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Anyone else run across these on ebay ? Definitely a style of their own
Watched the new hbo thing True Detective with Matthew McCaughney and Woody Harrelson. looks frickin awesome
In The Departed he used Keith Richards intro to Gimme Shelter numerous times . It also happened to be the ringtone on my phone . I spent half the movie grabbing for the damn thing
I post this now and then as a public service but a lot of people don't realize that tapering a pair of jeans is actually easier than hemming .Any good seamstress should do it for a minimal charge . I do my own and anyone else's do free . it's really that easy. if your ever in Santa Cruz pm me and bring your jeans
I recently got a pair of the N&F low tension weave limited run . I love the denim in these jeans anyone tell me another jean with a similar denim
I just made up a dozen of these anyone needs em pm me an address. You guys who asked before I've already sent yours out.
They arn't cracks it is a creasing typical but not universal to cxl . If it bothers you you should probably avoid cxl . Many of us buy this leather precisely because of this rather than in spite of it . Kinda like saying I like shell cordovan expect its too shiney
This is pretty much normal for cxl I wouldn't wax it though if it were me [[SPOILER]]
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