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Still available? 
After an eight month wait my TOJ0 2013 arrived and turned out slightly small p2p. This thing is brand new, tried on for all of five minutes and put back in the box it arrived it. Selling at cost; my price includes worldwide shipping from Taiwan. Please refer to the TOJ gallery for better pictures of this beautiful jacket as my phone camera and bad lighting simply can't do it justice. Size: 48 widths, 50 lengths.  Colorway: Black/black.  Original Retail: 380$
Mind taking/posting the measurements on this thing please?
If this were a 48 I'd have bought it instantly. Great jacket, good luck with your sale.
This is a ludicrously gorgeous jacket.
Still selling this?  
WANTED: TOJ1 2011 black/black/digi camo or TOJ1 Varisty/MA-1. Looking for a 48/50. Somebody please sell me one!  
DROP!   Afternoon folks.   Up for sale is a pair of GHxRN "Bones" raw selvedge denim I picked up on a recent trip to Tokyo. These were purchased from a second hand department store (Kohmeyo) in Shinjuku. Price includes shipping within North America. Here are the details:   Denim: Raw selvedge denim. White line selvedge ID. Still starchy feeling.   Fit: Waist was listed in store as a "medium". I'm a true 33" waist and these fit me a bit tight. I'd peg them...
These were purchased at 129$ during the recent seconds sale?
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