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This is seriously great 
  Burlington Arcade in london iirc. like a five minute walk from the Piccadilly circus stop
 Agreed 100%, wish i had some navy trews or something for it rather than the khaki. 
Haven't posted here in awhile   Raeburn/Jil Sander/EG/uniqlo/ Bernard Willhelm   Raeburn/Dana Lee/Levis/Willhelm
The order has not been made yet so if you like, you can alter the size/measurements to whatever you like. If you purchase it and email Charly with your desired size, they can make it as that. So this is essentially a spot for any TOJ0. I originally placed it for a 46/44 but as it has not been made yet, you can change it to whatever you like. Buy quick as orders from this batch look like they're going to be made soon! Add 4% 
Cool undercover tee just dont wear it much anymore.     
Perfect condition. 100% merino wool. This thing is great, I just really don't need a scarf in Florida.
these are in solid condition, not really worn much, just not really my style anymore.
TTS. Really cool shirt, the body is a thick flannel in a beautiful blue, and the sleeves are a nice supple cotton. Great condition, I just never wear this shirt anymore.   21" p2p 17" shoulders  29.5 length
I love these so damn much, they're just to big on me and I dont wear them enough to warrant keeping them. Ridiculously comfortable and the suede feels very nice. In great condition, worn about 10 times. No wear on the soles. size 41. Just ask for international shipping
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