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           My old man always complained about Ralph Nader fucking up hotdogs when he made em' take out the pig foreskins
My next door neighbor in Santa Cruz has about 6 of those things .He mechs on em for a living so his customers are always parking in front of my house 
Br'er Rabbit and The Tar Baby
My wife decides to add Showtime to our Comcast line up .   One week , three trips to the comcast store, two new cable boxes,one new modem,half dozen calls to customer service ,one service call and god knows how much money later we now have showtime
BNWT Not even tried on Retail $200         https://www.blueowl.us/product/japan-blue-125oz-african-cotton-tapered-raw-selvedge-denim-model-jb0404/
I' m sure you aw this coming
Good write up thanks
wow I haven't thought about that in a long time but that is exactly what happened
Likewise guess its good thing neither of us depend on comedy for a source of income
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