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Wanted to follow up in case some browser in the future stumbles upon this thread...   I since have bought a pair of second hand allen edmonds for around 100 dollars off ebay and the listed USPS 32.95 shipping cost was ALL I paid...no extra fees...and this was bought from Canada from a USA seller...just my follow up.
To what? The 109 (i cant tell if you updated it to 109 or if thats what you originally listed.
@Roger Yeah its quite confusing   @Pnin That Response is sticky worthy...that USPS information is great...Its a  bit of a handful to read but basically I'm understanding that it in fact is hit or miss like roger said...but in general no customs...we just pay tax...anywhere from 5-15% of item value and possibly a handling fee also...is that accounted for in the 32.95 USPS shipping charge on ebay though for the listing? That's the only part I can't tell...I can't tell...
Hi,   I was just wondering if anyone knows how to figure whether or not your order is going to have customs charges and how you can find out how much it is so that you're not surprised?   I ask because on ebay, ordering items such as many of the shoes I look at say shipping to Canada is 32.95 or something high like that...the shipping is via USPS if that matters at all...and it says right underneath that "additional international charges may or may not...
Hey delmar  what size are your feet just to check...and lightly worn = lightly used, no? What's the difference? 
Hi...is it a good idea for a student who has never bought a dressy shoe before to buy some lightly worn allen edmond sanfords off ebay that have a bit of wear on the sole? I'm looking at about 130 for it...and with customs maybe 150...is this a smart move since I can't afford new ones...or should I buy a brand new shoe in a cheaper brand because the used shoe route might not be a good idea because of the footbed (i.e lightly worn might mean different things to different...
Hi, Are glued on leather sole shoes resole-able or better than rubber sole shoes? Thanks
How does proxying work? I see a 59.99 dollar shoe (on sale) that I like and if I send it to where I am in Canada there is 40 dollar shipping making it 99.99...I have a cousin in the USA...so if I sent it to him I wouldn't pay 40 for shipping...is this what proxying does? I don't know what happens after...how my cousin gets me the shoes afterwards with no shipping charges....can someone help me here.
Meanwhile...if anybody is feeling generous and has size 9.5D or 9.5C AE in their closet that are cognac or walnut in colour...and ready to go for a discounted price...please don't hesitate to contact me or make a new B&S...there is a customer waiting lol
No shipping to canada? And its leather soles?
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