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Yes, I reside in the USA and a very rainy part of it... Seattle.  Thanks for the heads up on the water proofing.  I've never made that request but I am sure it won't be a problem.  Luckily my dad owns 3 dry cleaners, haha.
i bought it from a random guy on craigslist for $200.  he claims he bought it at nordstrom but there is no nordstrom sticker on it.  i am assuming he stole it.  i took it to a local burberry store and they confirmed that it indeed is authentic.  he also brought/offered me a bunch of hugo boss sports coats but they were all 40R which is a little too big for me, otherwise i wouldve jumped on them! darn
also found this article regarding the buttons.
thank you for your input.  so i looked at the buttons, and those are only on the front and shoulder.  the smaller buttons on the back and on the neck and the inside wallet pocket has the standard buttons.    also when i looking at the buttons, i also found the materials tag in the wallet pocket... which is a relief      
what about the buttons dont look right? also do you own any recent prorsum line trenches? thanks again!
i probably posted this in the wrong section, etc. im really sorry MODS, please move to the right section  
i just bought this from a guy off craigslist.  he seemed legit and the quality of the jacket is outstanding but you just never know... Burberry experts, please chime in and give me your opinion of this jacket.  the only thing that threw me off was that i couldnt find a materials tag where it tells you what the jacket is made of and how to clean it... other than that...
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