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yo @Severisth plz don't send me offers in the future, which i accept, and then not pay or even send a message saying you don't want it anymore. 
supposed to be a bumblebee. It kinda thick and squishy and is made out of beads(i think). its fun to wear i love it 
In great condition still, incredibly durable bag. The gold on the back is thick and looks great, and the front is plasticky, and pretty water resistant. Retailed for 400+
These are pretty well worn but still plenty of life in them. Almost no wear on the soles, and still pretty clean. 7.5/10 condition.
I've never seen this piece anywhere before, SS13 Undercover in a size 2. Bought from Hankyu mens in Japan, and is a really cool light fabric that is see through. Big talking heads text on the back, and there is a pocket on the back as well. 9/10 condition.    300----> 250
proper gang/hm/eytys  Our legacy/walter van beirendonck/levis/clarks [[SPOILER]]
This is seriously great 
  Burlington Arcade in london iirc. like a five minute walk from the Piccadilly circus stop
 Agreed 100%, wish i had some navy trews or something for it rather than the khaki. 
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