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Somewhere far far away in the far far future an advanced civilization will study the beginnings of humanity . This picture will caption the section on THE INTERNET
Sulfur and brimstone?.
Sorry about the injury . Next time heat that fitting cherry red . It'll come apart with a pair of channel locks . Retired steam fitter welcome to 30 years of my life
They were awesome as two FBI agents on Fargo
I never thought of priests as politically partisan but I guess with the kid toucher thing and all this kinda makes sense
[quote name="dcg" url="/t/29653/things-that-are-pissing-you-off/76395#post_8015062" the girlfriend goes shopping and I just got shit on[/quote] I know the feelin'
The production values were outstanding but the writing sucked imo . I kept feeling like they scammed the producers into paying them to travel to all these cool locations, shoot all these lush scenes meanwhile making it up in airport bars between flights
I have the original 70 yr old tile kitchen counter and sink the only prob was the enamel on the cast iron sink was shot . When I looked into it I found they still made the sink, popped out a few 3/4 rounds , old sink out , new one in
My neighbors go so far as to hire a plumber , schedule him for the next day , then come ask me how much it should cost hoping I'll say " oh hell he's gonna charge you an arm and a leg I'll do it" which I do .oh well when God gives you these gifts you just have to share them with the rest of humanity
Yikes !!! I can't listen to this anymore. Either one will work you just have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time . Make sure there is water in the bowl, push down and pull-up fast and hard . Let the water displacement do the work. It'll take a couple tries to get the knack . If you can't get it you will need to go to the hardware store and get a bowl snake. If you can't operate that you're going to have to break down and call a plumber but none of this stuff...
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