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"I've seen dumpsters, filled to the brim with copper pipes, on their way to the landfill"
I've just spent the majority of the last 2 weeks in the Sierras above 6k in a house that is heated entirely with wood. I hereby declare exemption from accusations of cuckness for life
I have always considered a fact to be something that by all appearances and available measures is true unless proven otherwise.Well it appears I was wrong.
I sea what you did their
I have this persistant blind spot that shows up on the peripheral test,my nerve looks "unusual"but my pressures are normal.They want me to go on drops just in case.What a pita .
17 years for me .I can function fine without glasses but if I'm driving distance and reading more than 15 mins or so I wear glasses. I only had one eye done so I could still do the other one  but I'm too old and lazy to care. 30 years staring through a welding lens I can't complain
I recently got rear ended (thank you)by a guy who had Usaa . Never been treated better. Just sayin'
http://www.wsj.com/articles/obamacare-is-getting-higher-marks-new-poll-finds-1484673035 As buyers remorse starts to set in." Wait what do you mean my gardener is getting deported!"
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