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Stay outa California
Bidets and urinals are like two completely different things .I guess you could piss in a bidet but thats not what its for
Whenever  I hear someone explain their support for Trump Smells Like Teen Spirit runs through my head
@MrG Gotcha it is more  a regional thing than. I just had never run across it until just recently. I was in a restaurant in Bangkok Thailand ,way back when ,that had Louisiana prawns on the menu . I asked the waiter' what the hell is a prawn .I'm from louisiana and I never heard of a prawn"
Wtf Anybody that got that much poontang when I was that age woulda been the king of cocksmen. Too much easily accessible internet porn creating unrealistic expectations
Damn LD you coulda put in a link . Now I gotta google it
Well Gib you can still go for The Bern .California is and you know what they say" as California goes so goes the nation"
In Louisiana we used to say making ice tea was the craziest thing people did . You heat it up to make it hot then you put ice in it to make it cold then you put sugar in it to make it sweet then you put lemons in it to make it sour
Man that crap comes outa nowhere . Ive had two close ones this year . First one a box about the size a washing machine comes in fell off a flat bed semi into my lane at about 75-80 I hit it full on but it was empty except for some styro packing material. It just flew over the top of my truck . Second one a guy on a Harley lost it and went under the trailer of a semi in the lane in front of me . I'll skip the gory details but I was really lucky neither the Harley nor the...
They grow good onions there
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