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I got the black and white hi top.
Just got a pair. From what I can tell it definitely feels more durable than a pair of regular chucks. The canvas is thick, the rubber sole is thick and heavy, and the insole feels cushiony, which is more comfortable than the hard, flat insole of regular chucks. Also, the outsole looks yellowish (I like this). With regular chucks, it is bright white until it gets dirty (well, it will get dirty anyway). For some reason, the eyelets also look shinier than regular chucks. All...
What are the boots?
A new Uniqlo store just opened in my area so I went there to pick up a few basics.
You might want to measure the arm of your n&f shirt and compare it with the measurements at uniqlo's site. www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-oxford-slim-fit-long-sleeve-shirt/076081-62-002I don't know about BB or Kamakura. You can probably get some measurement of them if you do enough researching.
Looks nice. Cleaner than black chucks with white laces.
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