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I cut the grass
Everyone knows cats are an alien race which have enslaved humans. Be aware any day now they will put down this foolishness. 
Our military is 100% volunteer .If you don't want to fight and all that entails don't join .
Deep latent knowledge waiting to erupt. The bird pics are seismic rumblings of a desire to flee the closet and fly into the arms of the true self
I had a friend back in the day got busted with a jar(1000) of beans(speed) in the Seattle airport . Both he and the narcs were surprised to find out it was No-Doz
Horse shit aint nothing but grass and hay dogshit hit on the other hand well...................
You mean doing something besides sitting in the interwebz and pissing and moaning about how everyone else is the blame for everything ? I would certainly hope so
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