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Holy crap this is what its come to?Glad I'm old 
Little highway history for ya' . Back in the olden times some states required semis to be licensed to operate within them. Im not sure of the details but it was pretty common for most cross country rigs to have a half dozen plates or so
Thats far from a secret, no need for a code
My wife laughs her ass off every time she sees some incarnation of that bit and I totally don't get it at all. It just seems beyond dumb . Must be some secretly coded message in there 
Its an attention seeking mechanism 
Use a box of popcorn ala Mickey Rourke in Diner
Tejas? The only place I've ever  been shot at outside a war zone was Tejas. Suck it
Must be Obama
I wouldn't point to Canada as the poster child for sensible regulations around here unless you are just looking for 
It wasn't what I would call a dispute as much as the circus coming to town but yeah I don't lose any sleep over these guys.Other than getting themselves shot and put in jail they don't seem that dangerous in the scheme of things
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