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good stuff 
This is really great, man. What pants are those 
Nice and thick corduroy material, with thick MOP buttons, and vibrant paisley/floral print.  Never worn besides being tried on, shirt just doesn't fit me.  NWOT
Unworn Hender scheme vans. These shoes are incredible, have very soft leather, and leather insole, and the whole inside of the shoe is leather. These have only been tried on in my apartment, and come with extra set of laces and the original box. Would love to keep these, but they're unfortunately just too big. Will also trade for unworn or slightly worn Hender Schemes of the SAME model.  They retail for almost 800$ but I need money quickly so I'm listing them low, send me...
yo @Severisth plz don't send me offers in the future, which i accept, and then not pay or even send a message saying you don't want it anymore. 
supposed to be a bumblebee. It kinda thick and squishy and is made out of beads(i think). its fun to wear i love it 
In great condition still, incredibly durable bag. The gold on the back is thick and looks great, and the front is plasticky, and pretty water resistant. Retailed for 400+
These are pretty well worn but still plenty of life in them. Almost no wear on the soles, and still pretty clean. 7.5/10 condition.
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