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Thank you for your detailled response, after trying another time, I decided to keep it, because that tightness was just annoying me on some moves. i think I'll have more trouble with a larger one. I feels okay when I sit down, when I move my arms straight, it just feels a bit tight when I "hug" myself, so I think it will be ok. Thank you.
Right, that was just to show that the sleeves were getting up a bit when I move my arms, probably not the best way to show it, but the imortant thing is that you understood my point. I think I'll keep it, because it was the last one in the shop, they don't have L size anymore, and as it was on sale, I can't have my money back, only a coupon in the shop, wich is in England.. And it has all the features I wanted, a thicker cotton, a hood, a good simple cut, and some...
Hello to everyone, just a question, I recently purchased a beautiful Barbour Longhurst Jacket in size M , and after receiving it, I had a doubt about its size, so I wondered if anyone could help me here, because the customer service didn't gave me a satifying answer. The fact is that I feel it is a bit tight under my arms and on my shoulders, also, the sleeves seems just slightly short, but I think this comes from the cutting of the jacket. Nonetheless, the jacket is...
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