to sand . Good balance of control and aggressiveness. Buy the wet/ dry stuff and sand just a little at a time between washes . Stick to the commonly worn areas . Most people get impatient . Do it right and you'll end up with jeans that look naturally worn in . Nothing beats just doing hard hot dirty work in them though
This. Way too many conversations linking Don to the Coke account for that ad to be just a random indictment of the "new religion"
iBadnews. There is really nothing you can do if you you ger too aggressive you run the chance of permently damaging the leatherGoodness It will more than likely dissipate to insignificance given a little time
Being an avid reader I have almost always been disappointed in the translation of print to other media but as one who has not read a word of the GOT books I gotta say I think this show rocks
rYou may not be a doctor but you may have just diagnosed a mysterious intermittent rash I have had for over 20 years it appears on my lower leg just above the sock line but below the top of the western style work boots I always wore on the job and guess what that job was . Pipewelder
New Posts  All Forums: