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unstructured toe 
^^^^^^ sorry wrong thread
You should google waxed flesh images. There are a lot of ways folks like to deal with this leather . I just beat mine up let them show the wear
Just goes to show how good tv movies have gotten to be
I got a great sunburn story. I was camping in the Florida keys In the70s and there was a group of underprivileged teenagers from south Philly on some sort of church or community outreach trip in the same campground . Well this one kid managed to sunburn himself so badly he spent the rest of the week walking around in long johns coated with vaseline
My youngest daughter is learning to drive so we have been going here  a few times a week to watch the sunset. Otherwise I avoid it like the plague. Almost all the surfing here is off the rocks
Watched this last night with the wife .Enjoyed it a lot. I was 11-12 when it all came down . I was surprised how much I remembered about it 
I lost my car keys once
In spite of the fact that I have owned (ocean) boats,scuba dive ,surf and live a mile away from one I find beaches to be sandy ,boring strips of misery
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