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I prefer to know who the haters are
Maintaining an unoxidized finish on copper is an exercise in frustration
Ouch! My old unit has a website . Buncha old tea party types bitchin about the government and trying to figure ways to get money from the VA. Hope you aren't in that line
May need to kill off a grandma or better yet an aunt or uncle you can only use the grandma twice
Avoid em like the plague they have nothing positive to add to your life
Tonite ! I been flipping around for a couple days
I hung out in that scene quite a bit at one time .i had some buddies from nam that lived in those SoCal beach towns I always thought the movie worked because they did such a good job portraying it . Doubt seriously it can be repeated . I don't know about any bank robbing but drug smuggling was def high on the list of income sources
My daughter had her tonsils out . It reduced her allergy suffering tremendously?? Just sayin
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