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Thanks. Only asked about the detailing because I thought only WW2 Levi's were missing rivets due to demand for metal.
Found this pair http://www.ebay.com/itm/29-x-30-New-Levis-527-Boot-Cut-Jeans-Dark-Blue-Everglade-Straight-Fit-Low-Rise-/360710512327?pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item53fc059ec7 and noticed a few things:   - 2 watch pockets, both without rivets - 3 lines of stitching on the front pockets - 2 belt loops on the back - A white line (of stitching?) running between the 2 top lines of horizontal stitching on both back pockets - "Reinforced" outside seams down to crotch...
Try going for a longer hairstyle — that takes no effort (other than being careful not to damage your hair).
Sulphate-free shampoo creates less lather. I suspect you might have used more than you would with sulphate shampoos in order to make it feel "the same".
I've never tried sulphate-free — I went from shampoo+conditioner every day to every other day, then to using baking soda and vinegar/tea every other day, then to water only. Shampoo is still shampoo, sulphate-free or otherwise — I'd use use it however you need to to get a good feeling.   I think the only way to go about this is to use your new shampoo once then do water-only or conditioner-only until you know you need to use the shampoo again. It might be once a week,...
Interesting — what do you mean by minimalist footwear? Like Vibram's Five Fingers?
I think inter-group comparisons are pretty extreme at school, perhaps more so than in some jobs.      
So it seems that a very slight heel is okay but high heels are bad, and shoes that best imitate the shape of the foot with the least padding are best.
I don't think dry hair is the reason for low sebum production. I think not taking out too much sebum in the first place prevents the body from overcompensating for the loss by subsequently overproducing sebum. I used to use a shampoo and conditioner for oily hair every morning — by the next morning I'd look like I'd slathered oil on. Nowadays I use water every other day.   I think the thing to be careful of with conditioner washing is that it can leave residue if you...
I regularly wear 2 pairs of shoes without any heels: Mocs and boat shoes. Then I have 2 pairs with some sort of heel: Chelsea boots and Dr Martens 1460.   I do notice a difference in the feel, but I'm undecided on which is more comfortable. I can only say that the sharper the angle of the heel, the harder/faster I tend to slap my foot down — I'm gentlest on my mocs.   Any thoughts on comfort and (potential) long-term effects of heel-less vs heels? Do you choose...
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