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Here you go, picture is up...threw this on quickly before attending my parents church. Resolution is pretty bad but you can see the dividing line...wonky long arms offset the torso as well...more noticeable than I thought. This picture didn't make me feel all that great looking at it afterwards but it's here nonetheless.  
Yes I will do. 
I'll have to take one. There is a reason I have yet to own a picture of myself without a jacket or untucked shirt on.
Phone is dying so will type a brief message. Basically, if we are imagining a perfect leg to torso ratio as a 50/50 split between legs and torso, the i'd put mine at about 75/25. My legs = too long, torso = too short. On occasions i have to take off the sport coat which is a lot as a student it doesnt look good. They say if you don't feel it looks good its usually because it doesn't. I've also been mocked to stop pulling my pants so high by people in the past but the funny...
Hi, just wondering what this style of shirt is called and where i can find them online for slim small people (135 pound 5'6 male). Most dress shirts muffin top for me and/or are not form fitting at all. This style of shirt looked nice on a guy i saw working in a store and if one asked me a red longsleeve shirt would ever look good on someone i would have laughed at them. I stand corrected...what are these and where can i find them? Thanks a lot SF
Thanks the hats do look all quite similar I'm surprised haha...i would never have guessed...which I know is especially true because the image of the Trilby hat is what I had been thinking was a fedora all this wonder people thought I looked fruity with a striped grey one of those haha. I since googled fedora vs trilby and realized I don't even own a fedora...those other 3 or 4 hats I have make me a fraud. Definitely curious to see more styles now. Thank you guys.
@Quad I'm not going to be wearing hats to really formal pleasure so when i say dress shirt pant and shoe I just mean this is what I will be wearing just around the place...we could throw in polos here and there but I'm trying to improve so a dress shirt will be part of my everyday wear casually now...even in summer I guess which seems to be how to dress better.  I used to wear fedoras but I had comments that it made me look like a singer or some fruity guy so I...
Hi, Not a fan of the sun and getting darker/burnt in summer but not a fan of baseball caps...what are classic hats to go with dress shirts pants and some brown shoe style fits? Thanks,
...Where to buy AE conditioner in Canada? It's a 5 dollar product on the AE website but shipping to Canada adds 30 dollars to it...where can I get it for 5 bucks in Canada considering I'm nowhere near the Harry Rosen or whatever dealer in canada sells them? I couldn't find the conditioner on amazon either ;S....not a good situation
Thanks as always...I always thought soap was good to wash the shoes!  And for rainproof...what I was concerned with was those days where you leave in the morning and weather forecast says stuff is fine (ok...lets say you constantly don't check the forecast as soon as you see its sunny) and then later in the day after work its raining like crazy...take the plunge?  Surprised about the don't use rainproof spray...does it damage the shoe overtime or something? Seems like a...
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